Windows Phone 7 Launch: No Verizon and Sprint Release – Are you Bothered?

By Alan Ng - Sep 17, 2010

Following on from our previous report which informed you of Verizon’s decision not to support any Windows Phone 7 handsets until early 2011, we now have a further blow for you to take in.

According to this Engadget report, Windows Phone 7 will be restricted to GSM support only, untill next year. Microsoft states that they want to focus on GSM devices since it is the world standard, but they added that they will have support for CDMA devices during the first part of 2011.

So what does this mean for consumers in the US you ask? Well in simple terms, it means that Windows Phone 7 devices will only be launching for AT&T and T-Mobile USA. Sprint and Verizon both use forms of CDMA frequencies, so it is a real stinker if you were looking forward to picking up a WP7 device on either of these networks.

Are you surprised about Microsoft’s decision on this? More details over at Engadget.

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