iPhone 4 Battery Life Problems: The Mophie Answer and Tips

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 17, 2010

There has been a lot of talk on forums recently about how users are suffering battery life issues with their iPhone 4’s. Comments have been made that while with other devices users have been happy with a charge life of around four days, their iPhone 4’s have needed charging after just one.

Another said how the standby time is supposedly 300 hours, but on downloading the Battery Doctor app, their device was only showing 200 hours. Added to this, reports of a 45 minute call reducing the battery level to 90%. Apple itself stated that there was a 20% increase in battery performance over the previous 3G device.

In an attempt to try and cure the supposed battery life problem, some have given tips on how to extend the battery’s life. Iphonedownloadblog listed eleven helpful hints on things you can do, such as turning off push notifications, removing unused apps that are constantly running for no reason and switching of your 3G when its not needed.

Technologizer however have come up with probably the perfect answer in the form of the Mophie battery case. Designing external battery cases for iPhone and iPod, Mophie have built up a reputation for extending the devices battery life. Although in the past the cases were said to be rather bulky, the latest design for iPhone 4 comes out looking like a normal hard case.

Even though the battery extender has a slim design, it up’s the 1200mAh standard battery to a 1500mAh. A claim by Mophie says that it will give the user double the normal battery life, that’s roughly 6 extra hours talk time, 36 more hours of audio or 9 extra hours video playback. Priced at $79.95 and available through Apple Store, surely this is the solution to anyone’s battery issues.

While Apples latest gen iPhone is undoubtedly popular it has suffered more than its fair share of problems since its release. If you have experienced battery problems or found any other solutions let us know.

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  • rampage

    charge my battery b4 i sleep(9pm), when i woke up in the morning(7am d next day) baterry is drained. all notifications are off, brightness at 50%, no app running. . . i even put it on airplane mode, evryday same routine, F***

  • Maja B

    I was able to watch 2.5 movies before the battery drained. It seems that phone calls drain the battery the quickest. I bought a Morphie for my trip to Singapore and hope that I can watch several movies.

  • Pam holland

    I have new iPhone 4 and updated to 4.1.2. Ever since purchasing

    the battery does not give true reading.

    No matter what battery app I use I find

    that I have to recharge every morning despite the fact that I am a light user. I often get red on the battery and I recharge and about fifteen minutes later it’s fully charged.

    • i know what u mean the original software for iphone 4 was fine when it comes to battery now it tells me taht i am draining the battery again with LIGHT use i'm at work all day so i am not using it much. just this morning it went from 100% to 96% after a few mins use looking at something and downloading something.