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Verizon iPhone Release Date: Time to Get Real

The idea of a Verizon iPhone never seems to go away, it has been this way since Apple’s first smartphone hit the market back in 2007. Now it is time to get real about the possibility of Big Red getting what is still the best selling smartphone.

Ross Rubin from Engadget explains that the idea of an Verizon iPhone has been one of the most wanted things in the cell phone industry, and still is – although with the current batch of Android smartphones, this is not as popular as it has been.

Back in 2007 and for the most part of 2008 Verizon customers watched in envy as AT&T customers enjoyed using their touchscreen phone, as it was no secret that rival phone makers were unable to offer anything that came close.

2009 and more importantly 2010 is a different story, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile customers do not seem as bothered as they have done in the past – this is because of the range of new smartphones that are now more than a match for the iPhone.

Rubin picks up on the fact that many consider Android a “poor man’s iOS”, but those people are dwindling as more now consider Android mobile OS as a “superior alternative.”

Many will wonder why Apple signed a three-year contract? There were rumors that Verizon wanted too much percentage for each handset, maybe this was the reason why Apple stuck with AT&T – but surly they are kicking themselves for such a long contract.

Whether the iPhone will come to Verizon this year or next is anyone’s guess – but time is running out, as Big Red users begin to get bored of the wait. View Alan Ng’s poll asking what is more wanted – the White iPhone 4 or the Verizon iPhone?


  • Dan

    I love both the droid and the iPhone. If you want simplicity you go with the iPhone, if you want a device to manage and fully customize you go with droid. Most people that experience problems with the droid just don’t know how to use them and optimize them for best performance. Google and apple will push each other to make better products at better prices. We all win. They are both very young keep in mind. iPhone-a little over 3yrs, droid about 1 yr.

  • samuel gibson

    I heard this was suposed to be out beginning of next year!

  • Sean

    iphones are where its at. It a shame AT&T sucks so much…

  • Sierraoaks

    Is this an Iphone site? People dont get the Android OS? DroidX is the way to go, bar-none, however if you need a pretty phone with half the power, verisitility and locked apps, Verizon Iphone is for you. You go Girl…

  • James

    The Droid still cannot match the power, simplicity and efficiency of the iPhone, even with all the problems that At&t’s network, it still trumps the newest Droid.

  • Jason

    I am a Verzion customer and have been for several years-love their service. I have several iPods and and iPod touch. I want it an iPhone but do not want to switch to AT&T for various reasons: plan cost, customer service, and phone service. I have a BlackBerry and enjoy it but I am sick of seeing all my friends with their cool apps and awesome games. The apps for the BB are not even close to the Apple apps and games, how long can I play brickbreaker (hello).

    I did try to switch to the Droid and it was painful. I went back to the BB curve after a LONG week. Please Verzion get the iPhone on your service. I will stay loyal to you but hurry I am tired of carrying my phone, an iPod, and my iTouch with me.


  • Tom

    Does anyone realize the changes that Verizon needs to make for their LTE network? This is the UMTS technology that they will be UPGRADING to. This IS what AT&T has been using. Verizon is changing to a GSM type system… So either huge hybrid devices or a mass mandatory device switch for all customers. Sounds fun to me. Good luck with that. good news is, that will be when you might see the iphone on verizon, since apple would then be producing the same product as now being used on at&t, only I'm sure VZW will lock it down to sucking limited capabilities.

  • Penny

    I have only owned Apple computers, and have had nothing but good experience. I also have been with Verizon for around 8 years. I would have loved to have bought an iPhone, it would have been the perfect pairing of technology for me at home. As much as I enjoy using Apple and will not own another computer, iPhone is not worth moving to AT&T.

    My contract is renewed with Verizon in June (my son renews in April). If there is no iPhone by then, we'll probably be buying a Droid type, or maybe a Blackberry.

    Sorry Apple, love your products, but you're not worth moving to AT&T.

  • Tony

    Androids are better PHONES. AT&T is the problem.

  • Dang

    daaam dat iphone 4g looks aaaaaaaah soooo sexxxyyyy i wish i had one man i jst wish i had daaamit.

  • Tamara Denv er

    I'm a longtime Verizon customer using a blackberry. Got the iPad for versatility and have "enjoyed" first-hand the rotten coverage provided by AT&T. Not going iPhone until Verizon is the service provider. Hands down they have the best coverage and customer service. They deserve my loyalty as they have earned it time and time again.

  • Waiting

    I will give Verizon until January (while waiting for a few contracts reach expiration). If no news – I'll be switching entire family to AT&T and 'just deal' with imperfect coverage. Droid's are 'not it', witnessing many try and become completely disappointed.

    • Guest

      I agree! Droid o/s is terrible! Lags, glitches, restarts. I can't wait to get an iPhone! Droid is not it!

  • thaikarl

    I haves droidX. Interesting phone/gadget. But i still want a verizon iphone dammit!

    • stang

      You must be ten years old


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