Sony PS3: List of 3D Games Updated at Tokyo Game Show

By Alan Ng - Sep 16, 2010

Sony used the Tokyo Game Show to update their list of supported 3D games for the PS3, and if you already have a 3D TV or planning to get one, you’re going to be pretty excited on what you can play next year.

Some of the 3D games that were shown at TGS we already knew about, like Gran Turismo 5 for example, but there were plenty of new titles that were announced with 3D support.

These include Final Fantasy XIV due out in March, Everybody’s Golf 5, Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories and the next title in the Metal Gear franchise, titled Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

If that wasn’t enough, Sony also confirmed that ICO and Shadow of the Collossus will have support for 3D and then they saved their big gun until last – 3D support for the highly anticipated Last Guardian game, due out Christmas time next year.

If you can afford a 3D set, then that list is surely something to get excited about. Don’t forget you’ll also be able to play Killzone 3 and Mortal Kombat 9 in 3D as well.

Sony are really going for it, aren’t they? Let us know your thoughts on this. If you’ve seen a 3D title which we don’t know about, let us know below and we’ll add it to the list.

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  • mohamelpene

    holy shit 2.5d is the best

  • roman

    hey, what's up?
    I think that infinity ward is gonna to do Modern Warfare 3, right?
    Well I'd like to know if it will have 3d mode, like Black ops.
    answer by emailing me please:

  • KHR63

    ive just got a 3D tv and OMGGGGGGG 3D is so under rated it was freakin amazing!!!!

  • dustyearlode

    Hi i belive tron is going to be 3d also