Facebook Phone: Outright Denied

By Peter Chubb - Sep 19, 2010

Earlier today Gary Johnson reported that Facebook were working on a cell phone, but we have since learned that this has been outright denied. So this means that we will not see yet another new player in the industry.

I did think it a bit strange when I read the original article, why would the social networking giant become involved in an area that they know nothing about? Google tried this with the Nexus One, and we all know how that turned out. Google know that they excel in the mobile OS business, and they have now taken steps to concentrate on that and not on a smarpthone of their own.

Facebook do not deny how important the cell phone market is, they just believe that their time and effort is better spent on apps that help connect their users, and not to develop their own brand of phone.

Visit Mashable for the entire statement, towards the end of the statement it explains how easy it can be to expect a Facebook phone, the closer the social networking service works with phone makers the more that users believe that a Facebook-branded cell phone will follow.

Did you believe that there would be a Facebook phone?

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  • Cryforthefuture

    Please learn, relearn, your singulars and plurals. Facebook is a singular, and "time and effort" is a plural, requiring the ARE form of the verb to be. G'luck!