Waterproof PS3 and Xbox 360 Controllers? No Water Damage

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 17, 2010

Since the first PS3 and Xbox 360 released we have heard about a number of controllers that have gone wrong thanks to water, which Sony or Microsoft may not replace accidental damage under warranty.

One gamer that spilt water on their PS3 controller had problems with the analogue stick and buttons after, although not all controllers are this temperamental. At the time of writing we have not been able to find any controller on the market designed to take water damage or that could be used in a hot tub.

Game stores are getting requests for waterproof PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers in the UK, U.S. and other countries. The question would be if the market were big enough for a controller that can handle water damage.

Sitting in a hot tub playing Halo Reach or COD Black Ops would be pretty cool, but parents have also asked for these controllers thanks to adventurous kids that will put controllers in all sorts of places, including fish tanks.

Would you love a controller that could be cleaned thoroughly with water without the worry of water damage, or could go through hell with children and hot tub parties? They are needed now, but where are they?

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  • michael english

    I have a unique condition thats causes me to sweat more than usual and my controler keeps getting shorted out. I have gone through 6 controlers in the last month. They are too expensive to keep buying so a waterproof controler is what I need.

  • waterproofps3

    Definately want one for my hot tub – where can I get one?

  • Al Solino

    50+ flat screen behind my mirror in bathroom. Could play PS3 in my sunken tub. Awesomeness factor 10.

  • shank23

    i litterally found this article because i want to play my ps3 from my swim up bar in my poolshank

  • anon

    Think bigger Brendan. I would love to play xbox from my hot tub.

  • brendan

    Controllers shouldn't be near water!!!!!!! honestly what a pointless article!