Sony’s New Flexible E-Paper Display: Competes with LG, HP, Toshiba

By Gary Johnson - Sep 16, 2010

Each year Sony holds a special Dealer Convention in Japan showcasing new products, and giving the first look at things that are coming. This year the event was held in Shinagawa and sometimes the company shows off prototypes, and this time they showed off an E-paper device.

The small exhibit could one day be part of any Sony Reader devices. This is the first time any such product has been seen from Sony. Normally E-paper uses glass substrate which is prone to breakage and heavy. The Sony concept uses plastic substrate that can be bent and it is much lighter, and is more difficult to damage even if it is dropped.

The substance can even be rolled up like normal paper. So far Sony have not said when this new technology will be seen in any Reader devices, but looking at what’s on show so far it can’t be any longer than two years. Just imagine some of the exciting new products this technology could be seen in.

Source: Sony Insider.

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