PlayStation Move Review: PS3 move games and controller a true Wii beater

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 18, 2010

This is our first impressions with PlayStation Move for PS3, and one thing that hit us right away within 15 minutes of gameplay was PS Move, and the controllers were a true Nintendo Wii beater.

Having played the Wii since release and knowing that it is the most successful games system to combine fitness and gaming, we knew the Wii system would be hard to beat. The PS3 has something for everyone, be it watching Blu-ray movies, playing the latest games, and now working out while gaming at the same time.

Sony had to bring something that could attract the hardcore gamer, and we believe PlayStation Move is that accessory. Our six hour hands-on was started with excitement and skepticism, Sony had a lot to live up to if this was the system to compete with Wii games that continue to top sales charts.

Our first game had to be ‘Start the Party’, this is something kids and adults can enjoy at the same time, one game that will bring all the family together including grandparents. The mini games vary, from cutting hair to painting and each has three settings for level difficulties.

PS3’s Move is great hardware, but you will need good software to back it up and ‘Start the Party’ is a launch title that does just that, watching my children and their grandparents play the game together was magic, and the best way to review this software, something other review sites forget to do in their tests for ‘family’ software. The smiles showed Sony knew what they were doing with ‘Move’. Technically the PS Move controller and camera combination lets the player do things the Wii could only dream about, it’s more sensitive and allows for added gameplay not possible on the Wii platform.

Sports Champions was the next game we tried and table tennis had to be the first game. After a tutorial and controller calibration we were ready to go, one motion controller each and one side of the screen each. Holding the table tennis bat was impressive, just moving it a centimeter was picked up by the game, and moving it in any direction slow or fast showed amazing response with no lag. Working out what way to stand for different hitting came after a few goes, natural table tennis players will feel right at home.

The second game we tried was archery, and having just played the real thing for a few hours a few weeks ago, I was not expecting great things. In this game we chose to use two motion controllers for one person (where the expense comes in). This allowed for true gameplay, just like the real thing. It was like I was standing in the field the other week, after taking an arrow from the bag on my shoulder with my right hand, I loaded it with two hands, pulled back the string for 100% power and took my time just as taught. After aiming with my left hand for a few moments I let go of the ‘T’ button in my right hand to send the arrow just off target. This game really shows you what’s possible with PS Move.

Other games played included ‘Kung Fu Rider’, which was too like an arcade game for my liking but will be loved by some people. Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition was much more involved and took some time to get used to the controls, and certainly not one for the kids. After some practice this showed a game with graphics not possible on a Wii, and controls that took things that much further. After an hour of game time I decided that a normal controller far suited this game, which may not be the case for everyone.

This is our first impressions of PS Move, the hardware has launch titles that offer something for everyone, but it’s still early days and we’re sure much better games are to come. Next game we’re playing is ‘Racquet Sports’.

Have you had time with PlayStation Move yet? What are your first impressions? If we had to rate PS Move overall, it would get 9/10. Lacking only in game choice at this time.

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  • TheZip-

    I am OWNING in Killzone 3 with the Move. Don't let anyone tell you it's not a great controller for shooters. I'm rarely lower than third scorer in a room of 24 people… and I'm 56 years old. I've played thumbsticks for years, always hating the interface, and will now NEVER GO BACK. EVER. I will NEVER buy another thumbstick-controlled shooter. It's Move for me, from now on. (And let's not even talk about how cool KZ3 looks on a 55" Samsung LED 3D TV.)

  • Gracee

    Play station 3 Games – Very well said. I also have Ps3 games ..and i am very much comfortable.

  • aaron

    anyone wanna recommend some games?
    all i got is sports champions and im considering lbp 2 but im not sure if the move attachment would be good

  • chitty

    can you still play madden with the ps3 move system

  • ian

    im not sure if these coments are from sony employs but this move is garbage ! its all over the place it losses it accuracy most of these games you have to play with a contoller and wand i just bought four games and there all going into the garbage. the graphics are good but the games are absolutly frustrating !!

  • lewshoe

    im looking for a game system that requires you to use your entire body, not just arms like Wii or something. preferably i want to use it for some of the exercise games. which game system is the best for this?

  • mike

    Got me my PSP Move and imma loving it .

  • 2006,

    Location E3

    Nintendo: Ok, Introducing, the Wii!

    Microsoft and Sony: Hmm, we need to make similar consoles..

    4 year's later

    Microsoft:Ok, we just made kinnect, and it's not like the pstoy cause it is way more advanced.

    Sony:Ok, we just ripped off the Wii controller, but it's more advanced, but the same shit.

    Nintendo:Introducing the new 3DS!!!!!

    OtherTwo: What the fuck! we spent 3 year's trying to make better stuff!

  • Mark

    I have just recieved the Move for x-mas. I do like it, but I am not as excited as everyone else. I do not like how the camera zone is small…especially when 2 people are playing. I think Sony should have come out with a better camera before moving onto the Move. Gladiator is very fun. I also like Bocci. Frisby golf is hard ….but so is real frisby just eh slightest tilt of the frisby and it's off course. guess this is a compliment to the Move for making it so accurate. I have not played any of the shooter games yet. Let you know when I do.

  • Kwame

    Ok…I know this is late compaired to everyone else, but I'm not a 30 year gamer. I'm in the military and really don't have time for this stufff…….buuuuttttttt. the following is now applying to me. I don't have the Wii, but the PS3. Had it for 2 years now and never really paid much attention to the gaming part. Until now. The Move is AWESOME!!! Even my "that does NOT look cool, 18 year old, know it all daughter is looking silly as heck playing volleyball. So far, it's a great system!

  • mike

    I just bought my ps3 move bundle yesterday and man is it ever good!!
    the gaming experience, the graphics, the they say.."it only does everything"
    very happy with it..costy?..yeah but worth it.
    Im just waiting for more games to come with move controlling, kill zone 3 seems to be pretty awesome.

  • dakota

    i h8 move cuz it doesnt work well at ALL its garbage and should be in the trash

  • Big Trent

    Thats the same thing I said when i played Resident Evil 4 on the Wii

  • Scott

    Hey Matt Saunders, I have all 3 of them systems and ps3 is pretty ballin, got it for the kids for Christmas, got the bundle with the sports game and ipet…it was absolutely amazing

  • Fulgi007

    I got the kids the move for christmas and i'm so excited to play it on christmas morning!!

  • khaled

    i think i can get the games its time for exersaiz

  • Matt Saunders

    I have been looking around doing research looking to get the best deal & best game console. What r ur recommendations as far as the PS3’s, the X-Box 360 or the Nintendo Wii? Any suggestions out there? I’m looking to purchase tonight! I’m not a game expert! I would appreciate some feedback & advice on THE BEST bundle out there! What should I buy? Anybody please comment, Thank You for ur help! Happy Holidays to all!

  • Laurie

    I bought it for my son, but want to know how long you have to charge the game to start – so we can play with it on Christmas Day??? Thanks.

    • Mik

      about 3 hours when I charge

    • Cruz

      Hi Laurie,

      Per the Playstation Blog:
      Q: How do I charge the controllers?
      A: Both the PlayStation Move motion controller and the PlayStation Move navigation controller feature a mini USB charging port. The lithium ion battery can be recharged by plugging the controllers into the PS3 system using a mini USB cable. Alternatively, you can charge the controllers using the PlayStation Move charging station (sold separately).

      Q: How long does it take to fully charge a PlayStation Move motion controller? How long will the charge last?
      A: It takes approximately five hours to fully charge a PlayStation Move motion controller (four hours using the charging station). Once fully charged, you can expect at a maximum 10 hours of battery life.

  • austin

    im getting the move bundle for cristmas do you guys have any fav game for ideas

  • cassie

    Has anyone tried THE FIGHT: LIGHTS OUT?? I have the demo disc from the bundle but I want something with action + physical. Any other ideas for games??

  • Chris

    Move is incredible I play Mag with it now all the time very accurate and the wii's motion tracking is not 1 to 1 even with the stupid motion plus PS3 is OWNING!

  • aaa

    I've got the move a month ago and it's AMAZING.
    I had Nintendo Wii too, and I sold it the first day, because I saw that I ain't playing it, when I have move 🙂
    So, I think move is way better than kinect, like said in the previus comments, in move you actually feel like you're in the game, because it's more realistic that you have a controller in your hand and it feels like for example a racket, a bow, a sword..
    In kinect you just wave(well I never played kinect but from videos it looks like).

  • kayla

    I bought the move and love it. Had to buy an extra controller for my husband to use. Its amazing how accurate it is. I had some wii fans try to tell me it was the same as wii but little do they know since they never tried the move. I always knocked the wii since the time I played a boXinG game with a 4 year old and all he was doing was swinging his arms really fast and kept beating me. That seemed to be the dumbest piece of technology ever. As skeptical as I was about motion gaming, sony rarely disappoints me so I picked up the bundle and was amazed at how it was really motion gaming, not random moving based gaming. On one of the demos you could tell how accurate the camera alone was when it said tap the floor with or without the controller. It kept picking up my dogs movements too. That was a good laugh. When more games are developed for the move, it will be unstoppable

  • guest-o-the-great-o

    I bought Move and it sucks! Anyone who says it's good is a plant! Don't waste your money! It's a conspiracy! Worst money ever spent! I should have just bought a used Wii for the same price! Ugh!!!

  • Andy

    What do you get if you cross the latest console graphics with an incredibly accurate (lag free)motion controller with rumble feedback ? the best immersion into a game yet.
    Add Sport champions and you have the best interactive experience available to buy right now.
    Love it.
    I can’t wait for more motion dedicated games, I’ve tried some motion patched / adapted games and I would avoid them. Bowling and Tiger woods golf were disappointing, we need more games made for the move controller NOT adapted for it.
    Wii – Sold
    Kinect – unreliable eye-toy with two cameras, no feedback and make sure your room is lit well – not forgetting with xbox you have to pay to play your games (Still don’t know how they get away with that) Pay for the console, Pay for the Game –fine… Pay to play the game ? WTF !

  • Rick

    been playing with the move for 2 days..blown away regarding how accurate it is. Finally motion controls for gamers! Can’t wait for more games. On the meantime, sports champions will keep me entertained. Ping pong is amazingly life like. I play just like I do in real life, and all my moves and strategies translate into the game….. very impressed. Move = no lag, accuracy and motion control for true gamers.

  • Brandon

    This seems like it has potential, but motion controls isn't really my thing. I may give it a go, though even though I only liked Mario on the Wii. Hopefully a lot of people have a lot of fun with it, though. Wii has Mario, PSMove has LittleBigPlanet. Wii has Wii Sports, PSMove has Sports Champions. Wii has Metroid, PSMove has MAG, Resident Evil 5 and probably loads more shooters. All these have their ups and downs (except Wii Sports, it just seems to have downs to me.. not very fun) but all in all, the Move is looking as though it has longer lasting appeal to it. Maybe Wii would have a stronger standing if they didn't make the new upcoming Zelda look like a kid's coloring book. Seriously! The fans of the original Zelda has grown up, let the game grow up with us!

  • casey

    ps move nba 2k11 is it fun?

  • booyagadget

    Good article, if anyone stumbles on this, I've personally made 14 PS3 Move videos if you want a visual demonstration. Hope it helps in addition to this article.


  • krishanu

    ps3 is da worst thing ever i had in my life………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sandy Claws

      Is it because PS3 doesn't have spell check?

  • ps3smiles

    Just bought the move and I foresee beautiful relationship. I did my homework and looked into all the gaming avenues before Igot it and Im so happy I did.I own a wii and a ps3 and the wii could never compair with the graphics but it was fun but the move is going to be a dream come true with all the upcoming game releases. Boys and Girls I hope you buckled up your setbelt because this is going to be te best rollercoaster ever!!!!!!

  • shandan

    I am Not a gamer. Please help! I'm looking for a game system for my children (4 Yrs) I was planning on getting the Wii but was wondering about PS3-Move. Most comments are about adult games. How is PS3-move with kids games?

    • Steve

      Start the Party! is super fun, even for adults. great graphics and game play. My daughter is seriously popular with friends after showing it to them. Heaps of individual games that can be played individually or in one of the many tournament modes. Lots of silly fun – perfect for kids.

  • lynsey

    hiya……i hav a playstation 3 already but what do i hav to buy for the move……i no i hav to get the remote but do i need a sensor thing and a start up disk…:)


    This is hilarious.

    70% of all comments started with “i’m a hardcore gamer” as if you need to make sure all of these random strangers on the internet knew this – If you have to SAY you are, you probably aren’t, but whatever. I’m not saying I am, but I don’t CONSIDER myself a casual as I’ve been gaming for years, that’s all. No huge boasting.

    I’m a Nintendo fanboy, yes, but I’m not 100% out of giving other consoles a fair chance, meaning I do hope to test out the Move at some point. If they can do what the Wii wanted to do, but better, more power to ’em. I think it’s a good thing that PS3 owners who do nothing but shun the Wii can see what we Wii owners get to have fun with.

    It’s just funny that all of you say you are “hardcore gamers” and keep repeating that every other sentence – Also, telling us that you “sold your Wii and games” (which I highly doubt one would do just for an accessory and a few games,) just makes you seem even more in denial.

    Are you people so scared of a negative comment? No one cares/minds if you keep/sold your Wii. A lot of us love the Wii and those who bash it are probably just trying to impress their Halo-loving friends who rip on them during Science class if they say otherwise.

    (I know Halo isn’t a Sony title, before any of you flamers yap about that ONE line. I’m just trying to make my point.)

    • Kuxir

      "Also, telling us that you "sold your Wii and games" (which I highly doubt one would do just for an accessory and a few games,) just makes you seem even more in denial."

      Sounds like you're in denial, try it before you bash it, lol.

  • umonkee

    Went on line and read some ideas- we solve to issue and it does work well other than having to calibrate all the time. Probably just takes practice but definitely more for advanced gamers.

  • umonkee

    What a piece of crap. Our family is a huge Sony supporter but was really disappointed with the Move and will be returning it. It worked poorly on our 46″ LCD flat screen and took forever to try to adjust unlike the Wii which we just plugged in and away it worked.

  • wwww

    I hope Kinect does succeed. If Kinect succeeds it will only benefit everyone. If Sony doesn't have competition, they might get lazy. I don't like Kinect at all. I have a Move and love it. Competition makes companies fight for better products to impress people.

  • wwwww

    I got the Move on launch day. Worth every penny. I first tried it with no preconceived notions. First few swings of ping pong I was sold. Then tried frisbee golf…sold. Then archery…sold. Then Bocce…surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did. Nothing but good things to say. The real challenge is trying to find someone saying they didn't like the Move and Sports Champions. If the Move works this well with Sports Champions, it can work that well or better with new games coming out for it. How do you impress people with motion control? Give them a highly accurate lag free motion device. That's what Sony did.

  • zoltan

    Did the author of this crap graduate high school? Apparently he doesn't understand the difference between a comma and a period.

  • PS3wannaBe

    I am totally into the Move! I bought the bundle package and am very impressed with sports champions. I also own a Wii but this blows the controls on the Wii out of the water. This Christmas will tell the future of all and I personally feel that Kinect will fail hard!

    I hope that Kinect fails so hard that it helps bring a demise to the company Xbox and push them to go the Sega way, just do software.

    I feel personally offended by xbox. Pay to play, Costs the most and gives the least, no HD movies, no netflix streaming without paying $60/year to M$ for xbox gold, RROD was horrible. My friend has a new slim still overheats (now RDOD, red dot of death) and still scratches disks.

    BTW $60/year is $300 every 5 years essentially rebuying the 360 console every 5 years you have it online.

    Xbox is a total Rip off
    Kinect is horrible from all the videos' I've seen, has no good games and constantly freezes, inaccurate.

    Sony and Nintendo are the future of gaming

  • Scott

    First off, I don't work for Sony. That said, I sold my Wii, with 13 games, and bought the PS3 Move Bundle the very next day it came out. I first pre-ordered the Move only bundle but later retracted the buy because the PS3 (complete system) Move bundle was so much less in price when bought all together and you get the huge hard drive without breaking the bank. I do not plan of going back to nintendo, ever. The only reason I had it was because of the motion controller and of course mario, but now I own something 1000x better in graphics and ability. The archery game was the first I played and it is far superior to it's Wii rival and much more fun. Within a week or so I am up to 10 games and my mario replacement has to be Ratchet & Clank Future. That game is so much fun, not to mention the Batman Arkham Island game. The only thing I did not like was that I have to buy another Move controller, as the bundle only comes with 1 Move controller and most of the sports games advise on using 2 (and I can see why). You can use 1 Move controller but it's kind of awkward.

  • DMX

    I traded my nintendo wii (all games and controllers) in for the playstation move bundle an extra controller and one game and paid roughly $40 out of pocket. The Edge card has paid for itself. No need for two systems in my home anymore now that the Move is here. My kids and I really enjoy it. The wife… not so much. I'm going to have to fork out another $55 for an extra controller though. Baby girl just isn't satisfied watching the rest of us play.

  • jimmy

    I recently bought the move and my family loves it. Was thinking about buying a wii for months now but have definetly changed my mind!

  • jay

    I got mine yesterday , I could not stop playing table tennis Playstation rulz

  • David

    I got mine last week, and I really do enjoy it. I bought the bundle and I am surprised at how much I like Sport Champion, I thought that Gladiator and maybe Archery would be the only thing I play, but I have tried them all and they are all fun, (although I suck at ping pong/ I have no backhand). . I will also be getting the gun attachment.

    It is better than the Wii, and I really am excited about the future games that will be able to be developed for this controller. I think there will be a good longevity.. but that really depends on the games, but given the current line-up. I think there will be a lot more coming out, and the longer developers have the more amazing things they will be able to come up with.

    I would love to see version of the game Gauntlet, sports champion already has archery / and sword play, add a wizard, and dungeons filled with monsters and boom fun for hours.

    On a side note, I hope Best Buy will have a 3d tv with the PS3 and move all hooked up together at least for Christmas season. I can not afford a 3d Tv. but I would love to see what it looks and plays like with the move.

  • Chris

    Would i be able to play with this at like, best buy or something?

    • Joe

      They do have demonstrations at different stores. I'm sure Best Buy is one of them. Go to Best Buy and ask when they are having demonstrations. I'm sure they'll have demonstrations around especially around Christmas.

  • help

    Im considering getting the move but I'm concerned about it's longevity.. For those who have already purchased the move, do you think you'll still be playing it 6 months…1 yr from now?

    • joe

      I'm a hardcore gamer. Got the Move on launch day. Very happy with it. I know I'm going to be playing games a year from now with it and beyond. Launch games are always the weakest. Looking at the list of Move enabled games coming up, the question for me won't be, will I still be playing it a year from now. The question will be what Move game do I choose a year from now. The Move game list will just keep getting better and better. The Move is serious business. I recommend you try it for yourself. Only then will you get it and see for yourself the potential this thing has. Many shooters down the line will take advantage of Move. I also think many new interesting games will be developed because of Move. Just my opinion, but I'm just so impressed with it.

      I understand your concern. But if you use Move, you'll understand what I mean. This is the real deal. I believe Move will sell by word of mouth. Friends will try their friends Move, be impressed with it and get one for themselves. As sales rise, so too will the push for Move games. Two friends tried mine and now they're getting the Move.

    • tas4563

      ill be playing this for years and years to come

  • Morety


    Shield slam, follow up with a slash to the knees.


  • John

    I got Move last night. I'm my case I already had the PS Eye so I skipped buying the navigational controller and got two of the motion controllers with Sports Champions, total cost Canadian: $150.

    I almost didn't purchase Move based on the price point for entry, but I'm glad I did. I'm having a lot of fun with this technology, lots of people have mentioned how good the motion tracking is, I will re-iterate on this by saying how amazing it is when you turn your wrist or move your hand slightly and the same motion occurs in game.

    Some have complained about the time that it takes to calibrate the controllers before you play a game, it takes no time at all and I'm glad the calibration exists to ensure an optimal gaming experience.

    My gaming experience so far has been with Sports Champions. The game is simply fun to play. I'm a 27 year old and I haven't been smiling this much since the N64 dropped. I love Frisbee golf, Archery, and Bocce in real life, it's a blast to be playing these games indoor on a rainy day. I'm amazed to see how my Frisbee technique translates over to Frisbee Golf, talk about achieving immersion and suspension disbelief in a video game. The software combined with the hardware allows for you to really get into the zone/focus which affects your performance in a big way. Archery is a blast, I won't go into the details on every sport but they all feel right and are a lot of fun to play. Lots of trophies to achieve, new courses and items to unlock, and different levels to beat keep me coming back for more in each sport.

    Can't wait to get my daughter playing with this, I think she's going to love it, the simplicity of it will be easy for her to pick up at age 6. Looking forward to more games on the horizon, I have two friends heading over today and I think we're going to have a blast.

    • Nicole

      I have never played any of these games, but tried the wii fit at a girlfriend's home and liked the way it tracks your progress. Body fat, weight, balance and so on. I would like to know if this move program offers the same benefits. I am interested in purchasing the ps3 and this move as well, if it does follow your progress. Can you bring me up to date on this please.

  • izak


    Does this Sport Champion support the playstation network? Can we play online? Thanks.

  • big mac

    i am a hardcore gamer for more than 30 years i have had every system there has been out from sinclare to all ps1,ps2 and so on and the move is the best add on money can buy !!. me and the kids cant put it down !!.well done sony ,just hope more sword games are comming soon , Archery!!! ,gladiators 10/10



    I am holding off on the MOVE for now.
    I bought the WII and WII fit, they are all in the closet now.
    WII motion & fit games were too one dimensional and I don't want to spend any
    money on gimicks not for true gamers.
    Maybe WII screw it up for us real gamers but I'll try it somewhere else or wait for
    more games to come out before i buy. Hopefully SONY got it right for harecore gamers.

    • love ps3

      You want to get the move. It is selling out fast and will be hard to get with the christmas season. I think this is one system that will not end up in the closet with games like Heavy rain, LBP2, Dragon age 2…releasing ang rumours are move capable. ( you know sword swinging fun plus all the shooter games AHH.) Its going to be great..


    got my my ps3 move and my **** is Jumpin i love it!!! never did i know the balls on the top were rubber tho LOL

  • gunstar

    We got the Sports Champion Bundle + an extra Move Controller for $150.00 total. That was all we need. That is $30.00 savings if you buy allthat stuff individually.

    For the first time, we get to have The Wife play the PS3 Slim a year after the purchase .


    She learned it in a matter of seconds & she can't put it down. In fact she is better at it than a hardcore gamer like me! It's incredible. Now the value of the PS3 has increased two fold.

    Daniel Chubb is right. Reviewers must adjust their reviews depending on the game categories; in the point of view of its target audience not the generic gamer.
    Daniel I hope you'd be the first to implement this kind of review. You are a smart guy.

    PS: Cuistomizable Backgraound music pumps up fun in Sports Champion & Kung Fu Rider games!!!

  • Hunter861228

    I have ps3 move 3 days now and i cant stop playing gladiators game its awesome i hope there will be more sword games like that i love it thank you sony you finaly make something realy good

    • shane

      yeah man that gladiators game is amazing. already beat all of the medals lol couldnt stop playing. my xbox friends are jealous

  • him

    i can not seem to get sound from some of the games on the demo disc

  • Axe99

    For all of those who thought Sony copied Ninty, follow this link 😉

    As for Move – got it, love it. Used it mainly for RUSE so far, and it really makes the game easier to control (and therefore more enjoyable) Given Sports Champions a quick run as well, and it's streets ahead of Wii Sports Resort (which is still fun, but the lack of precision of the Wii motion plus, relative to the move, means the gameplay has much less depth). Flight control HD is also great fun :).

    • MTMind

      Except what that article conveniently doesn't mention is that at no time did Sony have a wand device with built-in motion sensors and buttons! THIS is what's makes the difference, that's what Nintendo did, and therefore let's not pretend that Move didn't evolve out of the Wiimote (even down to the nunchuck), since that's doing Nintendo (and Gyration who developed the tech) a disservice.

      Yes Richard Marks carried out a lot of superb research into interaction with his EyeToy, and much of that research can be seen in Move, however even Sony's patented wand device from 2004 was simply a light on the end of a stick being tracked by the EyeToy, because it is easier to track a light than it is a ball (which has to always be calibrated for current lighting conditions). At no time did Sony have or ever mention a handheld device with motion sensors and buttons that feeds back it's position and state to the console….(cont next post)

    • MTMind


      The fact is, although their tech was interesting and had great potential, Sony were going nowhere with it beyond EyeToy/PSEye games, but once they saw the Wii, they THEN released they could adapt their tech to produce a similar product of their own, and the massive success of the Wii gave Sony the confidence to go for it, hence the superbly accurate Move was born. 🙂

      • Kuxir

        No, Actually they've been toying around with the wand since 2004

  • Jcat

    Seriously, I have both consoles and after using the PlayStation Move – the wiimote has become officially fossilized.

    • Cindy

      curious is this a new playstation 3 or just add ons to playstation 3

  • Yes I got the move love it, one thing people have got to understand about the move compared to kinect is the physical object, with move u feel more involved with the game with rumble features etc compared with kinect where you will just be waving parts of you body with no feel to the game imagine it all in your thoughts?

    • steve

      dude i had the move its was pretty good played the kinect and honestly felt alot more involved in the game thats y i bought it and got rid of the move the only thing ps3 has on the xbox is the blue ray outside of that everything is pretty equal

  • Feegus

    Thats funny…my shoulder is killing me too.

  • hambosan

    Very good, and there's actually a great selection of games:
    eg the iPhone game Flight Control is even better on the PS3 with Move

    Problem is I now have a right shoulder injury that's going to mean I have to take it easy for a while.

  • Got mine on Friday after being very disappointed with Amazon Prime pre-ordering. The sports champions games are very engaging and responsive. I'll be buying another 2 controllers soon because the experience is much better. Not cheap, but overall a great platform. For sure we'll see games that were just not possible in the past.

  • hombremacho

    I bought it , the bundle that is , even though i did'nt need camera. Ping-pong alone was worth it ,its incredibly well done . I liked it so much i bought another move contoller the next day. time will tell how great this gadget will be. i had to shut it down before i wore my shoulder out. i,m sure online multiplayer games will be the next step , i might have to get Socom 4 just because , ialso tiger woods11, 9.75/10 would have given 10/10 if i could have played against my onlin buddies!

  • mike

    this goes out to mark who thinks wii paved the way for sony and microsoft. well mark sorry to hurt your feelings but that is not the case because sony back when ps2 was around they had the eye toy which was motion controlled gaming. yep that's what i said and also sony was in devolopment of making playstation move before nintendo even knew that was what they were gonna do for their next system. nintendo saw heard about them making it and knew that they were not ready to put it out yet so they made it for their system and put it out first. and sony waited a little while to put out move so nintendo could have their fun for a little while and also cause they had too see what they were putting into the system so they could make there's better. now you can say yeah right cause they took four years but you know sony they always make you wait but you never get let down. if you think i do not have the right answers well im not trying to say im always right but this time i know i am because i read, watch, and search all kinds of stuff so if i debate someone i know what i am talking about and because as far goes gaming i keep up with news on wii, ps3, and xobx 360. not to be rude but dont try to come out with info that you believe in your mind is right but not in reality.

    • The Kid

      The move itself was not in development. Sony was developing a motion like controller. The first controller was that, which had motion in it. I'm sorry, but you didn't search deep enough in your facts.

      • Price 25

        Agreed. They obviously copied here. They may have been working on motion controls, but weren't ready to put one out. Not to mention, PS3 already had motion control with their first controller. Isn't a coincidence that Sony announced that they added motion control two weeks after Nintendo showed the wiimote before the consoles came out this gen. Now, isn't it another coincidence that Sony made another motion controller. This one being similiar to the wiimote in a TV remote shape.

    • Barry

      (*Disclaimer* I am in no way bellitling Sony and/or Move, while i do think it has been copied my firm stance to that is "SO WHAT"? Companies do it all the time and it makes what was once a monopoly into a market allowing for production values to increase between rivaling businesses, I am only responding to Mike and his bat**** craziness *Disclaimer*)

      First thing, saying that you are completely right on a subject makes you sounds like a ****, while being wrong about a console, defending it to the hill makes you sound like a stupid fanboy ****.

      Secondly, the Eye Toy is motion controlled gaming but nothing like Move, it's more like Kinect (obviously), so please don't compare the two saying Sony already had Move in development through Eye Toy, they use different technologies and they pretty much forgot about it because sales wern't what they expected.

      You make it sound like Nintendo threw together the concept for the Wii in a week, they spent years developing and honing it, it was a hellova gamble but it payed of for them. Why can't you be happy for them?

      Are you seriously so thick that you think a major corporation (from Japan no less) would allow one of their competitors, who they thought was out of the race years ago to "have their fun for a little while"? The reason, which you and Sony need to realise, that the Wii did so well isn't just because they made a motion controller, it's because they targeted an untapped market, now an older person could confidently pick up the controller and be confortable without the need for a dozen buttons. The problem Sony is going to have is that they are targetting Move at the 'hardcore' gamer, which may seem like a smart move at first but, if you think about it, the hardcore gamer was never a fan of the motion control in the first place, which is why the more 'hardcore' games dont really use them except for maybe aiming.

      And just remember this, as even Nintendo know this (but still, sadly, haven't learnt from it), major, midlife, expensive peripherals have been the death of just about every console to feature them, and even several companies too. While this won't happen to Sony or Microsoft becaause of a few reasons, such as games not being their main source of revenue, once they start to lose too much money in a market they will cut it loose, as any large corporation would do.

      In other words, if people aren't buying, they will stop selling. Nintendo never had this option, they were first and foremost a console creator and Game developer. Sure, they have merchandise but that usually relise on the characters of their games being well known.

      I'm not saying Sony will do this soon or even at all, but just remember that fact, they won't put in as much effort as Nintendo because they can still make a ****load of money from other markets. They are now dealing with a proper, 80's style game company at full power, and a very competent competitor (Microsoft) who has learned from a lot of their mistakes.

      You can research all you want and 'know what (you are) talking about" but that doesn't mean you are infallible. So don't be so high and mighty. Any literate person can read the news, it's a completely different thing to piece it together, and you have clearly shown that you haven't been doing that. At least related to this story.

      And to the person who wrote the article, it really does sound like an advert, it's what I would expect the Kane and Lynch review to be like if Gamespot got their way…you are a critic, look up what that word means!

      • josh

        I think the only reason that motion control has not appealed to hard core gamer is because (like with the wii) it never really worked like we would’ve liked it to. I think if it works well and can be applied in the right way once word gets around that it really works like you always hoped it would then I think camera will take to it…maybe

  • james

    just a glorified eyetoy and the games look shit

  • Come on guys and dolls,the WII has been out in march I thingk of 2006. It’s not far of 5 years.of course the playstation is going to be better they’ve had 4 years plus to see what can be improved.let’s not forget if it were not for the NINTENDO,playstation MOVE,or KINETIC would not be out.remember somebody has to invent the thing before it is last thing both move and kinetic are add ons the WIIs ones are not.also I’ve played some very top games on WII,I have 63 in total some on wiiware etc,and I have been playing games for 38 years.playstaion move is better,In all areas,apart from the games at the moment,but remember where it came from please

    • hardknock55

      actually the move was in deveopment before the wii nintendo just released the wii before the move

      • Arliss Barrameda

        and how would they know that? it's not like they had an employee sneak in and steal some ideas. it just somehow hit Nintendo before it did Sony.
        And, besides, the Nintendo Power Glove REALLY started it off.
        In the end, though, none of them win and everyone wins.
        Well, not really.

    • James

      Don't forget the Sega Activator and The Nintendo U-force while you're at it.

    • BDF22

      ha fellow gamers I have to agree with mark,as I am 36 and have been gaming since 1976 its great to see how far the industry has come in this amount of time. My hats off to sony great job to all. PASS THE HENNESSY ITS TIME OH YEA ITS GAMING TIME

    • gunstar

      Dude the PS Eye Toytech we are using with PS Move was developed since 1999 by Dr. Marks but released in 2001. He toyed with the wand controller in 2004 but have to give it more time to perfect the technology come 2010. You can't rush art.

      The 3DV (Kinect) camera was offered to Nintendo & sony long before they released the Wii but they did not like it due to high costs.

      Yes, PS Move today is a glorified Eye Toy but with LED light sphere and controller but it all started in 1999. We have no problem with that as long as it works precisely.

    • SomeDude

      who gives a shit where it started from, It's just a matter of which one is better

    • Looking for INFO

      I don't care who invented what first, really… what goes around comes around. What I really wanted to know is what does PS3 move bring to the table? Yes, knowing the history is a good knowledge, but come on, unless you are trying to sell me a NINTENDO or even an ATARI tell me what are the selling points. Sorry, I don't want to hear that life is not fair because someone has created something above par. Now there is only something better that needs to be out had.

    • Juju

      You need to learn how to write. This review was so hard to read.


      Good to see Nintendo employees trolling the forums.. keep up the good work guys… lol

  • Jaimitocartero

    I purchased the move as well and although I thoroughly enjoyed the accuracy, I think sony will have to step up the software.

  • Ron henriksen

    I also bought move was quite excited about it, and I can say it’s amazing, so accurate, colourfully and fits snugly in the hand, forget kinect camera that freezes and fails, this is the future.

    • Chicken whale dog

      How do you no that kinect freezes and fails ????????

      • James

        The Kinect has frozen several times at public demonstrations.

        • jojodancer

          Prove it.

  • bhuphino

    I bought a PS move yesterday with the the Nav controller and Resident Evil 5 Gold and wow it is as good as the wii but much better graphics. I own a wii as well and found the move to be way more accurate then the wii. 10/10 top marks sony 🙂

  • Review the Reviewer

    You work for Sony

    • PS3wannabe

      People like you make me sick. Kinect is the obvious failure of the 3 when it comes to motion gaming, actual gaming in general too. But on a motion front, M$ has paid and paid for all sorts of positive reviews, it's refreshing to see accurate reviews such as this.
      PS3 for blu ray, best motion controller, best exclusive games IMO, best controller IMO, free online play, internet browser for HDTV, netflix or like service streamer.
      XBox can only stream shows out of that list and even that you have to pay M$ $60/year for the "right" to go purchase a sub. from netflix. Screw that, not okay, everything xbox does is a rip off, scam.
      360 is the most unreliable console in history of gaming.

      • esmifra

        your name says it all….

      • guest

        why cant you just accept that xbox and ps3 are both good, grow up and get on with your life?

  • guest

    I just bought move, and I love it. I had to buy the bundle and an extra motion controller but i think it was worth the money. The best game ive played so far is archery. I couldnt put it down last night.

    • joe

      the same here. but im more towards the gladiator duels

    • gotti xo

      i have a ps3 ive owned all nintendo consoles and ps consoles i refuse to pay for an xbox ps move is fun as hell it can tell any angle you move because unlike wii which is just like motion detection it uses the camera to see exsactly how u are moving and motion to know how fast it is incredibly accurate you have to snap your rist in ping pong otherewise the ball just flies away like in real life and in fresbe golf lets just say im a better fresbe player in realife because of this game because i used to suck its that accurate resident evil i was not happy with its was the same game i beat a year ago and the game is long and hard to beat already plus not made for the move im mad i bought it and time crisis you cant shoot off screen yo reload kind of sucks because when u spent 25 on the gun you got to keep finding the buttons on top …. anyway they need more games shoot is fun as hell but there is no two player career but its still fun minigolf planet sucks nba2k11 off the chain my friend thought he was losing because he was using the move controller he used a regular controller i beat him even worse and ps3 is already 3d compatable ps3 is the shit free internet stream movies from your laptop with tversity blu ray hd games move games music photos real internet pages no compitition kinect dont have nothin on move neither does wii sorry do be haters ps3 is raw if you dont have one you wish u did

      • Val Marie

        Yours is aninteresting and useful review, but why don’t you learn to write properly and communicate better? The run on sentences and the poor grammar were hard to interpret. I would understand the poor spelling ( but not the poor grammar) if you were using an old cell phone where you needed shortcuts like ‘u’ instead of ‘you’, but such poor spelling will hamper you in life in any career you choose

    • Kim

      Can you play regular playstation games on the move? Also do I need to buy all new games from PS?