PES 2011 or FIFA 11 Demo? Download choice on PS3 and Xbox 360

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 18, 2010

You may have seen our PES 2011 Vs. FIFA 11 release date battle, and the FIFA 11 PS3 gameplay video that showed you some advanced defence tactics, but now it’s time for some real gaming yourself with the demo downloads.

Although the PES 2011 and FIFA 11 video games are not due to be released until next month, FIFA 11 on the 1st, followed by Pro Evolution 2011 a week later, fans can still try out both games via the recently released demos from PSN store and Xbox Live.

When you have downloaded your Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 demo, you can test your skills and play as either Bayern Munich or Barcelona. The FIFA 11 demo allows you to play at many places including the Bernabeu as either the Barcelona or Chelsea team in two 3-minute halves. You also get additional gameplay options such as a new Personality+ feature.

What demo have you downloaded and tried your skills on? Was it PES Pro Evolution 2011 or FIFA 11? Maybe you even downloaded both, if so which one of them was your favorite?

Source: T3.

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  • kris

    FiFA is so waaacked. You see players standing next to the ball and they dont move to get the ball. Everything in Fifa seems to be dragging, players cant even make good runz, they as if they are being forced. Goal keeper errors is uncountable. Longs balls are hard to pick. They only good thing about Fifa is the commentary and that's not what we bought the game for. You cant use high pace players like bale and C.Ronaldo to outrun players no matter how poor the players is. Anybody that say Fifa 11 is better than PES11 is just a blind fifa fan. If what they are going for is reality then they made a mess cause no player see a ball 2 feet away and doesnt go for it. I prefer the old school game play of PS2 to all this crap in PS3 and what happened to Winning Eleven they use to have good soccer

  • griff

    @fr34k us fifa fans aint knobs for playing fifa your a knob for thinking that wake up and stop living in past fifa is by far the greater game so dont criticize the us fifa fans for living in the real world

  • KoiDragon

    Go with FIFA 11 if you want content > superior gameplay… Go with PES 2011 if you want superior gameplay < content.

    FIFA 10 was miles better than PES 2010 in both terms described above, but PES 2011 brings the old debate back to it's roots. I've played both demos and FIFA 11 feels too loose on the field. The players need more weight to their movements (if I wanted to glide across the pitch I might as well put on a tutu and ballet shoes).

    • KoiDragon

      Two quick gameplay comparisons everyone can make… play both and observe the animations, physics and mechanics each involve with properly defending and with trapping/controlling a lobbed pass. PES 2011 is simply amazing to experience with these. FIFA 11 does a simple chest trap or header with little control after that first touch, but PES 2011 allows you to bring the ball down and continue the fight by juggling with your head, chest, knees, etc. This is just the superficial, but for the hardcore futbol fans and gamers out there, PES definitely has the deeper strategy and mechanics. Anyone that doesn't get PES 2011 gameplay, is probably not experienced enough to understand how to utilize all that PES offers. Casual gamers that simply MUST see the proper teams/players/licenses can stick to FIFA 11. The rest of us that want to have a real online competition of futbol skill will stick to PES 2011.

      This is just my opinion though. Honestly, both are great games and no matter what you choose this year, you'll be happy.

  • nonno

    talking about reality… on pes Messi is 98. You can dribble past every oppsite player and manage to score… very realistic uh

  • Junikram

    I’ve played both i think fifa is good but not as good as Pes in gameplay. Defender in fifa way too easy to steals the ball even from the great player and one other thing i dont like about fifa every player feels the same, in Pes i can feel the different when i controled different player.

  • kimcorecoba

    do people think super fliud movement =great gameplay?and who you know moves as smooth as in fifa,in real life?even humans don't move in 360.i'm a fifa fan but ea are idiots and now i know why.pes this year for me.

    oh and tbo53:the irony in your post is just silly funny.better goals?haha,which version do you play dude?
    and bigger market doesn't mean better game,it means got money.i could care less if ea now sponsors the pitch epl teams play on,still doesn't make it a better game.

  • paddyc

    i think Pes is gone down the tubes. The players are so robotic

  • Nas

    PES 11 is improved dramatically on previous version. As for FIFA 11 hardly any changes. Game play wise, PES got the edge this year without a doubt!!

  • tbo53

    I find people that think pes is more of an experience than fifa very short sighted. It's clear to anyone that knows about football, watches it, and understands it that fifa is superior in every way, I buy both most years and always think fifa is better, through balls, 360 dribbling, strides apart in graphics, much much much smarter A.I. than pes, simply makes for a better football game, better goals. Not powershots on pes that make me cringe, but rather, slow down, angle the run and curl it past the keeper and sit back and adore the replay while ur mates go mad! I play football and football games, pes is arcadey and cheap in development which makes it 2d in play, whereas fifa isthe ultimate, covered all bases football game.
    If you understand football beyond the thought of who has the ball, pass shoot. Then it doesn't take a genius to realise that the way you can play off the ball makes fifa strides apart in development.
    But don't take a guy that's played both since back in 98's opinion, FIFA owns the bigger market share for football games, which speaks for itself.. As well as the fact that EA sports now works in partnership with the barclays premiership displaying stats for live games.

    The fact of the matter is Pes is a pigeon where Fifa's an eagle.

    • Kbking

      I most certainly agree with u, i really mis judged fifa last year thinking pes was going to be a betta game, i didnt try out the demo version for both games i jst went wit ma insticts and i was blind sighted by pes graphics they were extremely relishn back then but nw i knw wat 2 go 4 this year fifa is the the game until pes cum up wit a heymaker to knock down fifa, tell me 1 thang, wat do u think about the defence system on fifa?

  • yooo


  • Kbking

    I bought pes 2010 a year ago, i played it for a few months, i totaly enjoyed pes, then i asumed pes was much beta than fifa, i swaped wit a homie of myn he gave me fifa 10, started plyn it, i was blown away, wen i got my pes bck, i didnt hv n edge to play it again it flt like i was playn a game made in the 90s, bt ive got allota love 4 pes bt fifa is beta in terms of gameplay bt pes has beta graphics than fifa no 1 can take dat away frm pes so dis yr i wont make dat mistake again fifa rocks

  • The unforgiven

    PES 11 has no comparison on FIFA! The graphics are worse, the realism is pathetic, such as the 8 point turn, walking through players and being all round shit.

    I used to play Pro Evo and the 5th one was quality. since then it is very very poor. Not changed at all. Fifa has gone through leaps and bounds. It has more playing modes, better online facilities, better graphics, better animation, more realism, such as the worse players are actually worse unlike in PES. PES is SHIT.


  • Sannieboy

    Today I played the Pes2011 demo and I must admit …it felt like the old days agian when PES reigned over FIfa. The graphics are improved, the right control joystick is back and winning is difficult as hell.
    I have tried Fifa2010 last year, ik liked it, therfore I won't bash it now …and maybe if some things are improved…like passing oponents, i would really have a hard time choosing in the future. Onething is sure, Fifa needs some practice, but the if own the trickery it no more fun, you will conquer any opponent..and will score from impossible situations…I lostr many games online due may lack of skill of passing…tssh….but I know for sure that my ballposession in almost every game was far superior.
    I personally like to overwhelme my opponents with combination football and not by impossible shots or combinations.
    For this reason, I want the old school feel back again and will give PES 2011 a try!

  • keith

    All you PES guys need to play FIFA first before commenting, read the revievs for the last 4 years, FIFA takes the awards every time for a good reason, it is better, everything about it, graphics, gameplay, 360 control i could go on, i live with 6 guys in a house at uni, 3 of which now only play FIFA having been PES boys, its totally rubbish always will be, made by konami for gods sake, stick to the real sports game makers – EA. Dowload the demo and play it you will see

  • FR34K

    Fifa is for noobs…. it doesnt require much skills like Pes does

    • mdyer

      rubbish i played pes against my mate who always raves about it, we drew the first 2 games and then he won by a goal in the 3rd, i beat him 3 times straight on fifa. Pes have just tried to copy fifa its like a cheap imitation watch!!!!

  • Weglemine

    I would love to see how many FIFA fans actually play football on a regular basis. Not too mention how many watch more than just highlights or youtube videos of goals.

    FIFA is a fantasy, where games can be won 6-0 every time. PES, admittedly on the highest difficulty or against similarly skilled opponents, replicates something FIFA is missing.

    Football/Soccer is not always a game of wonderful dribbles and spectacular goals, sometimes FIFA players and the developers forget this, hence why PES is my preferred choice.

    • gcahill

      I play for bolton and fifa is still a lot better.

  • soccerboy

    PES all the way!

  • jorlando

    pes 2011 rocks……king is back with the bang… fifa……

  • Char1ie

    OK here is the Definitive Review!!!
    Downloaded both Demos and can say that a a Pro Evo Man, playing since the ISS days, I'm happy that PES has improved…… ALOT. What I am most impressed about are its graphics, really lifelike!! But and there is a but, although its improved, it is still a year or 2 from challenging FIFA on the game play. They have improved the player animations dramatically, they have made the passing more realistic, but for a fluid game, where the players move like they should it is FIFA…… I have hope that Next, year PES will overtake FIFA but untill then, my copy of FIFA 11 has been ordered.

  • T.F.7

    You confused Fifa with Pes! All the things you complained about fifa happens in pes.
    I remember the days I would die for Pes and I enjoyed playing with a friend of mine, but the key to win was always the same: prevent your opponent from scoring the same goal every time! We called it the the pass-shot goal. Even when Konami corrected it (only after several edition of the game), things didn't go better. But we loved it till Fifa didn't simply become better.
    I didn't really like Fifa 10, but when I tried 2010 Fifa World Cup I realized that Pes had finished its days. It was sad, but the sadness turned into anger against Konami who every year plays fools with us with unrealized promises.
    I really hope that Pes will ressurect some day like phoenix from the flames, but it won't happen this year and it won't happen soon, sadly.
    And Yes, I'm a true football fan, not a sympathizer. And I played PES from the first edition. So don't come about who a real football fun is, because football runs through my veins.

  • Emmanuel

    Until Pro moved on to the PS3 & Xbox 360 it has died and i mean really it had games dreams were made of, Fifa was ok in the old days and myfriends use to destroy me at it so i stuck to PES until Fifa 09 it was like fifa and Ea had just created something different and special and Pes had died who ever tells u it is easy to master Fifa is lieing it is easy toplay hard to master PES is too slow and behind Fifa in everyway i mean passing the ball physcis the personality plus makes you fink that it is actually ronaldo on the ball the way he runs and moves the way he waits to recieve the ball everything PES is just 2 years behind but the game has it's small things that make it an ok game like Become a Legand but all in all Fifa is the better game because it combins the old pro with the old fifa great gameplay and great graphics

  • Iggs

    I have played FIFA since 04 and I love FIFA games. I own both FIFA 10 and pes10 and all I play is FIFA 10. FIFA seems more professional and I hate that some teams arenas sponsored in pes. I’ve played the FIFA 11 demo and I loved it. I have yet to play the pes 11 demo due to some issues with PSN. But in the long run, if you love football, FIFA will not disappoint, however going with pes might be alittle risky.

  • Babu

    Fifa is realistic and that is what football games are made for, the sheer ease it takes to beat a defender is funny, tactics….wat are u on about tactics, pes is like kick and rush football, everypne knows fifas better, the graphics gameplay and slick interface, pes’s stupid game plan interface makes it feel so stupid bcuz you dnt use a mouse on ur console do ya!!!! FIFA 11 is the game for real football fans, PES is for kids who dnt know how to play the beautiful game!

  • TrueGooner

    All of those who claims that fifa is better are lying their teeth off. How bias can you be I have bought both games every year and fifa with all their license is not a great game of football. Yes you can pick it up and play it and score the same goal every game, if that's what you call great game then lucky you. Then comes Fifa 11 demo with all the players running like they got pop in their but. Only trough pass can break down a defense. Defenders seems to have magic speed even though their they were facing you when u breeze pas them. Yes Fifa has a good grapich but not better than PES. The only think i like about FIFA is the in game statistic that pops up on individual players. besides that their noting extra about it. I feel as if some of these people get paid to lie. PES game play is far better. You have to think as you play. The tactics, the different game modes show the true essence of the sports. You don't score the same goal every time. And when you do score that goal you feel it like you were sitting at the edge of your seat when your club score that goal to seal the league or win the CL. Only through soccer fans know this, not video gamers. PES is fluid ad they come this year. It is the best game, the only game that is played by its owners from day of purchase to the day the new version comes out…. so stop lying and over-hyping this game call FIFA. It is a good footy game but not better then PES.

    • john

      go and c game ratings you fool

      • shawty1991

        it's down to opinion fool ratings mean nothing . fifa and PES are completly different fifa is arcade and too easy(on legendary manual) to play because its aimed at kids and non hardcore. PES is simulation you hate becasue your probly shit at it. PES is true simualtion and takes skill. people hate because they can't score as soon as they pick it up.

  • T.F.7

    Of course you can dribble a player, you just have to learn it like you did at Pes. Listen, I was the biggest Pro Evo fan and I had to admit that fifa became a better game with the death in my heart. After several months I got used to it and now I'm upset at Konami because they managed to kill The Pro Evo Institution, because Pro Evo was an institution! One just feels freedom when playing fifa, you can move your players like in reality, you can dribble if you're able to, everything is so real. Even the cpu is much better in fifa, I remember I always set the difficulty at max in PES and beat the cpu easily from the first match on, nothing like that in fifa. I was a 10+ player in Pes, had no rival, while at fifa I wouldn't give a vote which is more than 7. I think you are too used to Pes that you don't want to challenge in fifa (like I was). That's why you prefer Pes. Take the challenge and you will realize what am I talking about. It makes me mad when I go online to play Fifa and people who are worse than me beats me up only because I haven't mastered the game yet, but that doesn't mean that Fifa is worse. Pes is arcade, Fifa is pure simulation.
    I'm pretty sure that if we put the name PES 2011 instead of Fifa 11 everybody will choose it. I would really love if this sublime game would be called PES and I hope some day Konami beats EA again, but till that day I will play Fifa with the death in my heart, wishing it would be PES.

  • Andy

    Finally the King PES is back! Can any FIFA fans still explain why fifa11 is better? Don’t even say the gameplay because it is useless, you can even dribble past players without doing a trick and the players all seem to run like that got bad backs!. FIFA 11 is a so called football game without no tactics…football? Don’t think so!

  • lulatimão

    – PES 2011 only available to download with european accounts (until this week, they should release it for the rest of the world soon).

    Playing FIFA since 1998 and Winning Eleven since PSOne. What can I say.
    FIFA is still FIFA, and PES2011 is the great Winning Eleven again. I tried both demos, and I couldn't go back playing FIFA again after a few matches with PES2011, it's just so much better. Can't wait to own this game!!!!! 5 stars.

  • T.F.7

    I was a Pro Evo fan (also a world class player) for so many years, if someone told me tha he was playing Fifa I laughed at him. It is to say tha since PES 6 there was the same old game so last year I tried FIFA 10 and I liked it initially then I stopped playing Fifa 10 and PES 2010 because they were silly. Then 2010 Fifa Wolrd Cup came out and it was far superior than PES 2010 and FIfa 10. Last week I tried the new PES and Fifa demos and I have to say that Konami finally made a new game with many new things, altough it is similar in some way to the old one. As said after Pes 2010 I tried FIFA 11 and I just stopped to play the Pes demo cause Fifa 11 is far far far superior in gameplay. Only blind people can't see that. FIFA is about 3 years ahead. No doubt aboit it! Fifa 11 rules and the online editor is a sort of Kanaan for people who like to edit players and teams.

  • Rivaldo14

    Please…. PES 2011 it´s better… just because of the game play. A player who has playde the game, knows how it feels… not just run, kick score… But hey..FiFa has the name… But PES has the game… PES!!!

    • mdyer

      fifa is a football sim pro evo is a arcade game!

  • Steve

    Fifa 11 wipes the floor with PES 2011. Fluid gameplay and noticeable changes. Dont even bother with PES. FIFA FTW!!

  • Teza

    Ive played both and I hate to admit it, but Fifa is the better game by far. Like Jimmy Barton already said Pro evolution for me has failed to deliver since the days of the PS2. Its like the gameplay has been thrown way out the window.

    • Teza

      PES had me screaming at my TV at how pass after pass went wayward, especially through-balls. Even a simple back-pss to the keeper from my right back ended in a goal for Munich – my keeper stood still looking at the ball, as it went square past him, just inches away from him, standing completely still, as their striker ran on to slot home. Likewise Imbrahimovic (who is way over rated on PES at 97) missed a sitter from 10 yards when through on the keeper with a floated pass, I hit shoot for a timely volley, yet he stood still looking at ball, as it bounced i hit shoot again, which made him run the opposite way for some reason. This along with very shoddy pixelated looking graphics, was enough for an instant delete, then came the aftermatch video of supposidly cool stuff to entice you to buy … online masterleague, ok thats a plus, but whats with pumpkin head men and sweetie wrapper footballs? come'on?? Im sure somebody called fifa an arcade game and pro for real football fans??? Im appauled.

      • Teza

        Playing Fifa was a breath of fresh air, even at 3 mins i was hooked. way better graphics, spot on passing, smooth turning (which was one of fifa's flaws) and exciting new updates/touches to the game.

        The only thing i dont like about this Fifa is i have to admit its better than PES and have all my mates say I told you so.

      • mdyer

        not to mention that stupid noise everytime you touch the ball???
        what is that about

  • Realism Personified

    PES admittedly has copied FIFA in the sense that you have to manually pass every ball with the 360degree passing….I don't agree with the fact that FIFA has better graphics than PES but I can guarantee that FIFA will trump PES with things like the slick interface and the commentary and licenses which help polish the game. But for true gameplay, not just passing but defending, going on the counter and other tactical advances as well as the difficulty in set-pieces makes PES that little bit better for me personally….but I've gotta admit those that were PES fans and have been used to the next-gen FIFA games probably won't be swayed enough to go back to PES. Those that have stuck by PES will love this one….personally I think PES is the better game…but I see a lot of people saying FIFA though…and unlike Jimmy Barton who's actually given a realistic opinion on why he thinks FIFA's better the idiots out there's gonna say "FIFA's better cos I played it while I shagged your mum and then took a dump on PES all at the same time"

    • mdyer

      they've copied fifa's pretty much

  • Jimmy Barton

    Used to be a massive fan of PES on the PS2 however it just doesn't seem to be able to make the step up to 3rd gen consoles. Although it's customise will never be beaten by Fifa. Demo wise Fifa has better graphics wish the games were longer. More teams to play with in Fifa. Gameplay wise I would say Fifa is better it seems more fluent and the passing I feel in complete control. If I misplace a pass I know it's my fault, but if I do a wonder pass it's because of me. The thing about PES is the frame rate drops so at times it stutters, not really something you want in a demo trying to persuade people to buy the game. I think Fifa is better but this is the best PES on a 3rd gen console.

  • The Genius version 2

    How can anyone say that fifa has not changed with all the new stuff u can do.
    hahah pes has only just added a stupid power bar when u kick the ball shows just how far behind the crap excuse for a football game is. find it funny people who say its better than fifa haha. very silly

    • lekson boy

      if thats ur complian ykno ntin.fifa is crap crappy and yes u guessed it crap. its so bad i almost want to cry ahmean how can you make defenders really strong and striker really weak and the penalty is s2pid and worst of all its te boringest game ever played it 20 minutes got bored .

  • The Genius

    pro evo is crap honestly ur all dum if u think it is better than fifa. the only thing pes has better than fifa is the trophies u can see unlike fifa. gameplay pes is rubbish. the new pes concentrates more on showing stupid replays with every little thing that happens which gets anoying. pes should only be a game u play when u go to the arcade along with the old school shooters and coin games. easily the worst demo ive ever played and the video u have to watch when u quit the demo is so pathetic it had the whole room laughing.

    • Realism Personified

      You've not even explained why fifa's better than pes other than "the new pes concentrates more on showing stupid replays with every little thing that happens which gets anoying"….typical fifa fanboy who can't actually explain why fifa's better than pro….the whole room who was laughing was probably you and the voices inside your head!!!

      Fifa was years behind until fifa 08 when it started catching up and I gotta admit it did surpass PES 2010 with Fifa 10…but I can't see how much of it's changed with Fifa 11 other than the odd move here and there….PES has come on leaps and bounds with the gameplay, the difficulty in defending and the ability to actually play on the ground with movement and passing instead of just passing the ball to Messi or Ronaldo, which is what half the twats online do….and you said "how can anyone say that fifa has not changed with all the new stuff you can do"….what new stuff? Go on…enlighten the whole world because as far as I can see….you're the only one who thinks that's the case…

      • Macbeth

        I can answer that, (funny you seem like a PES fan boy to me) anyway, i downloaded both the demos this year for the first time, i think the graphics were better in fifa, PES seemed grainy to me, (I have a HD tv and cable ect) the controls were very ridgid too, i don't see why this game is better overall the only things i liked was the way net ripples when you score and long range shooting is really good, the replays are very annoying to be fair but not exactly something that should put you off playing a game. Fifa on the other hand is very smooth, the 360 degree passing and movment is very good, the way the players take the ball down is smooth and realistic, the finesse shooting and passing is also very good, the pplayer celebrations are a good feature.

        My verdict is that PES is still a few years behind, you have more overall control in FIFA better graphics and its more realistic, thats all you need in a footy game as far as i am concerned and FIFA delivers, again.

  • daniel message

    pes for me for years fifa been behind pes last year fifa done better but this year is massive for pes master league online the game play is out of this world fifa is so robot like

  • NachoDiablo

    Pro 2011 is the dogz! almost give up on the franchise. this was their last chance for me and they come up trumps, thank god i dont have to waste anymore time grumbling to fifa fans about how bad pes is! THE KING HAS RETURNED!!!!

  • gunnner

    hey can any one help me here !!! i can see pes 2011, nba 2k11, dj hero,etc in the demos but cant seem to find fifa 11 anywhere (i have xbox live gold) !!! HELP !!!

  • toddylingus

    fifa is soooo much better pes is shocking just the way the players run is a joke

  • HHH

    Pro evo 2011 all the way. Fifa for me has not changed at all. With pro you have to actually aim and weight your pass otherwise its going to go out or be intercepted. Also I prefer its trick system over Fifa's.

  • Ahmed

    Fifa 11 is way better than pes

  • gehdvgevgdg

    fifa 11 by far faaaaaaaaamm

    • justin

      omg yes

  • fizzy

    pes or fifa ?Expressly pes 2011.Is it amazing video game on pc , xbox , ps3.IS There more news and is it very real football gameplay !

  • Hfhfhfhfhhf

    I keep downloading the pes 11 demo but when I go to play it’s fifa 05 what da?

  • Shaqz

    This is so dumb, PES2011 has clearly shown its the better game.

    Its so good i dont even care that my favorite team aint sponsored in it…its all about the gameplay. Its balanced out perfectly. Even the way u defend needs skillnand takes time to learn. u cant jus run in an tackle and expect to win the ball. U got to time ur runz and take the ball from the player jus like in real life. Fifa just proved that its a game based on fiction, in real football u have a certain pace. U can use pace to pass the ball and dribble or wateva. But fifa its like theres no life there, it has some good features for a game tho, but not for football fans apart from sponsors lol

    good game, but not for the hardcore. Fifa is more for the casual gamer. Pro is for the “football fan”

    • The Project

      u are clearly an idiot how u can think pes is better than fifa is beyond me. like how fifa will have yet another award for best sports game this year 🙂

      • Realism Personified

        Then explain how FIFA's better than PES….if awards is you're explanation then you've clearly never played PES

    • Bendigo

      hahah, i genuinly dont understand you. WHen you play fifa, you actully feel like your playing a real game of football becuase the commentry, motions, atmosphere and game play are just soooo much mroe realistic than pes. in pes it feels like your playing a fifa game form 10 years ago, theres no flow to it. it dosnt even have 360 dribbling control. Plus the extras that fifa offers just make sit even more. Be a goalkeeper, user controlled celebrations, personality plus, even the ball physics make way more sense. Im sorry but i just cant understand anyones decision to buy pes over fifa. Fifa even has more licensing. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR.

    • John Bowden

      couldn't agree more. PES is clearly much, much better, anyone who thinks otherwise clearly has no real knowledge of football. It feels realistic whereas FIFA is just so arcadey. But obviously there will be loads of people who will be saying how great FIFA is, but these people are just too dumb to look beyond the licenses because in most cases thats why people like FIFA more.

      • Hendies

        No knowledge of real football?
        I can safely say I have enough real knowledge of football to make my own decision that fifa is better this year. Pes is outdated, it's like a polished turd – they add new features to an outdated game, which doesn't feel like a real game at all. I've had many people I know make the switch to fifa this year because they've been appalled by the pes demo. It's just the same as last year really.
        I've been playing around with the full fifa game today and I can say it's much better and actually feels a lot more realistic now

      • Kaushik

        absolutely agree. PES is lot better especially the tactical customizations that can be done is awesome you can control the whole game. And those of you who say its slow .. its not slow its just the possession game that barcelona play slows the game down adjust your tactics to speed it up and also in the settings you can increase the game spped or decrease it.
        PES 2011 just rocks that silky passing and those thru balls to lock a defense you dont get that in fifa

  • Matt

    I tried Fifa 11 and PES 11 and i really like the changes in FIFA normally they barely change anythinng, this one is different and i don't care FIFA 11 Demo looked and felt better then PES 11.

  • Jose

    has anyone found a way to get the pes 11 demo

  • fifa11fan

    i prefer fifa 11 mainly because the A.I sometimes slips on the penalties and i find it slightly funny and it brings back good memories of moscow '08 lol and also the goalkeeper arena mode keeps me amused for about 30-45 minutes

  • benroxo

    pro evolution is far superior

    • benroxo is dum

      hahahahaha yeah right its crap lol

    • eeeee

      pes is hopeless compared to fifa

  • DJOnick

    i downloaded both on my ps3 nd i got to admit fifa 11 seem to be alot better than pes 2011

  • Chris

    Go to game marketplace and demo's, they should be fifa 11 1st and pes 11 2nd, although pes 11 is the worst demo i have ever played, anf fifa isnt far better

  • Toronto

    Weird, but I can't see PES 2011 on my xbox live marketplace….I see nba 2k11..fifa 11 etc new releases but not pes 11. Anyhow have the same issue. I keep reading that its out already for download.

    • gunnner

      I have the same prob but with fifa 11……..i can see pes 11, nba 2k11 but cant see fifa 11……some bug in the system !! thank god i'm not alobe !!!

    • goto

      same here. I only see fifa 11, nba 2k11 and that owl movie/game as new releases but no pes 2011.

    • kevin