Chase Online Banking: Working, Offline or Minor Problems?

Yesterday we posted an article stating that Chase Banking was suffering some problems with their Internet banking site, earlier today we thought this had been resolved, however some people are still reporting problems, which begs the question, is Chase Online Banking Down?

To be honest we are quite confused about the current situation, some people are saying that they can log in fine and there are absolutely no problems, other are saying that they cannot log in whatsoever, whilst the remaining people can log in but it is not working properly.

Chase added an apology to their website here is what they had to say “To our customers: Please accept our apology for the difficulties that recently affected Giving you 24-hour access to your banking is of the utmost importance to us. This was not the level of service we know you expect. Thank you for your patience and for the opportunity to work harder to serve you in the future“.

This seems to suggest that the site should now be working fine, which somewhat contradicts what our readers are saying, therefore please help us out by filling out the simple poll below.

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