Marvel Vs Capcom 3: X-23 Added to Character List – Surprised?

By Alan Ng - Sep 16, 2010

Just as promised, Capcom unveiled a few more characters to the growing lineup for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 – due out on Xbox 360 and PS3 next year. One of the characters revealed was Marvel’s X-23, a female character which you may not know too much about.

So who is she you ask? Well Laura Kinney Aka X-23 is a product of Weapon X, just like Wolverine and Deadpool. X-23 has adamantium claws like Wolverine, but has two blades, instead of Wolverine’s three. She is also thought to have faster Healing Factor than Wolverine, and has claws on her feet too.

We were surprised as you were when Marvel announced X-23 to the roster for Marvel Vs Capcom 3. It is going to be great to see her up against Wolverine, or even as a partnership if you prefer.

Check out a gameplay video of her below and let us know your thoughts on this. Are you happy with X-23’s inclusion or can you think of other characters which would of been better?

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