iPhone iOS 4.1: Jailbreak and Unlock 3G using PwnageTool Bundle

By Alan Ng - Sep 18, 2010

While a good portion of iPhone 4 owners wait for GreenPois0n to release, we now have some good news for those of you with a iPhone 3G handset running iOS 4.1, as a full jailbreak method has just been released.

According to this report from RedmondPie, the jailbreak on iOS 4.1 has been achieved using PwnageTool bundle and unlike similar methods for other iOS 4.1 devices, Cydia and Hacktivation are confirmed features.

After using the PwnageTool bundle on your iPhone 3G on iOS 4.1, you can then proceed to unlock your handset if you wish, using ultrasn0w. RedmondPie has listed all the download links you need, as well as step by step instructions for you to follow.

As always, this is a risky business and you will void your warranty with Apple if you choose to go down this route. However if you know what you are doing, let us know if this latest method worked for you so others can try it.

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  • Anonymous

    really like
    the iphone cell phone!

  • Anonymous

    really like
    the iphone cell phone!

  • Anonymous

    My iphone 3g can’t unlock 4.1 ,too ,who can help me?

  • BOB


  • Rosanan

    jailbreaking doesn't fully void your warranty, only if it can be proven to have destroyed the phone. (i was told this by a apple Genius after my jailbroken iphone broke and was replaced :D)

  • eargyngoun

    my iphone 3g can't unlock 4.1.Can YOu Help Me.

  • Gina

    Hi im really new at this iphone thing my friend just gave me the Iphone 3G it was unlocked &jailbroken and i have TMOBILE so I loved it! But i accidently updated on itunes not knowing it wasnt reversable..Can somebody please help me?!

  • Avik

    ultrasn0w does not with iOS 4.1, its a fake.

  • Jramirez

    Same question,
    I have 3G and I accidentally updated to 4.1 through Itunes, So now I can't use it at the moment. I took it to this guy who unlocks and repairs Iphones, and he says that I have to wait until 4.2 comes out so that he can UNLOCK my phone, I have service with Tmobile. I was just wondering if their was anyway I can restore the firmware????

    • Amy

      use iphoneunlockuk 🙂

  • alex

    can anyone tell me how to unlock back my iphone 3g 8gb..i using os4.1..but cant restore back firmware to 3.1.3..i cant use my iphone no….no network..coz my iphone was buying at london..nw i was at malaysia…can anyone teach me how to do…tgx

  • Matt
  • Matt

    Worked perfectly fine on 3G (4.02) – I cooked the firmware on a Mac then copied it over to Windows and ran it from there (Shift + Restore in iTunes 10). Install went fine and I've sucessfully unlocked with ultrasn0w.

  • Matt

    Worked perfectly fine on 3G (4.02) – I cooked the firmware on a Mac then copied it over to Windows and ran it from there (Shift + Restore in iTunes 10). Install went fine and I've sucessfully unlocked with ultrasn0w.

    For those without a Mac I'll try to upload the cooked 4.1 firmware..

  • Jonathan

    Works for 3GS?

  • Joseph123

    When will the unlock be available for fools like me that upgraded to 4.1 using iTunes and upgrading baseband to 5.14.2?

  • Linko

    i cant find the link ;O

  • xsmile

    Sn0wbreeze v2.01 is out now for Windows and supports jailbreaking the 3G without upgrading the baseband. Has anyone already tried it? Do YouTube and iTunes restore work now?

    • xsmile

      I tried it myself, could't wait 🙂
      iTunes backup & restore works, YouTube still doesn't.
      So far..

  • Switt

    It works for me.
    iPhone 3G , 8GB , upgraded from iOS 4.0.
    Ultrasn0w (Carrier Unlock) works perfectly.
    But I've got one problem…
    When it had already finished restoring, it failed to restore the data from my backup.
    It says "iTunes cannot restore from the backup of "(My iPhone's name)" because the session could not be started with the iPhone"
    But other than that, everything seemed fine, it synced perfectly, but it could not backup my iPhone.
    Huge performance boost from iOS 4.0 (Up to iPhone OS 3.0 speed)

  • pip

    does the unlock work??

  • xsmile

    Exactly. I've got the same issues.
    Plus the iTunes 10 bug, it shows this error message at the end of every sync, regardless of using Windows or Mac: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2529?viewlocale=en_

    I noticed iTunes does not create a backup. The sync works just fine though.

    • snow2day4me

      It seems like this is a hack for 4.1 which isn't thoroughly tested, so I'm sort of using the 3G as a backup phone for the time being. I think when PwnageTool 4.1 is released, or the Snowbreeze jailbreak is released tomorrow, these issues may disappear.

      In all, I'm still happy I can use it on 4.1 (4.0.2 was miserably bad, slow, and made my 3G a drag to use as a phone). I can still view YouTube content by going to the site via Safari. The syncing seems to work for me, but I had to set it up as a new phone so all of the text messages and other info I had saved are gone. They weren't *that* important anyway, so it's not a big loss.

      I think waiting for a better jailbreak/unlock tool may solve these issues since this whole 4.1 on 3G is an unofficial hack. It does work and I'm grateful that it does since I'd rather have the ability to use the phone than YouTube, which I can watch on my computer.

    • snow2day4me

      It seems like this is a hack for 4.1 which isn't thoroughly tested, so I'm sort of using the 3G as a backup phone for the time being. I think when PwnageTool 4.1 is released, or the Snowbreeze jailbreak is released tomorrow, these issues may disappear.

      I'm still happy that I can USE the phone now, 4.0.2 on a 3G is an exercise in patience as the performance is so bad, I stopped using the phone.

      • xsmile

        Indeed, its good to have a slightly faster firmware running on the phone. iOS 4.0(.1) was really a mess. Maybe a new bundle will appear soon at msftguy's homepage: http://sites.google.com/site/msftguy/

        The weird thing is, i keep getting the error in iTunes on Windows and on Mac. I already set it up as a new phone.

  • br3akth3lim1t

    This pwnage tool works like a charm!!! SO DO IT!!! (I have iPhone 3G 8GB)

    FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! username: br3akth3lim1t

  • vlad

    if on a Mac, probably should'n do it – lose the ability to restore from backup and to backup…


  • darren

    cant get PT to see any of the firmware bundles……when searching for them they are in grey and i am unable to click them…..any ideas why??

    also i updated to 4.1 through itunes so have i got to downgrade to 4.0.1 before using this custom?? my ihpone 3g is factory unlocked as it was a replacement from apple

  • snow2day4me

    iPhone 3G 8GB
    Model: MB046LL
    Modem Firmware: 05.13.04

    Used this method, now on 4.1 and it is faster than 4.0.2. Jailbroken and unlocked with ultrasn0w, by preserving the old baseband.

    The only thing that doesn't work is YouTube, using Push Doctor and YouTube Fix (1, 2, or 3) doesn't solve the problem unfortunately. So everything works minus YouTube for me.

    • senormanne

      Could you post steps how to do this? I have exact same model, can't get to DFU mode…

      • snow2day4me

        Download PwnageTool 4.01, then do a search for "iPhone1,2_4.1_8B117.bundle" (I found it on one of the jailbreak sites, forgot which one. I can send you the file if you need.) Right click on the PwnageTool and click on "Show Contents" and follow the directions on the guide, where you put the file into the bundles directory.

        Then run PwnageTool as normal and build a custom ipsw using the 4.1 official ipsw from Apple. PwnageTool wil then preserve the baseband and make you a restore file. Hold the power and home buttons on the iPhone until it reboots, then don't let go of the home for 10 seconds and it will go into DFU mode.

        Use iTunes 10 to restore the ipsw that you just made. This will take about 20 minutes. Once this is done, go to Cydia and add repo666.ultrasn0w.com as a new repository and install ultrasn0w which will unlock the 5.13.04 baseband.

        Voila, iPhone 3G on 4.1 with jailbreak and unlock. I just can't get YouTube to work. I think they changed their certs for better security and the old jailbreak tools aren't compatible yet.

    • jerein

      dude im using 4.0(8A391) with base band 5.13.04. really would appreciate it if u could telll me the exact steps u did to jailbreak and unlock yours. thanks man =)

  • da Rev

    This is for MAC only. Windows user will have to wait until greenp0ison is released. It does not unlock your phone, it preserves your baseband from iOS4.0 and updates you to 4.1 while preserving the old baseband so you can unlock using ultrasn0w. If you have updated to 4.1 from the official iTunes site, you'll have to wait. It does work on 3G, the 3Gs is a different set of instructions. As far as uploading the custom firmware, it's over 300MB and unless you have a premuim rapidshare account, it's just not going to happen. You may check some torrent sites to see if it's available.

  • logan

    really need the custom firmware…

  • pvp

    Can it unlock 3G with Baseband 5.14.02?

  • G L

    any go on how to jailbreak if we have a PC?
    thnx 🙂

  • Aflatoon

    Alex is it possible for you to upload the custom file for 3g please, some of us don't have a mac and it will help us a great deal

  • Aflatoon

    Alex is it possible for you to upload the custom file for 3g please, some of us don't have a mac and it will help us a great deal
    Thank you

  • Sumon

    This actually works for the iPhone 3G. Jailbreak works just waiting for ultraslow to unlock my phone.

  • dan

    Have it bugs or problems after jailbreak the iphone 3g

  • Alex

    It is problem with itunes 10 on Mac. The restore on itunes mac got stucked at the end but the restore process on itunes windows finnished with success. I have iPhone 3g jailbreaked on 4.1

    • jbjapan

      Hello there!
      I tried the jailbreak and unlock using the RedmondPie method (Pwntool bundle for 4.1) and it worked without any problem on MAC(without sticking at the end). There is just one thing different, whenever the device is rebooted it shows pineapple instead of apple. Cna we change the LOGO?

    • Leirys

      how can i unlock my iphone is on 4.1

  • louise stewart

    plzzzz somebody help me!
    my iphone was jailbroke and i stupidly updated it to 4.1.. now its locked to o2 and im on 3!
    wud b very very grateful if somebody could help me out..
    thankk u!
    louise 🙂

  • ACar

    trying to do it with a 3G on 4.1 but having trouble with the unlocking. it jailbreaks but does not unlock. any ideas why that is?

    • Ali

      It will activate it if you leave it enabled on Pwngtool, once it is activated you need to install ultrasn0w from Cydia in order to unlock.

      • Sunbird

        Did you successfully unlock the phone what version of firmware do you have?
        would you email me any tip please?
        sunbird2011 at gmail


  • darrell

    got it working on a 3g iphone but does anyone know where to get the firmware bundle for ipod 4.1 i have the firmware but no bundle thanks

    • Michael

      Sorry for the silly question:
      Everyone asks here only for the 3G. Is ist so easy for the 3GS? I did not find any consequent instruction to jailbreak a 3GS with 4.1. Mine is original unlocked.
      Do you have links for me?

    • Tiphone

      Does the jailbreak on iPhone 3g works without Bugs like with redsn0w.

      Works the phone app and all the others ?

      • Tim

        It works pretty well on my 3G! I activated even multitasking without any performance issues like on 4.0.x. With memTool from Cydia i sometimes check remaining memory and it says always average space of 20 mb free. (I never remove apps from taskswitcher! Okay, sometimes Games..) And every App runs faster than on 4.0.x as well as the performance in general. Just PreferencesApp needs sometimes a few seconds to start.

        NO Bugs detected (like phoneapp deleted or cydia not working). BUT i did the jailbreak (custom firmware) with Pwnagetool 4.01 + bundle for 3G. I dont need the unlock.

    • gacrepoz

      it jb my 3g but keeps re-starting

  • Waleed

    i start the restore process in itunes i got stuck at the end of process. I think that mybe is itunes 10 problem. I will wait becouse mybe it need time to finnish.

    I dont know Whats the Proble

  • josh

    is this for mac only?

    anyone successful with 3G?

  • Alex

    I did it. I made the custom firmware in mac but the restore process i did have to do in windows. If you have factory unlocked phone dont forget to remove the activate phone in Pwnage tool. Everything is working nice.

  • Kalvin

    Has this been confirmed to jailbreak iphone 3g on 4.1?

  • Johson

    does this work with the 3gs new bootrom?


    alex ..please confirm it…work on 3g or no

  • Alfred R.

    I get: srry, i Haz fail ~

    • alex

      hey alfred..can u teach me to open back the iphone…im nw is 4.1 and baseband is 05.14.02

  • Alex

    Works on ipod 2g 4.1

  • Working ~

    • Michaud

      Working for 3g ? and unlock as well ?

    • pankaj


      Does it work for 3G Baseband 5.14.02 ?

    • shiau

      i have jailbreak it too but i cant unlock it i have the same basebands
      please help

  • Cant get it over 3G …. only works for 3G[S]

  • Testing: iPhone 3G
    Serial #: 87830LRTY7h
    Baseband: 05.14.02
    Bootloader: 5.9
    Model: MB046

    To see if it works ! wish me luck!

  • Lester

    Well it worked for me when I first downgraded to 3.1.2.

    Restore, jailbreak and unlock worked fine, but now I can't resotore my contacts and settings, iTunes says it's something wrong (I use different language in iTunes and i have no idea what would that error sound in english)

  • Jordynn

    could someone post the iPhone 3G firmware made in pwnagetool? for us users that dont have access to a mac :'(… desperate to update but rely on an unlock 🙂

  • donking

    jailbreak is legal in usa but not uk yet so we still screwed here lol

    • gwion

      jailbreaking isn't illegal in the UK, the presumption is that something is legal until made illegal, saying this some of the tools of jailbreaking (e.g. free copyright protected apps) may well be. It will definitely void your warranty tho.

  • darren

    any chance of something like this but for windows??

  • Derf

    I don't think you are risking your warranty since it was ruled in a Federal court that jailbreaking is not illegal. Also, if Apple were to put up a fuss that it was jailbroken, you could always restore to the Apple firmware.

    • gwion

      This is a contractual issue, it need not be illegal to void your warranty, just a breach of the terms of the warranty.

  • Zeeshan Zafiri

    Hi !

    I was using iphone 3G here in India with version 3.1.3 with my operator vodafone.

    When I updated my iphone from 3.1.3 to 4.1 using itunes my iphone got locked.

    serial no.: 878379AC1R4

    IMEI.: 01 174300 829098 5

    Modem Version.: 05.14.02

    Bootloader: 05.09

    I require futher help from you people so that I can unlock my iphone at the earliest…

    Hoping a better reply

    and Thank You in advance…


    Zeeshan Zafiri

    • vikram

      hey you must jailbreak your iphone

    • thegame30

      what network do you want it on

    • ranjithrulz

      Hey did ur phone get unlocked and jailbreaked? i have the same prob whre i upgraded it to 4.1 and it got locked.. n we cant change the bandwidth.. so its a pain 🙁 let me know if u get it unlocked.. wld be of great help.. my email ranjithrulz@gmail.com

      • William

        Unfortunately I got the same problem here. After doing firmware upgrade to 4.1, the phone was locked. It couldn't accept any local SIM cards…. pls share with us if you 've figured out the problem.. my email is jayadiesel at gmail . com

        • lakota

          I have the same problem with upgrade to 4.1 please let me know if you can unlock it. My email's kotadaman@hotmail.com

    • pluto

      got the same prob.. if yuh get it out hit me up pluto691@hotmail.com

      • shohan

        u r a bokachoda like me. coz my problem same to u!!!!!

  • darren

    so can anyone confirm if this is working or not??

  • Sam

    Hey guys i was wonderin…will this work wi th 3gs? 😉 thank

  • Tom

    Is this working ?

  • Alex

    Everything goes whell but at the end of restore process in itunes it gets stuck. I am wainting becouse mybe it just needs time.

    I will replay if something new!


    • gr8

      I think when it gets stuck is the baseband trying to update! try tiny umbrella to kick it out!

    • Abhishek

      try this if ur windows: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1923

    • robert

      did this but lost data connection..

  • Z3phyr

    i think this jailbreak is only and only for iphone/ipod 3gs

  • Alex

    The pwnage tool did the jjob well, but after that when i start the restore process in itunes i got stuck at the end of process. I think that mybe is itunes 10 problem. I will wait becouse mybe it need time to finnish.

    I will reply if something new.

    • just

      if you have another computer with iTunes hook up the usb, it should kick you out the happy activation message!, often the process works fine but iTunes runs a error . . also you can try recBoot (http://jaxov.com/2010/07/download-recboot-fix-itunes-1015-restore-error/) to force exit of recovery mode ~ it's worked for me on earlier jb successes, best of luck

  • win

    is this work alex ? thank u very much…

  • BLiNK

    ^ please do. thanks!

  • dan

    can u please post the exact steps with the download links for every step if it worked?

  • keir

    alex are you doing it
    ipod touch2g 4.1 version ?

    • virk

      Yes it works everybody.

  • Alex

    i am just jailbreaking with this metode. i will replay when finished.

    • Cool

      Thankyou! I will be waiting for your reply.

    • lokienloki

      It depends actually. New updates follows, that the jailbreak for this one will be called 'greenpois0n'. Jailbreak for iOS 4.1 Impressions

    • markeecebu

      any updates on your jb and unlock? is your phone 3g or 3gs??