Verizon iPhone 4 or White Edition – What Tops Your List?

By Alan Ng - Sep 18, 2010

The elusive White iPhone 4, and the same model on Verizon Wireless – two of the most sought after gadgets on the planet. We have recently heard about an update on the White iPhone 4 release, but still nothing on the Verizon iPhone as of yet.

If you missed our earlier article, Steve Jobs seemingly confirmed in a reply to a user email, that the White iPhone 4 would still be on track for a release during the Christmas period.

If that is the case, then it’s no doubt that the handset is going to be placed straight on the top of your wish lists. For customers on Verizon though, it must be frustrating hearing about all the rumors on a white iPhone 4, when all you want is for the device itself to be confirmed on your trusty network.

It is fair to say that US consumers rate Verizon higher than current iPhone 4 exclusivity holders AT&T, so an iPhone 4 on Verizon is what they really want on top of any other gadget – do you agree with this statement?

Which one takes priority for you though, a white iPhone release before the end of this year, or waiting for a Verizon iPhone release, possibly in January 2011?

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  • nope

    why would anyone care about a white iphone? you can just get ipod cases…
    i want verizon iphone

  • Chai

    I am sick of iphone.

  • Chris

    Verizon has superior coverage. I am happy with my android, but if/when Verizon gets the iPhone, I'll jump on it. It's about time the iPhone has a chance to shine on a real 3G network. Hell, here's hoping for a LTE iPhone :-).

    • Mike

      I totally agree!

    • PejHod

      Too bad Verizon isn't true 3G, it's actually EVDO. Totally different framework

      My iPhone 4 kicks my friends Droid X in upload and download speeds.

      • kyle

        you are an idot by saying evdo is not 3g, 1XRtt is the same as edge, which is the downgrade from evdo

  • Joyce

    The iPhone has been tried and tested. Verizon has a new toy every six months and none of them stays around for long. That tells me they are “buggy” and not worth a 2 year contract. I’m holding on to my old no data phone until I can get an iPhone to go with my Macbook and iMac and iPad!

  • james

    AT&T's new "Data Plans" are a rip off. Verizon, iphone, unlimited data, we are good to go

    • Jonathan

      i agree completly

  • Phonathon

    iPhone is fine on AT&T. Verizon doesn't need it.

    • Jonathan

      AT&T has horrible coverage

    • qwerty

      You dont know what you talking about!!!!