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Halo: Reach: List of Armor Effects (Death Effects & Living Effects)

If you have been playing Halo: Reach this week you are probably probably buying armor with all of your hard-earned credits, however if you save some credits you can instead buy death effects and living effects.

Death effects occur when a player is killed, at the moment there are only two to unlock, these are Birthday Party and Heart Attack. The Birthday Party effect costs 200,000 credits and results in a joyful noise and confetti showing when you die.

The Heart Attack death effect costs 300,000 credits and shows flying hearts around the body of your player when you die.

Living Effects swirl around and follow your player, there are only two to aim for if you brought the standard version of the game, these are Pestilence and Inclement Weather.

Pestilence costs a whopping 1,000,000 credits, this effect shows clouds which swirl around the player. Inclement Weather is even more expensive at 2,000,000 credits, this effect shows electricity around the players head.

One other living streak is available if you brought the legendary version of Halo: Reach, this effect shows a flame which burns around the player’s head, this resembles Bungie Armor.

If you see Blue Flames above a player’s head don’t get too excited, this is restricted to Bungie employees, and as far as we can see it will never be available to others.

Which effect are you saving your Halo: Reach credits for?

Source: HaloWikia



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