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New Xbox 360 Controller: First Mouse

From the moment that the Xbox 360 landed Microsoft told us that a mouse was not needed, so we find it strange that the new controller device could be made available as early as next week.

According to Kev J. from Electronic Theatre, this news came to light during the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), and certainly came as a surprise to not only us, but Xbox 360 users as well. We do wonder why there has been a change of heart towards the mouse controller?

A version of this device has been available for some time now on the PS3, and you will notice that the analog controller looks similar to that of the Wii Remote and the PlayStation Move Controller. The name of the device for the Xbox 360 is called the Scorch Wireless Laser Mouse Controller Set and is developed by Bannco.

There is no specific release date, but rumors suggest that they will be in retail stores and websites sometime next week, the question is – will you purchase one?



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