HTC HD7: Leaked T-Mobile USA Release Date

By Jamie Pert - Sep 16, 2010

So far we have not heard too much in the way of Windows Phone 7 smartphone release dates, however a leaked screen from T-Mobile’s internal system seems to confirm the T-Mobile USA HTC HD7 release date.

If you check out this link you can see a list of release dates for T-Mobile accessories, on November 1st there are multiple HTC HD7 accessories launching, which suggests that the smartphone will either launch on this day, or perhaps a few days later.

Microsoft has previously stated that Windows Phone 7 devices will begin shipping in October, this makes this November 1st release date sound pretty accurate, however nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

As we hear of an officially confirmed release date for the HTC HD7 we will keep you posted.

Source: SlashGear

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