Jesus Toaster From Burnt Impressions, LLC: Is this right?

Over the years I have heard a lot of stories and seen a lot of pictures of what looks to be Jesus’ face appearing on a wide-range of objects, however one company has now created a toaster which purposely leaves a pattern resembling Jesus on your toast, this toaster is aptly name the Jesus Toaster.

A website has been set up to introduce you to the Jesus toaster, you can check out the site here, a lot of people seem to be fans of the toaster, however others believe that it is exploiting religion.

The company who came up with the toaster are called Burnt Impressions LLC, they previously created popular toasters which left patterns showing a Peace Sign or Hemp Leaf on your toast, they now hope to make the Jesus Toasters available for school and church fundraisers.

If you would like to buy a Jesus Toaster they costs $39.95 each and can be purchased here, you can check out and perhaps buy a different design by checking out the Burnt Impressions website here.

Do you think that the Jesus Toaster is exploiting religion? Or is it simply a bit of fun?

Source: PRNewsWire



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