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Tokyo Game Show (TGS): Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Vietnam Gameplay

After waiting and waiting since E3 2010, EA and DICE have finally given us a taste of some solid gameplay action for their first multiplayer expansion pack to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, titled Vietnam.

As reported from VG247, DICE Product Manager Kevin O’Leary unveiled the gameplay footage of Vietnam during Tokyo Game Show – which is still ongoing as we speak.

The basic core of Vietnam will consist of the same multiplayer modes but in an old school vietnam setting, with new environments, weapons and character skins. You’ll also get new armor to play around with, and the ability to use new vehicles from the Vietnam era.

Judging from the demo shown at TGS, the gameplay is the same experience from the standard game, but with lots of new character customization to make it feel and look different to the gamer. The level shown during the demo was called Phu Bai Valley and will be one of four included maps in the Vietnam pack.

All in all, it looks pretty solid, but the important thing here is the price point I feel. Check out the gameplay video below and let us know your first impressions of Vietnam.



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