Halo Reach Problems: Freezing and Disc Errors on Old Xbox 360?

By Alan Ng - Sep 17, 2010

We have some worrying details to bring you now, as it has been reported that the recently released Halo Reach title is causing serious problems for the owners of old Xbox 360 models.

That is according to this article from GameStooge, who state that users are complaining of freezing and game disc error messages on their consoles. Specifically, users are getting a ‘cannot read disc’ error, whilst others have been greeted with a ‘blank black screen’ after installing Halo Reach to their hard drive.

Thankfully, this doesn’t appear to be affecting new consoles, as the old 20GB Xbox 360 Pro model has been specifically mentioned. Still though, any freezing is bad enough, no matter what console you are running the game on.

If the news is confirmed, it puts a bit of a dampener on what is otherwise an amazing game – the recent glowing reviews and day one sales figures reflects this.

Hopefully we’ll hear from Microsoft about this and then we can let you know. The problem might be fixed up with a simple Xbox 360 dashboard update.

Can any of you confirm these problems? If so, please list your Xbox 360 model and storage capacity below. On a side note, check out a full list of ranks here, and data pad locations here.

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  • unworthyking95

    I can play maybe 1 mission on my 360, until it stops and says disc is unreadable. somebody should fix this

  • Efectum_musicae

    I have the old elite 360 ver and now with the last update my Xbox wontttt read halo reach. Well it does read it but when I enter matchmaking a message pops out saying I need to clean the disk or resatrt the consolee.

  • yeah, i cant load certain maps, worked fine until i start playing it constantly, wonder if downloading from game on demand to hard drive will fix this problem… granted thats 60$ to do so ugh…

  • lucas

    this doesnt happend with any of the consoles, i work for xbox customer support and the only way that the consoel will scratch or not read the game is when u move the console while is opperating with the game inside, if you were able to play the game before and after an xbox live update you get an error message that means that your console has a different kind of software and your warranty is voided

  • Drake

    I have the 2010 limited Edition Halo: Reach Xbox 250GB hard drive Ill turn off the console and ill turn it on then the console will say open tray, or disc is un-readable and also the laser gets stuck a lot of the time, I have to have a micrale to play a game.

  • Greg

    im from England and i got halo reach for christmas and havent been able to play it. it loads fine the the main menu but once i go to start a solo campagne it turns to a black screen, after a while a message reads "disc is unreadable" yet online its fine. my xbox is from 2007 pro with 10 gb (i think) and it has has the RRoD twice but since last yeah it has been fine no other game i have played has had this o
    problem, itty really cause i have never played a halo game before and now it looks like before i can i must buy a new xbox!

  • john doe

    60gb normal xbox 360 with HDD hard drive. disk read once but after turning off the console reads as "open tray".

  • My xbox is a 2006 or 2007 model. it all started about two weeks after i bought halo reach when it started freezing up so i called microsoft and they said download it to your harddrive. I did that and it seemed to work fine for about a week or two. then it started freezing up again. so then i went to where i bought it and said i want to trade it in for another halo reach. When i got home and tried to play it still freezes. How does all my other games work but not halo…very very frustrating…maybe ill just get a new xbox

  • Alex

    Every time I try to play the campaign, on any mission, it takes noticeably longer to load, when it does, and I try to play it, the 'Unable to read disc' window opens up, this also happens when I try to play matchmaking co-op campaign. I probably wouldn't mind as much, since I already have all the campaign achievements, but there's this weekly challenge for beating nine campaign missions on Heroic, but since nothing involving campaign works, I can't do it.

  • JOE

    i have a x box 360 60GB and i am getting the same error reading can not read disk.
    Took the game back and got another one and it still did the same thing so i got another one and tryed again it did the same thing so i gave up and got my money back guest i will try to wait for the next version.

  • Ryan

    I have a Premium console from the first release of the 360. At a few moments through the campaign, I hit some jerky slowdowns, but no freezing. I'm playing through on legendary (solo) now, and the game froze just as I was entering the last half of a mission. Went back to check if the save file was up-to-date, and it wasn't. The last save was not recognized. Not only that, but the save file itself must have been corrupted because the game would not allow me to restart from checkpoint. I don't think I want to risk putting another 40-50 min. into a mission only to have it freeze. Legendary is hard enough as it is; we're fighting stupid AI and impossibly hard enemies with little to no ammo. To have your accomplishments washed down the drain because the damn game cannot run properly on old consoles is even worse. I think I'm through with campaign for a while.

  • Jason B. A.

    I have this problem with my 250 GB SLIM model!
    i installed it into my hard drive, it was working fine first until today: 2/3 of the missions have a picture and 1/3 don't, if i select a mission which has a picture, it loads to 100%, but when i start, it says "unable to read disk" and when i select a mission that DOESN'T have a picture, it doesn't load at all and the game its self says "Loading Failure".
    My XBOX is a 250 GB Slim Model!

  • ivo van essen

    Same problem.. just freezes, I have the new 360.. 250 gb

  • Don

    I have a 360 Pro (60GB) that is not even two years old and I my xbox won't even read the Halo Reach disc. Sometimes it says it's a dvd and plays but just shows the startup screen and doesn't do anything else.

  • Alex

    Mine will play for a couple minutes, then just freeze without a warning. i have to turn the 360 off and then back on to play again. then it freezes again.

  • neurochique

    120GB elite – worked for a while – about 6 hours, now it either freezes during the intro video or comes up with a 'disk cannot be read' error.

  • James Collopy

    I have an old 360 and haven’t updated it in about two years. Upon viewing the opening cinematic, a message told me that the xbox couldn’t read the disc, the game that I had just bought for full retail price. I got past it through the level selection, but now I am in the final battle sequence when Emile is on the cannon, but every five minutes the game freezes entirely. I have yet to see the ending. A disappointing failure of an otherwise flawless game.

  • C and C

    Ok so my fiance and I had gone through 3 Halo reach diss and it wold always come out wiht a disc read error at the begining of the New Alexandria and after reading online for along time and talking to Xbox, on our own we decided to delete the install game and now it works just fine…..reading from the disc not the drive is giving us NO problems now 😀

  • ledhed

    I have the Xbox 360 Elite w/ 120G drive. I get the "unable to read disc" error also.

    I found that if the hard drive is physically removed from the console the game plays fine.
    If you're having this problem then remove your hard drive and try playing the game directly from the game disc. If the error goes away then contact M$ for a replacement. If you still get the error then you probably have a defective game disc and you can exchange it.

    PS. It doesn't matter if the game is installed to the drive, if the drive is physically attached, then you will get the error. I removed the hard drive and installed the game to a USB drive and it played just fine from the USB device (when the hard drive is physically detached).

    Good Luck.


    • looking for help

      What if you do not know how to do these things that you are suggesting?

  • Andy

    Yes i was on a 360 pro with 20 gb it work for a month then gave me unreadable i upgrade systems because of open tray error to 360 slim 250gb replace reach and same thing will not read or says play dvd can we say class action law suit on bungie

  • Adam

    i have the new xbox 360 slim 250 gb and it froze on me then i restarted the console and started up reach and it froze again then it said i havent beaten campaign which i have i dont know what is happening this is happening a lot recently with most of my games

  • Darren

    DAMN! just got mine today and it dont work, then i read your guy’s comments and get even more bad news. Thinks alot microsoft and bungie(F*CKER$)

  • Paul

    It seems that Halo Reach is messing with our HD because i have the same problem but it extends to any other game i play for an extended period of time or that has a huge amount of data to process. . .

  • REEPERxx

    I am seriously &%$#@&….. for some of us its not so easy to go buy a new 360. Like most of you I also have the original 20gb 360, and like most of you I am having the same issues, disc unreadable, the game freezes, blah blah blah…. So what does xbox say when you call them…. "sorry sir, we dont know."
    Heres what I think…. Xbox needed to boost their sales for the new consoles they have on the market, they cant do this when most people still have and are very content with the original 20GB system. How do they do this??? By putting a game out (that everyone will buy) which makes the origianl system obsolete. How obvious does it have to be….. how about next time.. bend me over first…

  • Xbox 360 pro

    Mine worked for awhile but after a week of it freezing none stop everytime i look in the armory it finaly said everytime i try to load it that it cants read the disk of it comes up as a mixed media disk.AND THEIRS NOT A SCRATCH ON THE DISK!

    • David

      I also have original xbox 360 with unreadable disc message swapped it out with retail another disc and tried a friends copy same problem call Microsoft xbox support and now they are sending another replacement disc, seriously what morons

  • master chief

    when i play halo reach im still in the first level and i got halo reach yestaerday and my xbox is so fucking stupid when i play the game the screen turns black and when i look at my xbox it has 2 red rings flashing…………help! please!

  • burns

    I have an xbox 360 elite and it worked perfectly fine. i turned my xbox off to go to work and when i came back 3 hours later it said it cant read halo reach or any of my other games. if any of you have an answer please email me at burnsboy53@aim.com

  • Joikale

    Time to move to PS3, shitty box…

  • BrakAtak

    origional pro 20 gig white 360. Have never played it heavy and faithful fan of Halo. Purchased reach and made it to the final level single player and kaboom screen freezes, and everything is now screwed up. I know it was the update that did this, now I can't even load past the main screen, this sux!!!!! What is microsofts official response? Anyone have anything formal from them?

  • microsoft doing this for us to buy the new xbox 360 cuz they are greedy as fuck for some reason all the incoming games might not work to some xbox 360 like the old ones, halo reach is not the only game also madden 11 it always freezes!!

  • Dave

    I have the 20 GB "go pro" version from march 2008. As soon as I loaded in reach, my system froze and I can not get it restored. I contacted Microsoft and they want $100 to repair it. Seems kind of like a scam since it was there game that crashed it. Not sure what I am going to do at this point.

  • S Randall

    I have an original 360 (white, 20GB). For three nights in a row it has come up with “disc unreadable – please wipe with soft cloth” type message at the same point in the game (campaign levels, after the cut scene in the level where you fly the helicopter arounf the skyscrapers). Really really annoying. I lost two hours of game play, three times, until i realised i have to save and quit after EVERY checkpoint!

  • unkown

    well i guess i got lucky as hell. i went out and bought the new 4gb slim and reach i havnt even had a problem yet. but since reach is the only game i have im not sure if this problem is because of the game or the chat system. ive had my 360 freeze when im in a party chat and i need to restart the console. or me and all my friends will get kicked out of the party chat.

  • Greg

    I have a Older 360 Arcade and just after random games i get the can't read disk error and it sends me back to the dashboard …. I have installed the game on my hard drive i also get players have not loaded game…. and i have the freezes in campaign… I have the 10 gig HD too… It's all becoming very frustrating.. play one game everyone has to back out and pick you back up… then you play 10 games and nothing smooth as silk then it will happen in three games in a row…. I am really digging this game… but these freezes are getting old….

  • blah blah

    The recipt they give you with your game purchase on the back theres a warranty and its false advertisement. Says you can exchage your game for a new one of the same game within 30 days. Its a scam. They have there own warranty booklet in the back that voids that out but they dont tell you. You have to purchase a $3 warranty at the store to cover your game. They didnt tell me that the first time and when i went to take it back. They said they couldnt exchange my game because the warranty on the back of the recipt is wrong. I told them to give me another copy or i was gonna take my recipt up to a lawyer and sew. He got scared and gave me a new copy and gave me $3 warranty that covers the game. Someone please sew gamestop. I had the chance but the guy worked with me. I guess he didnt wanna lose his job too lol.

  • Blah Blah

    I just bought the new Black gloss xbox 360 Slim with 250GB about 7 weeks ago. I purchased Halo Reach once it came out. Ive been through 4 Disc of halo Reach and now this ones messin up as the other 3 did. Freezing in the middle of a game. Reading disc Errors and the black screen sometimes when you put the disc in the xbox. Its not just the old xbox its the brand new xbox 360 slim that just came out. I see that the artical up top says its just the old xboxs. Well its not. Its the new ones too. About to take this 4th halo reach disc back tommorow. Also if gamestop says there not responsible for it and you have to contact microsoft. Thats a bunch of BS. You bought the game from them so they are liable for the games they sell. Contact a lawyer and sew. Its a win win situation. When you buy a car lets say from FORD and you take it back because the engine blew up in a week and you have a 30 day warranty on it. They dont tell you its not there responsibility and you yourself have to contact the actually place that built the truck to get your money back DO They nooooooo. Because FORD knows they can get sewed very easyly. If they did that.

  • Josh

    Halo:Reach limited edition console 2010. -_- Dics read errors started on Halo reach and are now starting to happen on other games both Arcade and Discs. -_- Games are freezing without and response frequently every 20-40 mins or so. Cant play anything!!! Help!

  • brgulker

    I can confirm. After installing to my hard drive, when I launch the game from the dashboard, I get nothing but a black screen. Can't use the dashboard button on the controller, have to unplug and plug back in.

  • Steve

    I have an old xbox pro 20gb and had no issues until i tried connecting with a friend on xbox live to play coop campaign. It kept freezing up. No issues that I know of just playing in solo campaign.

  • Nick

    I have the original Xbox 360 it takes about 20 tries and I can get it but only play one game or forge or campaign. Anything else kicks you to the dashboard with a disc unreadable error.

  • Nick

    Okay, I don't know what year my 360 is, but I did send it in after it got the RROD and a new engine was installed (I still have the original 20GB HDD). I have the most common problem it seems, after playing for a while, sound cuts out and it freezes and then when I turn it off and on again, it freezes at the game intro video. I have found the taking the Hard Drive out and leaving it out for around 3 hours or more (usually I just do it overnight), I can actually play for a couple of hours or more when I put it back in and launch Reach. But alas, after that period of a couple of hours or so, the sound cuts out and it freezes again, so while I have playing time, I repeatedly save the game so I don't lose progress. If you are unfortunate enough to not have the money to repair your console or get a new one, use this method. At least you get some game time ;D

  • Jade

    I have an XBOX 360, 60GB that I purchased 2 years ago… I'm having problems with matchmaking games loading very slow or not at all.. The "big black screen", and campaign failing to load as well. Glad it's not just me… The first night I got the game it worked fine… The past 3 nights have been a pain… I keep trying with no luck to make it work. Thought it was just my internet connection. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

  • Dan

    Yeah, I have a console that I bought in the Fall of 2007. My console is a 20GB Hard Drive Pro. It freezes every time I play Reach. Even after I installed the game to my hard drive it continues to freeze. Microsoft support is acting like nothing major is happening but it's a known issue. It's kind of a cover up. Don't buy Halo: Reach if you have an older system until they fix the issue.

  • Ike

    I have the older 20gb 360 and Halo Reach caused my system to red ring! It's now having problems starting up and works occasionally. Screw Reach – I'll just wait until they come out with a patch. I wont let them force me to update!!

  • cynder

    I Have a 2009 arcade and bought a 250 gig to use with it when they were released. I Have no option to save in campaign, if i quit i have to start over from scratch, there are auto saves and loads going on during gameplay when i hit the start button my only options are:
    revert to last save
    restart mission
    end game
    besides the:
    audio video

  • Dan

    I am using the Elite 360 Modern Warfare 2 Special Edition xbox with a 250GB HD. It's caused me to crash out the xbox several times, it says disc read error after finally loading maps after 5 minutes of waiting to play a single level, and it screws up my dashboard and signs random profiles in and out randomly. i can't save any data for it and nothing works.

    Oddly enough, when I stick any other game in, it reverts back to normal. I don't know why it's happening but it sure is pissing me off.

  • william

    same things been happenin to me im halfway through the campaign and of course it wont load up not even attemp to im usin my xbox 360 pro i got 6 months ago.

  • Adam

    I have a 20 gb 360 and have the same problems. I can only play the campaign for a short time before it freezes and I am unable to continue.

  • Bubba Z

    I have an older Arcade unit with a 120 GB hard drive. I kept getting a black screen and disk read errors. Also, I was getting game errors when I was playing campaign with friends. I took the game back to Toys'R'Us and got a replacement yesterday. So far the black screen/disk read errors haven't happened again, but I am still having difficulty with the campaign errors. Note: I can't get the "make them beg" achievement. I have done it a million times, but no dice. I have heard that other people had trouble getting it too.

  • D3CIDE

    I managed to play through the whole campaign no problems, Then a few levels multi-player campaign. Then sessioned hard online, that works fine and still seems to be running smoothly but hey presto the campaign is not available. So from what every1 is saying were f****d. Is their actually anypoint in buying a newer x-box if the same shit is gna happen. RETARED!

  • Doc

    Mine is a Halo edition Xbox with Halo edition hard drive. It locks up right where the game starts. About the time its showing the asteroid field. Blank screen of death. Tried loading the game on the hard drive. It seemed to work until about an hour into the campaign, then it locked up again. Microsoft support is just about useless.

  • Vdiggz

    Yup….older 360 model about 2006….and it freezes left and right on anything other than rumblepit or small team slayer. Any big maps or when there is intense action all around will cause it to freeze. Definitely some type of video memory lockup

  • alex

    whenever i start up reach i start to play a game and if i go to shoot someone or crash a vehicle my xbox shuts off…wtf? this needs to be fixed now and i use the 60 gb pro xbox

  • Adam

    I have a fairly old 360 (4 years) and for me it just freezes randomly, which is annoying. after turning my 360 of and on i checked what it had stored on my HD (which i got in the first week of launch), and found it had put an unknown game/ corrupted file on there. I deleted that and now is fine for about 8 hours until it happens again. Hope it helps.

  • John

    i have the newer arcade that i purchase in may of this year and a 20gb hdd from December 2008. In campaign mode i am in the opening cut scene and the video freezes. happens time and time again

    : ((((

  • my 360 keeps freezeing it is the halo 3 edition of the 360 i will be able to play the game for about 10 mins then it freezes then my start up screen will freeze when i try turning my 360 back on. this is compelet B.S. i did not pay 60$ for a game i cannot play.

  • enrique

    when i start the campain it says disc unreadable

  • AM03

    I have the old Xbox 360 with the 20GB hard drive. Got Halo: Reach and it freezes right at the end of the intro video. Tried everything, then took out the hard drive and it didn't freeze at all. I cleared system cache and it still froze. The game does not freeze only when my hard drive is disconnected. The hard drive works perfectly fine except with this game. So as JD Currie mentioned it must be an issue with Reach and the old hard drives.

  • DC

    I have an arcade with my previous launch 360 20gb hard drive on it (following the death of my 2 time fixed original one), and I’m moments away from just getting a refund.

    Picked up a copy on release day, completely unplayable – constant freezing, audio cutting out and the sound effects not loading up. Utter crap. Took the copy back, got a new one and it seemed ok, 1 day later now it’s doing the same thing.

    Totally ruining the game, I have to log out and log back in each time a new level loads in the hope it will work for 5 mins. Pure rubbish.

  • Help

    My disc cannot even get on Halo:Reach, Now I know not to play any bungie made games ever because they don't give a shit If our games are working or not, I'm tired of them scamming us only for our money, if Anyone can find a soultion help me, But otherwise, Fuck you Bungie.

    • Quistybetter

      I really ****ing agree, Got my Xbox360 on realease with 20 gb harddisk… Got it repaired once with RROD (well, at least they repaired that..>) and now this shit with halo reach?

      I refuse to pay for a freaking xbox360 repair, so I can play a xbox360 game on a xbox360…

      Why not released halo: reach for Almost all newest xboxes instead of xbox360 ecxlusive?

      I hate this, and I hope they fix it, or it'll be the last halo game bought by me; ever… period!

  • Shezza24

    Yea my xbox 360 is the very original and after every cut scene it says cannot read disk. I managed to finally make it to the level Exodus when my halo said i didnt have the content. I mean , Come On!

    • Pro9

      same here i skipped the cutscene n poof the beep of 'death'

  • My friend pre-ordered H-R for me on the week before it released. I live in Georgia and she lives In California! So she fedex me it just yesterday… So I got it today at 12:00pm (our time). Open it up, and pop it into my xbox. Well… I started the solo-campaghn (bad speller XD), I watch the starting the video, after it’s over… It plays it again without sound- then again- then freezes. So I open the tray and look at the disk, scratches all over!!!!! “Now how the bloody hell did this happen!?!?” I said. So today I walked down to the mall by my house to get a new one. So I get home and it does the same thing! But this time I can only get on forge…

    My xbox is a older 06 version, and i’m really sick of this crap! Ok you people at MS need to get your ass’s in gear, we people spend Money some of us don’t even freaking have!!! Now, I know we have the technology to make gaming a better thing for the world, but… Why do we make gaming systems that only messes up on the good people of the world?

  • JD Currie

    I have an older 360pro with the 20gb hard drive. I have the original hard drive, but received a refurb approximately 8 months ago after being RRODd. I called XBOX support with the issue and attempted every solution they had, of which none worked. They are stating that I have a defective hard drive, but I have never (in the three years I have owned the hard drive) had a single issue prior to now. It would appear as though the issue is compatibility between the Reach game and older hard drives.

  • Casey

    Im stuck on the mission exodus, right after the cut scene, I get a cannot read disk. I have the 20 gb and I dont know what to do now

  • cameron

    First gen 360 and I cannot play more than 30 minutes of of campaign before it freezes. Not to mention many glitches and geometry problems with character models. AI gets caught up unresponsive, weird spike like triangles come out of Spartan and Elite models, webbing amongst Jackels, its ugly.

  • MorningStar 309

    it's happening on my Halo reach console that i just got 3 days ago…. it mostly happens when i play campaign but happens other times as well, i just want it too work i spent 550 dollars on halo reach!

  • MorningStar 309

    I have the new reach console and i'm having the same problems, after i took out my hard drive it seemed to work fine but i cant save anything? so i called xbox and they said they would replace my hard drive but im not even sure if that's the problem, i dont know im just pissed i spent 550 dollars on halo and im already having issues with it….

  • Juuso Kuusisto

    Same here I thought I was the only one I have 2007 version of 360pro with 20gb

  • Mark Samways

    I got the new 250GB Xbox 360 S and im still having the same problem. If i install to hard drive it comes up saving "Please download again". I've called up xbox and they said they cant do anything to help and hung up on me so hopefully an update is available in the next few days =/

  • Jake Ried

    On my 4th console. Current is refurbished 20Gb after last console RROD'd on me last year. Had disc read errors after third mission of campaign replaced disc and same thing happened. Tried clearing memory cache and was able to then continue with campaign until mission 7 and then same thing. 8 player Matchmaking was working fine but 16 player caused DRE again.

    Extremely upset but still feel fortunate to have played at least SOME. I feel for those who have had even worse issues. Like those who purchased a brand new Halo:Reach console and still can't play! Seriously!?!

  • Mister Ch33f

    I recently recieved the game yesterday in the mail… played it for about 6 hours straight with no problems, and I am running on a towel tricked launch model!!

    It RRODed about 6 months ago and it was deemed irrepairable. So I towel tricked it. I only towel tricked once and that was over 6 months ago! so 6 months running on one towel trick!

    Honestly, if my console can survive through that, I think it can survive through reach! (I pray)

  • David

    I am getting random 3 seconds long freezes when loading new evironment, and one time it frozen completely at the end of first mission – I was able to finish it after restart but needed to start from last save (not checkpoint). Second pass was without freezes.

    20gb Pro model, one time replaced or repaired after RROD

  • marhorn

    My ORIGINAL Xbox 360 worked for a while (then started disc read errors) but it was a sub par Halo Reach experience! I got a shot of my mates elite for now and finished campaign (epic!) and im gonna buy an elite without hard drive tonight!

  • DeLiRiuM

    Im using the limited edition reach console and it is doing it also, only it seems using Reach has knached the entire console its just not when using reach, i downloaded the fifa 11 demo and it starts doing it at half time when its loading or when i go into instant replay it starts doing it.

  • I have an Xbox 360 arcade and a 20gb Hard drive. I am currently stuck on the mission Exodus. I can finish the game but as soon as I get an achievement, my Account is wiped and i revert to a guest. When i turn the Xbox off and back on again, it says I still haven't beaten Exodus. It does this whenever i get an achievement. Very upsetting. If anyone can help please let me know

  • Dan

    I found this article after searching to see if anyone else has had problems. I'm in the UK im using my 20gb hard drive which i received on the day of the 360 launch. I purchased my copy of reach last night and after about 2 hours of playing the solo campaign i got the unable to read disc msg and lost all my progress. now this morning when i come to play i just get the loading screen with all the flashing shapes and the game wont start.

    • Bullet

      i have the same problem but i only got as far as the 1st cut scene before it died 🙁

      • eric


        • will

          same issues here too, except I'm in the States

        • enrique

          i had the same problem

    • matt

      yea i got that also. i can only stay on for like five minutes then it just goes to a green or gray screen. or will just kick me out

  • My reach copy is only working on my father's Elite 360, while on the normal 360, mine, it does not work. Mine keeps saying "Players failed to load content"

    • jdog

      mine does the exact smae thing i can do everything but play campaign

  • I haven't had problems – am using a second 360 bought in 2008 with some of the new chips. But I don't think it'll be a serious problem. You're talking about a microscopic percentage of 360 users – how many first year 360's didn't red ring?