Sony PSP 2: Game Developers Have PSP2 Hardware

By Gary Johnson - Sep 16, 2010

All has been quiet of late concerning Sony’s next generation handheld games console the PSP2. But today we have what could be some interesting news about the next PSP.

M.H. Williams of Industry Gamers is reporting that in a PAX 2010 interview about the upcoming Mortal Kombat remake, Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick let some information slip about the new handheld console. A PSP2 development unit is in residence at the Netherrealm Studios.

He was asked about the chances of a version of Mortal Kombat making it to the current PSP or the upcoming 3DS. “We’re not launching day one on all consoles like that. We are looking at them; we have a PSP2 in the house and we’re looking at the engine, like what can it support. Always a big thing for us is the performance,” He replied.

He went on to add “PSP2 looks like it’s a pretty powerful machine.” Sony has so far not released any information on a new PSP, and rumors are pointing to a 2011 release.

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