Internet Explorer 9 (IE9): Problems With Beta?

By Gary Johnson - Sep 18, 2010

The beta for Internet Explorer 9 has been available to download for a few days now. It is being promoted by Microsoft as “play in a more beautiful web”. The look of the new browser is said to be more simplistic and the address bar doubles up as the search box.

My colleague Jamie Pert has commented on how IE9 loaded up some popular websites such as Facebook pretty quick. It also seems that Microsoft has taken ideas from rival browsers, but this could be Microsoft’s best browser to date. The Beta download is only 39MB in size so doesn’t take long to download to your system.

As with all Beta downloads there will be problems, as it is not the finished product. Have you downloaded IE9? And have you spotted any problems? Tell us what you think of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 so far.

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  • JR

    Ran update for Vista 10/4/2013, reboot failed and got black screen. Lost confidence in Microsoft, after years of buying MS computers, and am now finally looking at Apple purchase.

  • Cdenil

    Have become VERY frustrated with IE9 alsoIE8..they tend to lose connection to my msn games. Do they(Microsoft) want us to use Bing only?
    I am really disappointed with Explorer this year!

  • Clairebrazil

    After downloading Internet Explorer 9  I cannot make my printer print.  Have tried different options to no avail.  Hope you have a solution.  Thank you.

  • Perry

    It is rubbish with very basic errors of usability :-
    (1) I cannot attach anything to upload files into the web based world i.e. my CV as I am trying to get a job as a Surveyor NOT as a computer software tester
    (2) My wife had a similar problem trying to upload stuff via her offices VPN
    (3) If i wanted to buy an adstream – i would sign up to a cheap product – or is IE becoming …..