GTA 5 on PS3 and Xbox 360: Swearing Option For Grand Theft Auto V

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 18, 2010

Back in March when we posted some information on a Grand Theft Auto 5 release update, we received a lot of feedback from our readers and what they wanted in GTA 5. Most people were clear on their likes and dislikes, which included GTA IV being seen as missing a few things.

Some people class GTA IV as a different game altogether, and find games like Vice City much better for gameplay but are put off by the poor graphics when compared to GTA IV. How did you rate GTA IV for gameplay compared to previous versions?

Disappointments in the characters in GTA 4 and overall lack of gangs have also been noted, but for me personally I would like to see an option to turn off the swearing. The game has an older age rating but not all of us want to hear that amount of swearing during a game, especially if children could walk in the room.

There must be a way for Grand Theft Auto 5 to include an option to turn off swearing, this is something that could even open the game up to a younger audience sadly there is no open world games children can enjoy like GTA but without all the 18+ activities and swearing. There are many reasons why we should have an option to control the swearing (although children cannot play the game), do you have any?

What new options would you like to see in GTA 5? Would you like the ability to turn swearing off?

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  • GamingAddict

    I recommend Watch Dogs to anyone who wants an (18) game with better graphics than GTA V and less swearing.

  • GamingAddict

    Why do people keep mentioning children?? It’s not only people with children who don’t want to hear excessive swearing. The swearing in older versions wasn’t as much as this. This is so excessive it’s unrealistic & irritating! Period! There’s not a single (18) rated movie or foul mouthed comedian that’s as bad as GTA V on the ps4.

  • TheShadowGamer125

    Defiantly I am Sick and Tired of hearing F-you and F-this in the game why not make an update that you can choose to add alternative words… PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!

  • blake

    ya make a make a button to turn off swearing please

  • ryan

    I agree there should be a option to bleep the curse words

  • adam

    make a button to turn off swearing please

  • tre

    I wouldn’t do it in real life typo

  • tre

    i want this game for Christmas and my parents are ok with guns and shotting and etx cuz they know I would do it in real life but common there has to be some way to censor all the unnessiary cursing!

  • Eli Roddy

    Can you also block out the nudity? plzzzz!!

  • llalalalallalalala

    they should take of cursing because some parents dont like to hear all that when your playing a game

  • binladendidntblowupthetowers

    I wish it had an option for swearing cause im 19 but my parents dont like curse words :/

  • clarky

    tell your kid to go play sims, its as simple as that

  • SwagIsReal

    The gta5 staff should make the game rated T for teen so the teens with a game limit should be able to experience how the game is!

  • Dmkloveslmk

    i think you should have the option o turn off swearing i can deal with the rest of the stuff but im an adult i dont like the g d or f bomb so yeah at least give the option to choose why not

  • Eno mobers

    add on for gta 5 should be MORE nudity 😛
    indeed naked strippers
    and just to say a thing Nobody turned into a villain just by playing violent video games… There’s is absolutely NO scientific proof for that… parents should advise or learn their kids how to deal with it if patrents think their kids are not ready for a game like that dont buty it for them but i think kids older than 12 can make a good judgement about whats real or not…or they shouldve learned it by that time already (its called good parenthood)

  • trey

    if u take out the cussing the game sucks but u should have naked strippers

  • GTA = Fukk Fukk Fukk

    you're worried about swearing in GTA?! LMAO sure bleep out the F bombs while they're snorting huge rails of coke, that'll be acceptable. Sex, murder, drugs and cursing is what this game is about, because its a rated M game for mature adults. Kids shouldn't even be brought into the picture here

  • jennyx

    I think that swearing should be on there, i mean were all over eighteen, so wy not?

  • jenny x

    I think that gta is the most life like game ever made, but it takes such a long time for a new one to come out, i hope that gta 5 san andreas comes out on xbox 360 because the graphics are amazing, plus i love niko bellic.
    I heard that theres going to be a gta5 in dubai, but im not sure if its coming out on xbox.
    i hope that it does.I hated the last one because you couldnt fly airoplanes.
    hopefully the next one will be able to fly planes.

  • pacik1

    Chce żeby gta było z lepszą grafą od gta sa ale troche gorszą od gta IV 🙂

  • hank

    the ability to turn off cops permanently without having to constantly input codes every 2 minutes

  • They can't totally change the gameplay, I think swearing should have that option.

  • redwew

    pls gta 5 in san andreas san andreas is the best and gta 4.gta san is tatoo and gym this is very good please backs san andreas

  • Personally It needs Improvements If it's going to based of SA again, Maybe At the Max Payne Event they'll Disclose some information about the game.

  • Jamjam

    Play Minecraft if you don't like the adult nature

  • Sidlicious

    If you don’t like the swearing, then fuq u. It’s an uncensored game with violence and strong language because of the artistic approach chosen to fulfill the game design. How are u supposed to portray a gangsters world with out real world language. Buy a wii if ur trying to play non-offensive games.

  • locosmoko

    i want freedom, you know, the freedom to just do whatever and smoke some dope, i dont care about anything else, i mean smokin some dope would be pretty cool, but any other drugs is pretty dumb

  • Tim

    Are you kidding me?!?!?! swearing?!?!?! who gives a fuck! Seriously, your blowing up vehicles, shooting pedestrians, picking up hookers and your complaining about "swearing". When i was 6 at school, children were swearing their asses off.

  • Joyce

    After all of the grand theft games made. Now someone doesn't approve of swearing? A little late for that don't you agree? If you want to make GTA for the younger crowd your wasting your time. It's 2010 people these kids know way more than you think they do. Nobody is innocent these days. Besides it's GRAND THEFT AUTO. The title itself should warn people of what its about. I personally LOVE this game and will always play but I speak only for myself.

  • johnny

    I don't think it's necessary to take swearing off completely, but I do feel that there is too much swearing.
    And no, this game should not try to reach out for a younger audience, that would mean having to change the game completely.

    • fuck you


  • Nman

    Turn off swearing??? I don't think you understand how video games are made.. It would be extremely time consuming to create an off and on filter to eliminate swearing. plus It would be less realistic without swearing. Low live criminals swear their heads off and hearing them speak politely to each other would just be weird.. it would not create that realistic environment that the creators of GTA are so good at portraying. I could maybe understand if they were to create a filter to beep out the profanities thus making it seem like a censored movie… however I cant help but agree with the people saying "If swearing really bothers you so much just dont buy the game" there are so many other great games out there.. you like shooting buy modern warfare you like cars buy GTurismo If you want an open game with both then …….Stop being such Pussies

  • George

    That is totally dumb. If you want to play a game with swearing then play something else, toontown for instense, an open world game for kids. Why would you want your child to rob a car in the game or use a gun? Just play something else with them. Don't try to change Rockstar's creation (Gand Theft Auto) for what it is known for. The GTA's are popular because of the game play. An open world game is very fun and Rockstar definitely knows just how to do it. So Rockstar, don't you dare change GTA for what it is known for. I'm a huge fan of the game and I have played and passed all of the GTA's and I hope their is a 5th GTA because I want it. I just hope that it's like GTA 4 except with a white guy and it has most of the features from San Andreas like a barbershop and I wouldn't like a gang in the game. The option to drive an airplane is great as well. I still play San Andreas to this day just because their are controllable airplanes in the game. So please remain the way that you are Rockstar and amaze us with another great GTA just like GTA 4.

    -Thank You for all the great GTA's =]…

  • this subject is dumb

    turn off swearing? lame request. If you have ever played the multiplayer you are going to hear more swearing coming from some 8 year old then you will playing the whole campaign.

  • JakeT

    If you don't want swearing to be included in Grand Theft Auto, then why do you play it? Simply just don't play it. If you want to play a game like GTA, then PUT UP with the swearing. And I think that introducing any of Rockstars games to a younger audience is wrong. I have played GTA since I was 7 along with my friends. As I was growing up with them, they started to change, all of my friends that played those games since the age of 7, are at the moment, in jail for car theft, armed robbery etc. I extremely disagree to introducing this game to young children.

  • paulie

    Turn the swearing off so children can play the game? Then they can have sex with a protitute,then smash her face in with a baseball bat,kill gangsters,steal drugs,commit fraud,shoot cops,pedestrians, just aslong as they dont hear swearing while doing it?

    I hope u never get to raise kids! lol

  • paulie

    Turn the swearing off so children can play the game? Then they can have sex with a protitute,then smash her face in with a baseball bat,kill gangsters,steal drugs,commit fraud,shoot cops,pedestrians, just aslong as they dont hear swearing while doing it?

    You my friend…..are a prize tool and i hope u never get to raise children! lol

  • Noe

    I LOVED gta 4 – Niko, Johnny AND louis (Niko was my favorite!!!) Everything about it was PERFECT. Wouldn’t change a thing. I curse a lot, don’t think the swearing should be turned off. I find it funny and amusing lol. I say leave it in!!!!!! Gta ISN’T for kids and rockstar shouldn’t break their necks trying to make it so either!! There are xbox games for kids.. But Gta isn’t one of them. Let’s leave it at that!!

  • me22

    dont like swearing? dont fucking play

  • Greeny

    Swearing is a problem but shorting heaps of pol with an Uzi is ok for kids? It’s not a kids game!

  • Gamer

    All I can say to those complaining that a game that has built its franchise on Marketing

    Death,Mayhem,Destruction,and Foul language should add a Word Filter……ROFL….

    Are you kidding me? If ya do not like it, there are what like 100 or so other games on the

    Market? May I recommend "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"? Or how about

    "Madagascar2: Escape from Africa"? These seem to be more your Speed. Just do those of

    us that are fans of The Grand theft Series a favor…. LEAVE OUR GAME ALONE…If you do

    not like the game or the Series, there are plenty of lame Children's games you can play.

    LOL a word filter…… Let the barneyization of the World Continue!

    • The_Arbiter

      Gamer, this world was never intended for one as beautiful as you.

  • Vince(original)

    GTA 4 was absolutely amazing, in almost every aspect. GTA San Andreas & Vice City were more of your run, gun, rape, steal type of game with really no depth. However GTA 4 was something all in itself… something of a spectacular simulation with very realistic …err everything. The next installment needs to continue to build on these traits. Personally, when I play a game like GTA, I want to feel like I can environmentally relate to what's being shown on the screen… with awe and amazement. We need more real life, real simulation type games.
    On a side not: err… more guns, gore, and customization please.

    • ihgnah

      yeah i know what your talking about like in gay tony there was bareky any customization at all nobody wants somebody to pick out their outfits for them you should have the choice to even make your shoelaces a different color and in san andreas when you shot someones head it popped right off in gta IV it was still on (i was just bein picky) but yes we do need more guns and kinda make it more real like you should be able to get a job or have more girlfriends instead of just about 5 and make them come back to you if you screw it up. and now to the language blocking its okay to have a couple words here or there but everytimme you or your car hits something i mean come on thats just rediculous i hate words like that but i love the game and i also like to hear shooting and crashing i cant mute it i wouldnt get the same effect.

  • Stephen

    I think swearing should have that option. but really I think you guys should bring back san andreas. that twas the best gta!!

  • lee

    even without the swearing GTA cant open up to a younger audience, you still have shooting, hooker beating, hit and run, car jacking and the list goes on =-D

  • Kevin

    Swearing or not, GTA is not a game for "younger audience".

    I'm all for an option to turn the swearing off though.

    • jase

      Totally agree, dont like swearing?

      dont buy the game!!

  • Scott

    the option to turn off swearing would not reduce the rating of the game. the plots involving murder and gang warfare would ensure that. the ability to turn off swearing may mean the game would need a partial second audio track, or perhaps an edit to the game engine and cut scenes to allow for removal of the swearing. this would extend the development time of the game and as such i would not like the option to turn off swearing.

    the games going forward seem as though they will be aimed at a more realistic and gritty feel. this is something i personally welcome, open world sandbox games do exist that have far less bad language in them and lets face it, would anyone really want to watch the god farther without the nitty gritty reality of the whole thing. GTA V is a game that is in high demand and in most cases i would say the sooner the better. in this case i would say let Sam and Dan get it to their own perfection but don't add any unnecessary features such as turning bad language off. GTA will never be meant for minors but will always be played by them its unfortunate but its the truth.

  • Vince

    I'd love the option of no swearing – as an Adult approaching 30, I've heard enough swearing to last me till I'm dead! I remember Kingpin had this option.

    • robert

      I think they should leave the swearing in the game because if they took the swearing out of the game no one would probaly play the games no more if they did that

    • robert

      I think they should keep te swearing in the game because if they took it out the swearing no one would want to play it no more because it would be gay with out the swearing in it

  • Seven Thrity

    I thought that's why the game is rated mature. Open up to younger audiences???? I thought some games should be strictly for adults? So everything else in the game is ok, but the swearin' is a problem? Nah, buddy. You play the games for what they offer.

    • Jimbo

      I totally agree. Gratuitous brutal violence and the option to pick up a hooker and have sex with her in your car is ok for younger audiences but swearing isn't? I'm pretty sure that hearing a few f-bombs has no where near as much effect on a child than watching you blow people up with grenades, run people over with a car, and empty clips into civilians until there's a pool of blood so big you'd think you could swim it. If you're worried about children walking through the room, don't play m-rated games when kids are around.

    • George

      I totally agree. Don't like the game then don't play it. It's common sense people. Let GTA be for what it is most known for. The best game franchise ever.

  • rishfaan

    why you do not give me game cd

  • rishfaan

    give me a game cd