Spray-on Clothes: Technology demonstrated on video

By Gary Johnson - Sep 17, 2010

Just in time for London Fashion week is a new technology that allows clothing to be spayed on. This new technology is hoped to be used for spray on bandages and hygienic upholstery.

Manel Torres has been working with scientists at Imperial College London to develop this idea, which as it is being sprayed on looks like silly-string. The material is made up of short fibers which are mixed with polymers; these are dissolved into a solvent that allows it to be sprayed from a can or high pressure gun.

Acrylic, linen, and wool can be used to change the texture of the fabric, which can be removed and washed with the rest of your clothes. The finished article can simply be dissolved by using the same solvent and used again.

In the video demonstrating the new technology (which you can see below) Torres sprays two models to create shirts. The substance dries instantly, but extra fibers are sprayed around the sleeves to provide strength. The idea is hoped to become a spray on bandage system to instantly dress wounds or soothe burnt skin.

Source POPSCI.com

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