Does PS3 Move Release Help Create The Ultimate Entertainment Center?

By Gary Johnson - Sep 16, 2010

Tomorrow see’s the launch of the Sony PlayStation Move, which maybe similar to Nintendo’s own motion controllers but more accurate and precise. The new hardware is Sony’s attempt to bring more families and young children to its PS3.

Claudine Beaumont from the is reporting that the decision is in response to Nintendo selling over 70 million Wii’s since it was first launched back at the end of 2005. We will also see Microsoft joining the fray in November with the release of the Kinect for the Xbox360. Although this device does away for the need for controllers altogether.

While a lot of gamers prefer the Xbox, the PS3 has slowly grown in strength and the Move is just another addition to its capabilities. When it first launched a lot of people were turned off the console because of its high price tag, but with recent firmware updates which allow it to play 3D games (providing you have a 3D TV) the console has added more strings to its bow.

The Blu ray player and the fact you can watch and download movies via the PlayStation VideoStore, further enhance the console. Does the PS3 Move help to create the ultimate entertainment center? Share your thoughts below.

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  • Danielle

    When will ps3 release something like Kinect where there are no hand held controllers? i am hanging out for that.. otherwise i have to buy the move which seems like backward technology now.

  • Dee

    I have been using my ps3 for my main entertainment center too. I have a free program for free movies that already comes ps3 compatible which has the ps3 symbol , which I drag finished movies to the symbol which streams to the ps3. Probably same program bro. With the blue Ray player alone makes the ps3 obsolete. Not to mention that playstation network doesn't charge u a fee to be a member. I mean I could go on all day. But let me say this After watching the videos of the ps3move someones in trouble. And Wii Know who that is. Sony hit the mark on the Move. I've been wondering why for the last three years, why Sony hasn't done what the wii has only better and now they have. I luv my ps3 and in four years I've never gotten any red rings of death thanks Sony. And if my buddy reads this sorry. That u got your fourth ring of death and u have to buy your 5th xbox 360. Save your money and I'll get u a ps3 for x-mas. Peace fellas.

  • Jasen

    My PS3 already is my entertainment center. It supports DLNA devices, so I have it talking to every multimedia device possible in my house. I also downloaded a free PS3 DLNA program for my Mac and stream pictures, music, movies and more right from my Mac to my PS3. I use it as my main DVD/Bluray player and have tons of movies ripped and saved to the HD, which I upgraded to 750gb, so I can enjoy them any time withotu having to throw a disc in. The PS3 is the perfect fit for any entertainment room.