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Halo Reach: Data Pad Locations – Video Guide on Xbox 360

Following on from our article which informed you about the list of Halo Reach ranks in order, we now have another useful guide for you to check out, this one details all of the data pad locations in the game.

Unlike Halo 3 ODST, there are no hidden Skulls to find in the game, as these have already been put into the game by Bungie. However, the Skulls have been replaced by Data Pads, and there are 19 scattered across planet Halo Reach.

Luckily for you, the good guys over at HaloReachPlanet have not only detailed a location and contents of each Data Pad, but they have also included a video guide in case you can’t find it by reading the written description.

If you have already finished campaign mode and are looking for an extra quest aside from multiplayer mode, then finding all 19 data pads should certainly keep you busy.


  • matt

    what do you get when you get them all?


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