Steve Jobs Hint: White iPhone 4 release date before Christmas?

By Gary Johnson - Sep 18, 2010

A lot of people are still holding on for the white iPhone 4, but there was no mention of any release at the Apple event at the beginning of the month. But today we have heard of an alleged email someone got from Steve Jobs hinting at a pre Christmas release.

Jenny Lewis from Mobiles DNA is reporting that an Apple fan emailed Steve Jobs asking when the device might become available. Now we have had these so called email replies from the Apple CEO before, and it turned out they were fake. But it has been known for Job’s to personally reply to emails.

The email sent from a high school student called Nathan read “Hello Steve, My name is Nathan, I’m a high school student from San Bernardino. I also happen to be one of your biggest fan and a total Apple fanboy and proud to be I’ve been saving up money to buy the new iphone 4”.

“I want the white one but Apple said it won’t be available until later this year. I know you must be asked this question hundreds of times a day but do you think we can expect to get the white iphone for Xmas? I hope you can answer. Thank you Steve.”

The alleged reply from Steve Job’s said “Christmas is later this year”. The correspondence cannot be 100% confirmed but Apple has previously promised the device will be available at the end of the year. We will just have to wait for any official announcement.

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  • harry potter

    where is my white iphone baby.. come to me now, right in my pocket… 😉 comne on

  • Nadine

    I saw someone, i believed he might work for Apple in San Jose, use white iphone4 while he was waiting for his Togo order at the restaurant. I should have asked him about that. Now, i really want one too.

  • jonny

    i chatted one of those apple service people on the website and they said it will be available to order the first of the new year.. chat them urself.

  • AUstudent

    well the picture of the white one IS on the website… and it IS November… things are looking good 😉 i want one!

  • umar

    Can't wait to get the white iphone…

  • Maxine

    I sure hope it’s sooner…then later!! I don’t really want to change carriers but if I must I will :(. My deadline is November 30.

  • jeffrey

    It's not that serious "Crashed", if Iphone was originally white then people would want the black. You soung like you just have some issues with the color white. Just keep calm, the white Iphone wont hurt you.

  • Crashed

    Black one Is better anyway…. Why would you want a white one…..

    Just obvious if u ask me. iPhone IS black, nothing white about it!!!!

    But u losers keep on waiting, while I enjoy my BLACK iPhone 4 ;P

    • Big Kev

      Spoken like a true egotist Crash. Enjoy your black one mate, while we wait for a white one, with bugs ironed out.

    • niga

      hahaha i agree!

      • Veeb

        Bahaha ALso agreed =)

    • amy

      The fact is that there hasnt been a "white" One YET! There was "black" to begin with! If "white" had come out first then everyone would want "black" right now! Quit being so racist about this! My god please forgive this person for actually being this retarded over a PHONE!! It's not like anyone has said something about ya momma!! DANG!!

  • beAN

    come on steve…stevie…stev-oo….tell us tell us…….i don't want to wait till christmas but i have no choice as i will not settle for anything else

  • blah


  • Danie

    I am not getting that Iphone untill i can get the white one, I will not settle for a black one. NO WAY!! It would be such a waste…

  • Lee Nergety

    White iPhone baby, where are you

  • Erica_wants_white

    ….must ….have….white….iPhone4….. WTF Steve?

  • Pam

    I have low vision and my specialist says that only assitive technology can help at this point.__Due to loss of contrast vision, night vision, and that I need 4 times more light in order to see , the white iphone 4 is a necessity and will keep me functional longer. Also it has apps which can make my life a little easier… He is being unprofessional in handling the customers the way he has…. He needs to own up and be a man…. I am tired of all his games…

  • Taylor

    I hope they release it soon! I’m not getting the new iPhone unless it’s that one.

  • Sober

    a white phone sounds a little prejudicial to me but i am holding my breath while waiting. please hurry, i need one more phone. i truly do.

  • lwell

    Hope this rumor is not just rumor, but can come true when the christmas is coming!
    You know I really want the White One!!!
    But seems this is a big joke, as some one point out "Do you seriously believe this? Possible confirmation of a white iPhone 4 from a screenshot of an e-mail from an iPhone? Disregard the fact he's using an ugly font, but anyone can take a persons e-mail address and put it in their contact list as 'Steve Jobs'. At least have him show the headers proving it came from "
    Actually my family have got a black one, and very enjoyable with it, factime with friends and me sometimes watching videos with the help of iFunia iPhone converter when on my commercial aircraft flight.
    Aha, wait, wait, then get the white one sure!!!

  • Kaela

    can you get them in verizon?

  • kerry
  • Alayna

    Pllleeeeeeaaaasee be soon! I have been waiting for what seems like forever!

    • Andria429

      me too.. i sold my white 3gs a week before the 4 came out to get the new one… only to find out the black one was the only one released

    • Yuri

      sorry but itll actually be until spring 2011. worth the wait with the new 4g network also being released around that time

  • Dan M

    Doesn't take an email to realize Christmas is indeed later this year, in fact if it's not for Christmas, it's unlikely it will be later this year eh?