iPhone iOS 4.1: GreenPois0n Jailbreak – Update on Release

By Alan Ng - Sep 16, 2010

We have some more details for you now on GreenPois0n, the tool which will be used to jailbreak iOS 4.1 devices such as the iPhone 4 and New iPod Touch using recent bootrom exploit methods which have been found.

As reported from RedmondPie, speculation is mounting that Chronic Dev-Team, the people behind GreenPois0n are preparing to release a full jailbreaking method for iOS 4.1, although they still haven’t provided an exact time for when this will happen.

However, if you go to GreenPois0n.com, you will see a new website, along with a new logo for GreenPois0n as seen above. I’m not sure about you, but I think we are only days away from a jailbreak release for iOS 4.1, I’m guessing that Chronic Dev-Team are just putting the finishing touches together.

We’ll let you know when it is released, in the meantime, head over to the GreenPois0n website for the latest updates.

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  • dave

    I've got the old iphone 3 8G (don't laugh this is Africa after all) and I downloaded the 4.1 version only for it to turn into a brick! How do I downgrade back to 4.0 or whatever was before that?

  • kev

    does this work with iphone 3G?

  • Waleed

    how can i unlock my n95?

  • Genet mekonnen

    how to download greenposion

  • nini

    oh please release it already my iphone are useless without unlock or jailbreak hix hxi

  • Jens nielsen

    I’m interested in this jb 4.1 but what of the rumors of a kill switch and also what is “bricked”and is it reversible

  • karan

    can i able to unlock 4.1 …

  • Linko

    where is the link:O
    cant find it

  • soul

    What security program ? i never heard of that to be honest .

  • soul

    im really starting to doubt this is going to see the light . i think it just didnt work

  • xiaoa10

    I am a iphone 4 user , i unlocked and jailbroken my iphone after the Dev-team first published the jialbreak way , until now , i haven updated the new Apple to IOS 4.1, the Dev
    -team GreenPois0n release Imminent, I am very hesitating, as i heared that the Apple will released the new patent product which can recognition the jialbroken user and limited the iphone features , oh ,that is horrible !at first , i just cared about the movie features and my Aneesoft iphone video converter , but if the IOS limited the features and i can't watch movies on iphone after Apple publish the new security product , what should i do ? ;-(

  • NDyyy

    It is a fake site! take survey u gonna paid money for it!



  • Eejit

    Y’all seem easily convinced just because someone put up a web site with a logo. Me, I’m starting to doubt there will be a JB at all. We’ve gone from rumors of same day release to repeated “any day now” claims. Bah!

  • XXX

    I think its going to stall, Apple might pay a handsome amount to the chronic dev team for not releasing it….

  • richy

    away your takin ages get the 4.1 jailbreak for mc models out their now cause we cant wait for ever and you heard the andriod guy taking the p!ss out of us 🙁

  • Damien

    I really hope it's soon……I bought an ipad just for the jb

  • khmerboi

    i cant wait for 1 more minute to jailbreak my iphone 4 please clever people make it work now!!!!!!

  • Keith

    i recently converted from android and boy we never had to wait on a jailbreak (called root in android land) we'd get the rooted update months before the official came out…

  • BOB

    fukkkkk guyy i cant wait for this anymore, ima commit suicide buh first… its the death of the iphone 4

  • lokienloki

    This one will be available before the end of the month. Jailbreak for iOS 4.1 Impressions

  • jay

    I am tried of waiting this stupid jailbreak.. I didn't sleep for days waiting for this ish…

  • Jiiprah

    i'm jailbroken and unlocked on 4.0.2 but eveywhere i read it says that there is not jailbreak for 4.0.2?

    • iPhoneHacker

      If youre a MB model you can jailbreak 4.0.2 and 4.1 with redsn0w

    • jinton

      Please tell me how did u do it. I am disparately looking for a solution.

  • adolf

    Do we know if the jailbreak will be like “jailbreakme” .com?

    Or does this mean it wont be as easy?

    • iPhoneHacker

      you will jailbreak through your computer

  • cronanzone

    So if I am jailbroke using 4.0.1 and want to upgrade to 4.1 — will I have to wipe everything out i.e lose all my apps/mods/tweaks etc and then start all over? Or will I be able to just update without losing everything? Sorry if this is a silly question….

    • yes, once you update your jailbreak and all your jailbreak apps will be gone. You will have to re-jailbreak when the new method is released and add all your apps again. I think RockApp will save your list of installed apps and reinstall them for you after you jailbreak; makes it a little easier.

      • cronanzone

        Thx for the information Joey…

      • cronanzone

        Just downloaded rock my phone, really slick! — u were right about the built in backup feature, it will maintain up to 5 backups that you can access through your Rock act….now just have to wait for 4.1 JB

        thx again

    • yes u loose everything

  • cronanzone

    So if I am jailbroke using 4.0.1 and want to upgrade to 4.1 — will I have to wipe everything out i.e lose all my apps/mods/tweaks etc and then start all over? Or will I be able to just update without losing everything? Sorry if this is a silly question….


    • iPhoneHacker

      if you update you will lose jailbreak

    • Matt

      no as long as you back it up on itunes

  • pedrodk

    Upgrade to 4.1 but DO NOT UPDATE YOUR BASEBAND! Search for howto do it.
    I suggest to w8 for the release, if it only JB 4.0.2 then you'r screwed.

    Can't w8.

    • Alvaro

      are you sure about this? wouldn't this unlock any baseband?

  • Andy

    Ok so for those out of box with version 4.0.2 should upgrade to 4.1? And wait? Should we?

  • Li Tan

    You can jailbreak 4.02 right now with the pwntool. If you update to 4.1, then you have to wait for the greenpois0n

    • iPhoneHacker

      if your a MB model

  • Anis

    Cooooll news

  • Dennis

    Can't wait to get it!

  • sam

    hi there, thx for the nice update, just a quick Q.
    why wouldnt GreenPoison.com work, the website shows only a pic..
    thax again

    • Evan

      Sam, it hasn't been released yet. In a few days it will be released.

  • xavier

    hope it will be released soon .. my iphone 4 is locked to AT&T n am not in US.. got it with ios 4.0.2 ….grrrrrrr kills me to hav the phone n not able to use it..

  • Mo

    Hello please let me know if I can unlock iPhone 4

    4.02 and if u have the way to do it


      use redsnow if your model starts with MB

      • yourhelpfuleng

        that makes no sense. He said iPhone 4.

        You can't, btw.

  • Lee

    seen a web site called greenp0ison.info and videos showing you how to jailbreak using greenp0ison.info, is this likely to be fake?

    • Freddieboy

      Saw that to mate think it is a fake at no time in the video did yo see the phone getting jail broken

    • Christian

      Yes, most likely it is fake. Pod2g said in twitter that greenpois0n.com is the real legit site. The info one is a scam.

      • ubberdork

        uhh, pod2g is a parody account for the REAL hacker pod3g. But yes, the .info is a scam

        • ubberdork

          my bad,, it is pod2g lol

  • themanwiththeplan

    this is aewsome