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Invisible Keyboard: Works with Windows, Symbian and Android

We could be seeing our cell phones coming with an invisible virtual keyboard in the not too distant future. There is a new system that has been developed which works with Android, Symbian, and Windows devices.

Emma Woollacott of TG Daily is reporting that a company called SnapKeys has come up with a system where users use their thumbs to take control of four imaginary keys, two on each side of the screen. As the user moves their fingers it uses predictive technology which according to SnapKeys is over more than 90% accurate.

Chief executive of the company said “Keyboards were meant for fixed devices, not mobile. And screens are not supposed to be your input device; they are supposed to be output.” They have signed a deal with Philips Electronics to push the technology for users of smartphones and tablet PCs.

When it is first used the virtual keys appear on the screen, but according to SnapKeys a majority of people will quickly get used to their position and won’t need them. The company also said it is close to sealing deals with a number of computer and phone companies.

Click here to see a poor quality video of SnapKeys employee setting a new Guinness world record for typing.



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