New Nikon D7000 vs. Canon 60D and Olympus E-3

By Gary Johnson - Sep 16, 2010

Following the news of Nikon’s new midrange DSLR the D7000, the new camera finds itself coming up against Canon’s recent new addition the EOS 60D. It also comes up against the Olympus E-3 since it has been superseded by the E-5.

Janice Chen of Zdnet is reporting that although all three cameras are priced reasonably close together the Nikon D7000 easily beats the three year old E-3, and also gives the 60D a run for its money. The new Nikon can’t match the 60D for video recording, but offers manual exposure control and continuous autofocus while shooting video.

The body of the D7000 is compact but a sturdy design, and is also like the E-3 in being dustproof and splash proof. The Nikon also has slots for two memory cards, where SD/SDHC/SDXC can be used. The Canon has the nice articulating LCD offering more flexibility when framing shots, but the Nikons optical viewfinder is superior to the 60D offering.

Use the link for the full review.

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  • Rudeboy

    Learn better manners Dwight

  • python

    D7000 really nice camera to have. I dont know if I'm going need to upgrade from my current D5000. here are some pictures I took with my D5000.

    • Peter

      Nice pictures. I'm excited newcomer and owner of D5000 as well 🙂

      • python

        thank you Peter. If you realised, Nikon D5000 has a slightly dark picture when compared to D90 even in the same settings. You might have to do some color correction to make it better.

  • lrid

    personally I think video should stick to video and still to still better they put extra tec to the still and vice versa why have an dslr if you want to video its just a gimmic but the d7000 looks an excellent bit of kit for the price.

  • Dennis hernandez

    The Nikon D7000 is an insane upgrade!! Not everyone can afford FX models and certainly there is fairly decent price gap between D90 and D300s. This upgrade is a definite welcome addition. I love my D90 but… I've been waiting for a camera that is weather proof, with dual SD slots (not SD and CF), 16 mega pixel ( not 12), video recording with auto focus and more importantly a mic connection!! Now I can take great photos as well conduct interview in HD with decent sound! price is a definite bonus for us dedicated to DX format cameras

    • Nur Amanda

      What kind of DSLR are you having now attached with video recording auto focus and a mic connection. What kind of DSLR that also weather proof. A please reply will be appreciate.

      • dwight

        Learn better English, 'Nur'.

      • python

        The cheapest might be D3100. (with autofocus while recording). I'm not sure about the mic connection though.