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WalMart Wireless Plan: Postpaid Contract “Family Mobile”

WalMart are set to enter the cellphone market with the launch of its own postpaid branded wireless plan, called WalMart Family Mobile.

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal of PCWorld is reporting that the new service will be available from next week without a contract. The company already has two prepaid mobile plans with one on the Sprint network called Common Cents, and Straight Talk via the Verizon network. This new service will operate via the T-Mobile US network.

WalMart Family mobile will cost $45 per month for unlimited calling and texting, and each extra line will cost $25 per month. As the plan is postpaid, customers will get a bill at the end of each month, and with no contract required no early termination fees will be charged.

There will be at least five handsets available on the plan including the Motorola Cliq XT for $249, and starts at $35 for a basic Nokia handset. The mobile plan is not a full smartphone service with data being costly.

You start with a basic 100MB of data and charged $10 for an extra 200MB, $25 for 500MB and $40 for an additional 1GB. Data not used does not carry over to the following month. If you are not worried about much data the new call plan may be worth considering.


  • Hani

    to S.F. thanks for the info. I have a Q for you. I had 2 lines with t-mobil and I swithed one of them to Walmart Family Mobile to try it. It is good so far except for one thing; I can NOT use the call forwarding from the phone with the family mobile SIM card. I still can do it from the other phone with T-Mobil SIM. I swithed the SIM card between the 2 phones and even tried my brother's T-Mobil phone and non allowed me to use that feature when using the walmart family SIM. I called the walmart family mobile customer service and they told me to use the **21* … code but it did not work, they told me to unlock my phone. I did unlock my phone and still did not work.
    Now, what should I do to get the call forwarding working with walmart family mobile SIM? should I have unlocked my phone before using the new SIM for the first time? How can I solve this problem? by the way the customer service managed to do it from their end but I could not do it from my phone.
    Thank you.


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