Halo Reach Armor Unlocks: Free Code On Bungie’s Facebook Page

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 16, 2010

You may have already seen the exclusive Halo Reach Armor unlocks from GameStop, and the guide on ranking up faster, but today we wanted to turn your attention to some official Halo Reach unlocks that were given away by Bungie themselves.

According to Web User, the developer gave away some free unlock codes just a few hours after the new Halo game was released, and we’re sure many of you missed them, as did we. The codes were given away on Bungie’s Facebook page, which unlocked a flaming helmet.

Bungie employees were the only people to have the legendary flaming helmet before, so this was a sort after upgrade. The codes were one per person, so while Web User shows one on their site, this does not work anymore (as long as a user has used it already).

Bungie has 175,771 Facebook Likes at the time of writing, far more than our 1673 (like us here). Hot topics on Bungie’s page have included gamers looking for Halo Reach secrets like ‘Easter eggs’. What hidden gems have you found in Reach?

Remember to keep an eye on Bungie’s page and our Facebook page for any news on more codes.

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  • preston

    better not hack my account >:(

  • Guest

    hey guys I need the recon helmet code and flaming helmet code so yeah my gamer tag is B4D COMP4NY 23 thanks.

  • Roman

    dear bungie please send me a flame helment with emiles face on the helmet, becuse im a big fan

  • Samra-rasheed

    Dear Sales Team, Hope you are enjoying,can you help me for the Samsung SGH-a107 unlock code? IMEI:01301300682323/904 Service:AT&T  Thanks,Samra Rasheed

  • Dylanscott10

    and plese i only wont 2 codse 1 for me and one for my friend thank you

  • Dylan

    bungie if you get this can you plese send the blue flamed helmet to dylanscott10@hotmail.ca thank you.

  • Anthony Yi

    can someone give me a code

  • Snowbabe32000

    why would you send the gamehalo reach if you don,t have the code in it i spent 60 dollars and found out that the code for the recon helment was not in it

  • Snowbabe32000

    o if you get this can you make it blue and send it to Big Dog 007

  • Snowbabe32000

     bungie i got halo reach and it said bonus recon helmont but i did not get the code  to get the recon helment and i was mad

  • Andre Boe

    I want a green recon helmet plzz, my gamertag is Comitshy

  • Tylerponder

    I’d like a flaming helmet. I have played halo the the very beginning of the games, but couldn’t afford legendary. Gt Palius001 Prefer blue but orange is aight

  • Alex

    I want a blue flaming eva helmet.My gamertag is “Swiftreacon 2” PPPPPLLLLEEEAAASSEEE i want it so bad 

  • pacmanninja

    can you send the code to my email

    • my gamertagg is pacmanninja998 and id like orange
      you can send it to my facbook

  • Angel Luviano117

    Can I have the flaming helmet or elite officer my gamer tag is lancers117 no capital L and you can send it to my email angel.luvaino@gmail.com

  • Brandon_137

    i need blue flaming helmet plz plz plz plz plz plz plz PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLZ PLZ PLZ

  • Brandon_137

    i want flaming helmet plz my gamertag is shadownight2286 plz i want a pin code plz and orange flames plz

  • if u get me the flaiming helmet code i will give u 1600 microsoft points but i will only give u half of the code for flaiming helmet and the other half of the code for the 1600 microsoft points when i copletly downlouding the flaiming helmet so reply your gamer tag so u can give me the flaiming helmet and also so i can give u the code for the 1600 microsoft points

  • david

    is the end of the game and the armory is still locked

  • Bob

    I want flaming head please

  • david

    how to unlocke all armoury when is the end
    of the game

    • david

      how to unlocke all armury when is the end of the game

  • david

    how to unlocke all armory when is end

  • david

    how to unlocke all armory when is end

  • John

    Good news everyone. Bungie will now be giving out flaming weiner codes! Run around showing your junk to your friends and what not, The flaming weewee will have two downsides (or three, if you know what I mean). 1. Flaming peepees have the tendacy to get caught up in the grav lift, and may take a whie to get untangled. 2. If your a big fan of snipers, you know have two ways to get sniped! But don't worry, there is a way to prevent the two downsides of the flaming weiner armor. Bungie will soon throw in the condom option in early fall later this year! Til then, enjoy your flaming hot weiners.

    • Alexis


    • Harry Potter

      Hey John will there be any more new gametypes such as the new ones ACTION SACK and GRIFFBALL and a friend told me if you build something so great in halo 3 you get recon but in halo reach you cant work for flaming helment, The only reason me no talk about recon is because i already have it.And ppl are making new glitches on halo reach reply if you want to know about them……………………..o and i cant give you my adress

  • william

    may i have a code must work will pay $0

  • kic

    someone tell me how to download stuff for xbox onto a ubs port

  • halo no more

    no1 evn plays hal0 r33ch n e mor
    its a11 b1ack 0ps now b1tches

    • Alexis

      Say Whaaa?, black Ops is such a crappy mainstream game, try playing something good ie. fallout, Assassins Creed , Halo or GTA

  • gabriel1009

    Halo: Reach is the best game ever

  • felicity

    a lil help where do you eveb put the code in my thanks.

  • SKOZ1911

    yeh i got recon but i want flaming i was thinking of finding a file to put on a flash drive so i could get it. if anyone has a file or a code send me a mesage GT SKOZ1911

  • H1writer

    Why would you want gungnir? Looks stupid
    Go for security, Mk. VI or pilot

    • jake101

      is there a halo reach cheat code to unlock all armor?

  • mike

    I have a pig purple helmet

  • blood

    its digital content people buy it off ebay like anybody else 2 poor to buy the legendary addition

  • nick

    you are all fat ppl, no offense

  • plat

    ha ive got all the armour including the flaming helmet so way to you all

    • felicty

      how please tell me

  • guest

    guys dont try for the haunted i try for gungnir helmet

  • guest

    the thunder helmet[armour abilitys] cost is 2,000,000 credits i have seen credit mods but you need something

  • Conn

    The code is India-Delta-One-Zero-Tango

  • Izac

    we should have a match and who ever wins gets the flaming helmet.. you pussy

  • antonio

    you get a life "STEVE",why are you looking at it anyways

  • steve

    get a life all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alexis

      unless you are reading this while outside "having fun", you can't tell anyone here to get a life

  • austin

    i know most of you have recon helmet but i will give the recon code for a flaming helmet code

    • TrevorOverstreet

      if u play xboxlive my gamertag is uptightxboxguy i really want the elite armor

    • paul

      ill take that offer my GT is moltenlightnin NO SPAMMING!!!!

    • robert

      i will swap my flaming helmet for your recon helmet, send the code for the helmet at well_bangin@hotmail.co.uk an il send you the flaming one in return (i will not send it unless i recieve the recon helmet first)

  • Brad

    btw halo reach is freaking awesome as we all know but it shouldnt consume our lives, with armore unlocks, flaming meh, i want to know how the hell ur get the pilot helmet, but u know the one thats just the skull, the halo ween one, yeah tell me that and ill be impressed, XD halo ween, me and my stupid puns, fuck

    • guest

      buy all helmets then buy haunted helmet in the pilot stuff then buy the helmet for just 1 credit

  • boom

    fuck u all

  • cory

    halo reach yea

  • xD ddruid777 Dx


  • sixty nine

    thier should be a like a turtle helmet

    • Kevin

      my friends say that the ODST helmet looks like a turtle helmet

  • Marshall

    wut tha fudge is the electric helmet? WTF?

    • K.T.L.

      The Incliment Weather armor ability. It makes lightning bolts around your helmet.

  • Darkcraft

    Electric Helmet > Flames

    • john

      Somebody has played a shit ton of halo

      • Jono

        Well actually its probably just the bungie members

  • are you sill give away

  • Gary

    im sorry but 1600 mp is not enough comparing 20 dollars with a hard to find 139 dollar reach edition to get flaming . just do what i said above you

  • vader2126

    hey i will buy the halo reach flaming helmet code for 1600 MP m gamer tag is vader2126 msg me if you want to talk

    • gregory


      • gregory

        i NEED THE CODE

    • gregory

      hi my name is gregory

    • gregory

      I dont have 1600 mp but if you give me the flaming helmet code iLL be your on xbox live

  • Gary

    no there won't be anymore but i think if you have a friend that has it. borrow his hardrive, copy and paste his flaming into a flash drive, copy and paste the flaming into your hardrive. you can maybe find the flaming download in the memory section. i guess you know where that is. i havent tried yet but maybe you guys can

  • Joe

    God dang it I always miss chances like this. WHY!@!@!@!#

  • gavin

    will there be any more soon

  • Gary

    the code was WDH8K-DT3XY-RJ7GC-8246P-TT44B but as it says, its only fo r1 person but some -blam- used it.

    • Noah


  • tim

    i dont have one but if i did why would i want 25 for it when i can make alot more on ebay?

  • zach

    hey i will pay 25$ for email of flaming head code {must work}

    • bob

      flaming is dumb caus they can see the flame wen ur invisible

    • Dylan

      i got a flaming helmet code that i will never use do u want it for $25

    • justin

      i will pay 25 $ for flaming helm by tonight or no deal

    • Justin

      i have an account im getting rid of, general grade 3,with flaming head, GT macarioplayer1 for 1600MSP

  • Jake

    Ha! Already had Flaming.

  • anthony

    wats the code for it

    • Gabe

      i have no idea but i do have the code for recon armor.

      • gorge

        i have recon in halo 3 u all suck

        • mike

          yea halo 3 dipshit no one cares n u know wat………… man u r literally to stupid to make fun of! quote(hangover)

        • unoob

          you fucking suck i had it first day bungie released it to the public + no one plays halo 3 any more

      • jarrett

        can i get a code

    • U guys know if u survive for 2 hours on lone wolf u get a flaming helmet