HTC Desire HD: Verizon Release and LTE Hints?

By Alan Ng - Sep 17, 2010

While Verizon has just dropped a bombshell with their ‘no Windows Phone 7 devices until 2011‘ announcement, we do have some exciting news for Verizon customers now, especially if you like the look of the recently announced HTC Desire HD handset.

BGR is reporting that Verizon Wireless may release their own version of the HTC Desire HD, especially since an image of an unannounced HTC device looks exactly like the HTC Desire HD for the EU market.

They state that this device may end up being the ‘World Edition’ of the Desire HD, and if that is right, then Verizon will be more than likely to take it on board.

Furthermore, they even claim that if this handset does make it’s way to Verizon, it will also come with support for the carrier’s 4G LTE network speeds, which obviously would be a pretty big deal for consumers in the US.

Take a look at the image below and let us know what you think about this.

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  • connor

    its called the htc thunderbolt comes out tommorow on st pattys day

  • samual007

    Got a new one on and the charge cradle

  • lheyralston


  • lutra

    I NEED THIS PHONE BEFORE DECEMBER! Can you hear me now, Verizon?!!!!

  • juan diaz

    this would definitely be my next phone sorry droid x

  • Tom Hyatt

    Who really cares if Verizon doesn't release a windows phone. Bill Gates figures out how to control and charge you for everything. I would stay away from a phone if it has windows on it.

  • Hellodroid

    Good news, I’ve been waiting for more info or just discussions being brought up about this phone, ever since bgr leaked it, definitely holding onto my free upgrade for this phone

  • chris

    If VW can make this a CDMA and LTE phone, then it will be my next purchase.

  • this would definitely be my next phone.