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Great Addition to Your Tackle Box: FishID 1.0 for iPhone

If you like to go fishing a really clever application is available which will identify any fish, and locate virtually any fishing spot. FishID 1.0 is available for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Released by MEDL Mobile, Inc the app helps users find any fish by using a wide range of criteria, and includes superb images and habitat data. So now when you catch a fish and are not sure what it is the app will help you identify the species.

Want to find a great place to fish? FishID will help you with that as well, just put in your current GPS location and you are given a Google Maps layout with all the local spots. To get directions a user just simply taps on the location for instant results.

Users can even add their favorite fishing location with details of fish caught there and photos. Local fishing regulations are also available based on what location you are using. There are even tips on how to catch the biggest and best fish. FishID has received some great reviews from people using the app.

FishID 1.0 is available on the App Store for only $2.99. iOS 3.0 or later required.


  • Alan

    This app has already come in real handy for me and my dad has asked for an iPod Touch just so he can use FishID, ha!!

    Great app … and very easy to use.


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