Halo $200m: Reach Beats Avatar Sales

By Alan Ng - Sep 17, 2010

A few days ago we mentioned that Microsoft broke a record when they managed to generate $200 million for day one sales of Halo Reach on the Xbox 360. Well, we can now confirm that the game has smashed one day figures by blockbuster movie Avatar as well.

As reported from FastCompany, Metacritic has given Halo Reach an aggregate score of 93 percent, which you won’t need us to tell you that, 93% is a pretty high score from Metacritic.

For a game which has been in development for some five years, it goes to show that patience really does show off, and Bungie look to have created the best game in the Halo franchise ever.

As we told you previously, the game managed $200m on first day sales alone. If you put that figure into perspective, 3D hit Avatar ‘only’ managed to shift around $27m, while Toy Story 3 made $41 million in one day. Then you have critics who say Halo is just a ‘game’ – we’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that.

Are you having fun playing through campaign/multiplayer at the moment? We have some details on the list of ranks in the game, and also a guide which locates all of the hidden Data Pads here.

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  • dafhe

    MW2 sell only $7 million the first day
    now, which game sells more

  • O_O

    I want to work in Bungie xD

  • fmcfm

    It's "Bungie looks," not "Bungie look." A group of people is a singular thing. Two or more group would call for the plural, as for example, "the companies look."

    Don't you have editors who studied grammar?

  • becuzwiiblows…

    omg it beat avatar, so? Avatar wasnt charging 55 bucks for admission either… BAD comparison.

    The Halo series have only gotten better with each iteration. The only issues i have had is my older 360 freezes up when I play HR. Good thing my flatmate has a newer elite model.

    • do the math, say halo sold all of its one day copies for $60. (which most people actually got for 55) it sold 3.3 million copies. and say Avatars ticket price was averaged at $10 (but most people saw it in 3D for $12). it sold 2.7 million tickets. GOOD comparison, you just gotta think…

  • cas

    what you sayin like, you sayin halo is not a good game..