Facebook Plant: RIP

By Gary Johnson - Sep 17, 2010

A Facebook plant in Australia called “Meet Eater” was killed by the kindness Facebook fans showed it.

Kate James of Gather.com is reporting that when Facebook users became a fan of the plant and share wall posts, the plant was watered. The plant in question was part of state library in Queensland which learns the emotions of using social networking media. The idea was to see if Facebook users would care enough to keep the plant alive.

It seems the answer was yes as the plant had more than 5,000 fans from around the world. The plants fans loved Meet Eater so much it got over watered and has died two times. There is a third incarnation of the Meet Eater plant for Facebook fans available, and they can even watch live footage of it growing. Luckily this latest plant is a more tolerant species to over watering.

The research has shown relationships can be built over the web, but some needs the Internet cannot meet.

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