Vermont Company Jesus Toaster: Buy before Black Friday 2010

We previously told you a few details about the Jesus Toaster, but now it has been reported that the unusual contraption is set to become one of the hottest consumer products during the holiday season.

If you didn’t already know, the Jesus toaster will print a symbol of the man himself on each slice of bread placed inside the toaster. The question is though, do you find this to be a ‘useful’ product, or just a gimmick which is totally unnecessary? The toaster only went on sale last week, but you can expect the $39.95 product to get even cheaper during the Black Friday period, which means that the Jesus Toaster could sell out pretty quickly.

As the Post Chronicle reports, if the Jesus Toaster doesn’t interest you, then maybe the Virgin Mary toaster will, as that is said to be in production as well!

What are your thoughts on the toaster though, would you really like to see this replace your current toaster in the kitchen? It will be interesting to see how well the Jesus Toaster sells during Black Friday.

Full story through the link.



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