Mercedes Reveal All Electric A-Class

To add to Mercedes current all-electric family comes the introduction of the A-Class E-Cell. It will be the third in the range supported by the Smart and the B-Class F-Cell. Although not meant for large numbers of production, the E-Cell will take the majority of it’s design from the current A-Class.

Obviously using a current model as a base car, Mercedes were able to save on the massive development costs of such a vehicle. With an initial production set for 500 units, these E-cells will be packed off for leasing across the Netherlands, France and of course Germany.

Power comes from two lithium ion batteries that in turn power the electric motor to 95 hp and a respectable 290 Nm of torque. With figures like that the E-Cell can reach 60 km/hr in just 5.5 seconds and top 150 km/hr, pretty impressive for an electric car. With a range of 200 km and normal car performance, styling and refinements, is this the step forward in electric transportation that will make us all consider taking the plunge.

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