Would You Sell Nintendo Wii For PS3 Move?

By Gary Johnson - Sep 18, 2010

The Nintendo Wii was first launched back in 2006, and hasn’t had any competition when it comes to motion controllers. Now the PlayStation Move has hit PS3’s around the world is the time up for the Wii?

When it was first launched the Wii took the world by storm, it enabled families and friends to play games together. Game playing on the console became more of a social event than ever before. Wii Sports Resorts had families playing tennis and ten pin bowling in their living rooms like never before.

Not only were the games fun, it even gave people a workout. The console continued to sell a bucket load of units, but recently sales figures have started to stall. Surely now Nintendo will give the Wii a makeover?

Sony’s Move has only been available for a couple of days but is receiving some very good reviews. The technology used is far advanced to the Wii; its position can be tracked in three dimensions offering high precision and accuracy. The Wii is old so maybe it cannot be compared to the PS3’s Move, but would you now trade in or sell your Wii for the PlayStation Move?

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  • PS3 lover

    Move, WE ALL KNOW IS A WII COPY, but "potential" control and "HD" games don't convince me, also, we know PS3 don't have very good games, yeah we have KillZone 2, MGS4, Haze, etc. But with this control what? Wii game copies? no thanks, i think this is a good idea for those who wants a "Challenge", for me, Move don't represent any challenge and many of you may think i never play it before, BUT i have it, and is really really bad, Sony for the price and the quality, 2/5, because i can't say is they worst idea, BUT also i can't say is the best idea ever.

  • Nch

    I just Think that move has a great potential, and sony is trying to make a whole renewal gaming experience of the PS3, adding support to old games.
    Is more accurate than the wiimote, is lighter, seems to have potential… when the eyetoy can register the lighted sphere.
    I tried Sports Champion in a sony market place, and the great accuracy wasn´t so… impressive, felt like when I played wii sports, wich means fun, but 4 years later. Surely is precise, but dosen´t change a lot to the fact of gaming, just an excuse to say that is superior to the wiimote.
    Don´t get me wrong, move is a great product, but Sony since the HD era, tries to make "the best of the best"… but counting the income that the PS3 made against the Wii, obviously had to make their own console friendler to non-gamer people.
    So, now i would like to say… What makes move so great? And don't say the games, to all Sony-fans, because they have released only 30 games, that none of them are really mindblowing or anything like that, or at least something interesting… Kung Fu rider, TV superstars, The Fight are all games showing the potential of Move (including that in some of them requires 2 moves to be played right, like The Fight), but feels more like demos (as you all sony-fans complained about wii sports), not real games. I hope they really put effort to hardcore gaming, because all the move pack feels more like a family pack, not a hardcore pack at all (not even 1 game released).
    Thats why, I think if I´m going to buy it, it would be when sony REALLY can asure their support to this platform, and not only future proyects that most of the times (something really commom in games industry) that ends into oblivion just to take a few bucks more.

  • Anon

    "Wii 2. Xbox 720" what a bunch of stupid idiotic names people give to "new" consoles.

    Just grow up, please.

  • dasdfad

    Yes because the ps3 doesn't have Mario, Link, Kirby and DK.

  • wwwwwwww

    I got the Move launch day. Worth every penny. I even had my 76 year old dad playing ping pong and enjoying it. People that say the Move is only a rip off of the Wii I guess also believe that a Porsche is also just a rip off of a 1971 Ford Pinto. Sure they both have doors, an engine, gas tank, four wheels, steering wheel, and seats…but they aren't the same. Don't knock it 'til you try it.

  • giddi

    wii 2 will indeed blow the ps3 out of the water. Since Nintendo actually comes up with new stuff, sony doesn't know what it is yet. Nintendo came with motion control and it took Sony what… 4 years to catch up. Same will happen with Nintendo's next move. It's already happening with me playing Wii games and 3DS games soon… no time for lousy PS3.

  • David

    If I had a Wii I would not sell it for a controller on the PS3 (because this would mean I have both systems). I would keep it but I would not hesitate to get the Move, I would probably not invest much more in the Wii but never hurts to have more than one console.

    The Wii2 is not coming out anytime soon, it would be pointless for Nintendo to put out a new console that is only going to be on par with the PS3 + Move. If the Wii2 is HD graphics with Blu-ray discs, and a hard drive. Why would anyone look at that and say its a next gen console? Nintendo would be saying, we are finally catching up to PS3 and 360. Nintendo is not going to release a new console until it can do something new or take it up another level.

    The PS4 in my opinion is not going to come out for at least 4-5 years if that. The PS3 is powerful enough and complete enough that Sony is not going want to replace it. Sony strategy all along is the long haul, It put out system that could do a lot, at first everyone said too expensive, but in time the value of the system is showing it self. With the Move controller, they will be able to continue with traditional games but open a whole new area as well. Developers can continue to push the limits of the hardware that have not yet been maxed out. Like Nintendo, Sony is not going to invest in a new console until they can do some new or innovative. With each new generation consoles have to be more than a graphic upgrade. So I would not be holding my breath for Wii2 or PS4.

  • Nintendo4eva

    Just wait till the Wii2 comes out. It's gonna blow the ps3 move outta the water!

    • mugglemum

      Only if it can support HD graphics and Blu-ray discs. But, by then, Sony will have the PS4 which will beat out the Wii2.

    • olk

      Nintendo already blew out PS3 and XBOX.

  • gunstar

    After we got our PS3 Slim we also thought of getting a Wii & its been a year now.

    But as a nice dad I can't let myself & my little ones go back to ole standard definition, right?

    That will be an insult to our new 120Hz 46" HDTV!

    So I waited a year for the PS Move and guess what it was WORTH THE WAIT!?
    We got the Sports Champion Bundle plus one More Move controller & now the Wife can't put Sports Champion Archery down!

    What have I done!?
    Hah hah hah
    I made the no-gamer Wife a hardcore gamer!
    Now I don't play all by myself : )
    We all share the fun of enjoying video games together.

  • hemperor

    Wii is for kids, parents and old people the games lick balls, way way way too easy. I sold my wii months ago as they have obviouly abandon the people that got them this far.

    • Nick

      Actually they were abandoned by those people for the PS one and the PS two back in the days of the N64 and Game Cube. The 64 and the Game Cube had a Superior graphics possessors however when you don't have the sales third party game designers will not design for your platform. Plus Sony being the electronic power house got companies to sign exclusivity deals for certain games that would have done well on all three systems. Nintendo didn't abandon people it expanded it's market to include people that didn't play video games before where you had left for XBox or PS. A true Nintendo Fan never leaves! Just for the record Nintendo is the father of all modern video games. DK was the first video game with a storyline, a story to tell that wasn't just a repeat of the same level for points. Mario Forever!

      • gunstar

        @ Nick

        But back in the SNES days, Sony was there with your back-stabbing Nintendo with its sound chip & the original PlayStation!
        And the best Nintendo game music were made with Sony's sound chip. Maro World, A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Super Donkey Kong etc.
        N64 CD add on was based on Sony's CD-ROM

        And Sony revolutionized & elevated video games from being a child's plaything into a legit billion-dollar entertainment industry for geeks, nerds, horny teenagers & responsible adults.

        If Nintendo had its way video games will still be dismissed are kids toys.

  • LeViZ

    I Sold My Wii a long time ago in favour of the PS3, Got Move Day one and its far superior to the Wiimotes.
    If I still had the Wii I would have traded it in to get more games for the kids.

  • handy

    @GET THE DRIFT, you do realise that the majority of Nintendo's Wii releases are Sequels or Spin-Off's don't you? Not to take anything away from Nintendo, they make some of my favourite games of all time, Metroid and Zelda being some of them, but i think you post is a bit hypocritical

  • Truth

    Nintendo for life. Only Jesus, my whole family plus extended and work come before Nintendo.


    ha ha no Mario no link no good games just shooting sport driving killing lol nah ill def pass and talking about re releasing don't know if your know about history dude but look at most of the games this gen gears of war need for speed cod all just sequels its like(sex he he he if its good i want SOME MORE HE HE LOL. But diss the titans all you want (Nintendo) were making games before you were even a ink drop on gods planning books lol, but hey each to their own. Most yall kids don't know a good game so play all your generic shooters gimme goldeneye over any of these new ones any day grrrr lol

  • Dex

    it's not just the controller but the wii fit board adds so much to skiing games.. the wii games are all about getting up and moving around..the PS3 can still be played sat down..

    So whilst the controller may have 'moved' on..the games will never match the playability of the wii..I know I have both for very different reasons.

  • Markam

    Can't believe how great the Move is! Sold the Wii for more controllers too! Might invest in some navigation controllers as well but we'll have to see. I'm so excited!

  • Cube

    I tried Move out in GameStation today. They must have had a dodgy controller there as it was much less responsive than when I first tried out Wii Sports back in 2006 – the pointer didn't seem to be able to keep up with movement and quite a few swings didn't register.

    After that experience I think I'll pass.

    • Kadico

      I experienced the same thing, Move was no where near as responsive, and the games aren't fun, just pretty – like a transvestite.

    • LeViZ

      Sounds like it hadn't been calibrated properly

      • achint

        yah I just god the move. It is precise but unlike stupid wii you dont have just flick it to make things happen, It requries a effort to move it. Its 1:1 movement unlike wii where you just flick thing to make them happen. I have played re5 and the sports motion and I have to say I am impressed.

  • tiks

    i sold mine a long time ago…

    • Broham,

      What a shame

  • Burhan

    No Because Ps3 doesnt have Mario, Link, Kirby, DK, and i already have ps3 😛

    • Paradox

      So you mean that the ps3 doesnt have games that are constantly re-released with the same story line like Mario saving Princess Peach from Bowser, or Link saving Zelda, Or Donkey Kong Swinging from Tree to Tree, And kirby taking the powers of the things he sucks up.

      • azz

        i think he means that if he sold his wii he wouldnt be able to play mario, link, kirby and dk

      • Punch

        That sounds about right

      • new guest

        yeah it's called FUN!

      • WINxTEC

        @Paradox ·

        Wow Paradox, if people analyze the thing you said, you are right.

        Mario and other titles, Nintendo is basically re releasing the sames games, kinda like ''milking' the story of this titles you mention and releasing the games over and over.

    • samus

      I agree 100%, I hate the Wii’s stupid motion controllers and I hate that PS3 and XBOX 360 are following right along, but I still have a Wii because that’s the only way I could play Smash Bros, Metroid, Mario, and soon Kirby and DKC.

      I like the PS3 and the XBOX 360 because of their HD, many functions, and non stupid controllers, but there is just so many shooters I can play without getting bored … and I don’t get the nice bright and colorful games with amazing music as I do with Nintendo

      • gul

        That's all you have to play. Two coloured shooters all day all night.

      • bob

        so what would you rather buy a wii or ps3 move and i already have a ps3