Nikon D7000 Review: Release of D90 Replacement, Its Here

By Jamie Pert - Sep 15, 2010

Looking for a new camera to replace your Nikon D90? Well, look no further than the D7000, this camera is basically a new and improved version of the popular D90 and by the looks of dpreview’s recent preview it looks well worth the money.

The D7000 features a 16.2 megapixel pixel sensor and is capable of recording video at either 1920 x 1080p (24fps), 1280 x 720p (30, 25, 24fps) or 640 x 424p (30, 25fps), the D90 featured a 12.3 megapixel sensor and was only capable of capturing video at a maximum of 1280 x 720p (24 fps). You can see a full specification listing for the D7000 here.

If you want to see a full specification comparison you should head over to dpreview, the D7000 outdoes the D90 in every way, however it is slightly larger and very slightly heavier.

All in all it looks as if the D7000 is a worthy successor to the D90, however you should check out the fully in-depth 7 page preview before making a decision, if you decide to buy it you can get the body only for $1199 / £1099 / €1189 or with the 18-105mm VR Lens for $1499 / £1299.99 / €1399.

Will you buy the D700? If not why not?

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  • Charles

    I agree, if there is a D400 it will not be released before at least 8 months minimum.

  • rudy

    D7000 may be latest over the D90 but it does not have the built in motor for AF-D lenses. You are stuck with the very expensive AF-S lenses by Nikon with the D7000. You can't even use the 3rd party lenses offered by Tokina and Sigma.

    • Guest

      "Like the D90, the D7000 supports AF with Nikon's older AF and AF-D lenses." You really should read the DPReview before commenting.

      • Rob Wolfe

        I am thinking about the D7000 and I also have older Nikon lens…thank you for info.

        Rob Wolfe
        I have the D90…love it. shoot video for TV ads with it…. Do many weddings w the 18-200 Nikon lens…great lens too.

  • Photogger

    If the D7000 had the rotating screen like the lower end D5000, then I would snap one up in a heartbeat! A rotating screen is a must if you shoot video, and it will open up new angles in your still shooting possibilities also.

    • python

      I agree.

  • python

    D7000 really nice camera to have. I dont know if I'm going need to upgrade from my current D5000. here are some pictures I took with my D5000.

  • MGSD

    Google doesn't parse content, you idiot.

  • asfd

    This site's rankings show that Google is losing touch. Worthless "review".

  • kamran

    I am also expecting a upgrade ver of D300. and also expect some cheep ver of FX. in low cost. its better to wait for another 3 months.

    • Andre

      Hi, I am interested where do you have this info from? According to the time line, the last D300S has been updated just last year (June 2009). That means the next model should be released in 8 months (not 3 months):

  • I’m not buying it. I already have a D90 of which I’m very satisfied with. Also, I’m waiting on the D400.

  • NutGoof

    Obviously this pathetic site is trying to make money with keywords and banner ads. FY!!