Walmart Wireless Plan: Reasons Why It’s a Bad Idea

By Alan Ng - Sep 18, 2010

A few days ago we told you about Walmart’s brand new Wireless Plan which offers a new mobile calling plan for families on T-Mobile. We now have found an interesting article for you to read, which states a few reasons why you should ‘avoid’ the new plans.

The article in question comes courtesy of Bnet, who start off by saying that competing against your vendors is a bad idea. If you didn’t already know, Walmart already has calling plans with both Verizon and Sprint, so the thought of them placing the Walmart brand on top of a partnership with rivals T-Mobile is definitely not going to be well received by both parties.

Furthermore, they mention that if something goes wrong with the wireless service, it won’t be T-Mobile that customers complain to, it will be Walmart. Have they prepared themselves for this inevitable situation?

Bnet point out that many phone owners would not want to be seen with a Walmart Wireless Plan either, as the very mention of it would be slightly ‘dorky’ as they put it. Are you one of these people?

Head over to Bnet for the full article. Do you have concerns about Walmart’s new Wireless Plan?

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  • Vikki

    Actually I was told that the new Wal-Mart Family Talk plan runs on both T-Mobile AND AT&T towers.
    Straight talk didn't work at all at my house and I have 6 bars with my AT&T plan (regular monthly plan with contract) Guess Verizon doesn't cover my house.
    Cricket doesn't work at my house either. I'm out of their small coverage area.
    I'm thinking about trying the Wal-Mart plan for my "business phone" but haven't decided between that and the $60 a month AT&T Go phone plan.

  • redbud69

    we use cricket , $40 for unlimited everything. can't see wal-mart even compete.

    we never shop in wal-mart any way.

    • Familyknight

      Cricket is good but doesn't have an extemely wide area of access. The walmart plan seems to offer a better solution for about the same price. $ 70 for unlimited phone and text for 2 phones per month. That is certainly far better than most providers. people that will not shop at walmart must have more money than they know what to do with. How can people keep money when they waste it on so much of it?

      • gr mrt

        you say its 70 dollars for two phones…yes. We have service with them and the taxes add another 15. dollars a month to the bill or more depending on what month it is. we have complained to T-mobile but they said there is nothing they can do. so in reality you are actually paying 85 or more a month…dont be fooled . straight talk does not have all these hidden taxes. getting ready to switch over to them.T-mobile has exellant customer service when you can get someone that knows what they are talking about…and they are all english speaking….realize straight talk customer service is REALLY bad….so price or service.???

  • billy

    How is this bad for consumers? Walmart has always been able to dictate pricing to their vendors and pass the savings on to their customers. The vendors know that signing with a multinational big box retailer rewards them with a more diverse market exposure. Walmart provides a distribution for their product and removes costs. If Walmart can afford to eat the cost of supporting their product, then consumers will pay less for their products. And honestly, what support do they need to provide? Activate the phones, transfer to new phones, replace damaged phones with new? Running a support call center is much cheaper than paying commissioned salespeople. And that lower price can be passed on to the consumers. Win win. The walmart deal helps foster competition. More competition can result in lower prices as brands do more to get your money.

  • Miranda

    I actually use the other unlimited plan at Walmart called Straight Talk. It certainly turned the wireless market upside down when it first appeared on the shelves.

    Straight Talk is $45 for unlimited talk, text AND data so I still think it's the better plan. The Walmart-branded one is the same price but doesn't include any data.
    Another really big difference is in the networks. Straight Talk runs on Verizon and the Walmart one runs on T-Mo. No comparison there… I don't think there is anyone that would disagree that Vzn has by FAR the better network.
    But competition is good I guess. It is competition that brought us the low unlimited plans on prepaid in the first place!

  • LANA

    THANKS ALOT. for policing my responce. you souldnt do that my sons are fighting for our fredom. that includes speach and you who hides w/ no properties address (i just lookes) you shut there mother up. well have a great life. lana

  • LANA

    Do you Know how much money a family of 2 will save vers Verizons cheepest $69 so called unlimuted but fine print showed me texting limited to 250. This artical is cra^^@p. We are strarving out here. familys & indiviguals are being cleaned out monthly with tv phone internet and bank FEES. I THANK WALMART AND NEED TO FIND A STORE WE DONT HAVE ONE IN BOSTON OR NEAR. SO WE"RE GOING ON A ROAD TRIP.FOR 2 WE WILL SAVE ALMOST ONE HUNDED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. W/ MONEY TIGHT ITS LIKE 'I JUST GOT A GREAT RAISE'—-don't tell my boss, LG

  • lindsy

    does anyone ever "Help" you at walmart? hahaha good luck to the fools who buy this plan and the problems that will never get solved.

  • Who cares?

    HUH? Competing against your vendor is a bad idea? Hello? There are lots of different "vendors" at Walmart. Why should the consumer care about who they complain to as long as it is heard and remedied. If the price is right, thank you Walmart! This article should have been an internal memo to Walmart not us…