HTC Desire Z: Amazon UK SIM-free Price and Release Date

By Jamie Pert - Sep 16, 2010

Earlier on today we revealed that quite a few UK carriers would be offering the HTC Desire HD, sadly they seem to be keeping quiet regarding the HTC Desire Z, however we can confirm that Amazon UK will be offering it SIM free.

Earlier today it was listed for £499.99 with a release date of October 18th, however it is now listed for £429.99 with an expected release date of October 11th.

If you would like to pre-order your Desire Z you can here, I must say £429.99 for such an advanced smartphone sounds very reasonable, however I would much prefer to get it free as part of a contact.

If you would like to find out more about the Desire Z before pre-ordering yours you should check out our previous article, this should help you make your decision.

Have you pre-ordered your HTC Desire Z today? If so, what convinced you?

Source: SlashGear

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  • Drew

    I made this phone happen.
    I waited month after month for a new Android phone with sliding keyboard.
    Month after month.
    Eventually, after UK operators announced they would not be offering the Samsung Galaxy S Pro I guessed I was waiting in vain and went for Desire on 2 year contract.
    So of course one week later – voila – announcement of the Desire Z.

    Ain't life – and Murphy's Law – sweet.

    You're welcome 🙂

  • lokienloki

    Problem with these type of phones is that they won't last. Next month, we'll have another one. I say, think first before you get it. Desire Z Latest Updates

  • Aronn

    I preordered on the 17th, as the carrier of choise didnt have it up for preorder any sooner(HD was up a day or two earlier). What convinced me? I had ordered a Desire in June but I never got it due to the samsung/amoled issues, and then the HTC Vision/Desire Z/G2 rumours really started to take form during the summer. I really prefer a hardware qwerty keyboard (upgrading from an N97) and that was my biggest gripe with the vanilla Desire. Cant wait for my first Android phone!