Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (MvC3): Spiderman and Wesker Added – First Impressions?

By Alan Ng - Sep 19, 2010

Not content with unveiling 2 new characters at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom has surprised us all by revealing a further two fighters to the roster for upcoming title Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

These reveals are arguably the most exciting yet, as they are none other than old favorite Spiderman, and a surprise inclusion for Resident Evil baddie Albert Wesker.

We have two gameplay videos courtesy of Gamespot to show you now, which are taken from the reveal at TGS so you get some audience reaction to the reveals as well which is cool.

I’m not sure which one I’m more happy with. Spiderman was always going to be included, it was just a case of when. His moves look slick on screen as always, but he’ll probably end up being one of the more ‘annoying’ characters to use.

As for Wesker, this will be a total surprise for many, big enough to warrant a purchase for some gamers we reckon. In case you’re not too familiar with him, he has made many appearances in the Resident Evil games, more recently RE5 where he was the main antagonist and tried to destroy the Earth with a deadly virus, before being stopped by Chris Redfield and Sheva at the end.

His moves look rather cool in the trailer, especially the ability to counter the enemies’ super move, with a super of his own – check it out at 0.50 in the trailer. Wesker will also come teleportation abilities too, which just adds to the overal ‘badass’ feeling you’ll get when you pick Wesker.

What are your thoughts on the inclusion of both characters? Who would you like to see next?

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  • Hazar

    Wesker, Dante, Chris <~~~ Dream team.

  • Wesker, excelent antagonist.

  • Lobo

    They should add Gambit,and probably add a super combo with his staff

    • DikTator34

      I am right there with ya Lobo! I am really upset that we will probably not ( at this point ) be getting Gambit. Looks like I will just continue to keep on playing MVC 2.

  • NubCake

    Frank West and/or Chuck Green, Captain Commando, Megaman X! they need to be next for Capcom!

  • Ssheep

    Wesker is instantly the most evil thing ever. he scares me.

    Also I'd have thought Spidey would have been revealed at the same time as frank west, due to them both being photographers. but maybe West just isn't in the game?

  • TONY