PS3’s MAG 2.0 Update: Download On Way

By Gary Johnson - Sep 16, 2010

We have some news today that will be great for MAG fans, Zipper Interactive have announced that their next update is less than a month away.

Jeremy Dunham of The Official MAG Blog is reporting that the update MAG 2.0 is the biggest and most important patch so far. The retail version of the game will benefit from the many gamers spending hours playing the MAG Beta program. All the feedback and suggestions have been taken onboard.

MAG 2.0 has had a vast number of new features added; these include PlayStation Move support, an increased level cap that goes to level 70, and a new in-game economy which lets you earn credits for weapons and items from the new Supply Depot. Another new feature is the MAG News page which will bring gamers up to date with all the news as soon as they log on, and much more.

More details of other new features have been promised nearer to the release date.

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