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Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories: Keyboard Dock, Car Dock and HDMI Dock

Just hours after Samsung unveiled their Galaxy Tab device for US consumers, the company has now shown off some official accessories that you’ll be able to buy for it after release.

As reported from Engadget, there will be three accessories that you’ll be able to buy first of all, and they are the Keyboard dock, HDMI dock and the official Galaxy Tab car kit.

Engadget has already managed to snap some pictures of each accessory as well as obtain the first details on them. The keyboard dock is pretty straight forward. This will be for those who prefer a physical QWERTY option, and it will be available for $99.99.

Next up is the HDMI dock, which Samsung are charging around $69 for. It will allow you to listen to music, and view movies and pictures in 1080p.

Finally, there had to be an official car dock from Samsung, and it will be priced at $99 as well. If you’re interested in this, it will offer turn-by-turn navigation amongst other GPS features.

If you are concerned about the pricing for the official accessories, you can always wait around until third-party accessories start appearing – Black Friday is a good guess.

Let us know your thoughts on all three products.



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