Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Beta Launches Today: Will You Download?

By Jamie Pert - Sep 15, 2010

Later today the beta for Internet Explorer 9 will launch, we have already heard that this version of Microsoft‘s web browser closes the gap with its rivals, but will you download it?

At the moment the more knowledgeable computer users out tend to use alternatives (in my experience) such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari, all of which are regarded as more more intuitive and faster than Internet Explorer 8, however we are hearing that Internet Explorer 9 has a new design and is a lot less bulky.

Recently Google Chrome’s lead manager had this to say about “We’re really welcoming the innovation and excited about more standards support”, it is very rare to see a rival compliment IE, therefore it may well mean that Internet Explorer 9 is a step in the right direction for Microsoft.

With the Internet Explorer 9 beta launching later today we thought we would get some feedback form you, therefore share your thoughts in the comments section below. Will you download the Internet Explorer 9 beta? If so, what needs to be improved?

Source: Softpedia

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  • Gaurav

    I am using Internet Explorer 8 in my 32-bit windows 7. after some days i install the Internet Explorer 9, its not work correctly in my notebook. then i try to reinstall IE8 but I can't install it.

  • Jinsen

    what about Spell check, i tried iespell, but it is not working

  • Steve
  • Jamie Pert

    Updated, with a few changes.

  • bijan

    I agree with Panks and Anon, Safari is horrendously insecure, Firefox is only minimally better. The only browser that uses the same sand boxing techniques as IE8 is Chrome.
    To say such a vast generalization as 'more knowledgeable users tenD to use' those browsers is incorrect and misleading.

  • Jorge

    I'm using Comodo Dragon and that's good for me, anyway I'll download the IE9, just for curiosity.

  • Panks

    Ridiculously biased and obviously a incompetent article. "At the moment the more knowledgeable computer users out tent to use alternatives such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari". Vast generalizations such as "more knowledgeable computer users" and "as more secure, faster and more intuitive than Internet Explorer 8". I'd love to see any reputable article saying that Safari is a more secure browser than IE8.

    I guess that's why you always see Safari and chrome browsers in use in large-scale enterprise desktop images. Get a clue, Jamie.

  • Derek

    I will definitely download the IE9 Beta. I have been waiting for awhile now.

  • Definitely, it just depends on what one does for a living. If you are a developer and administrator like me the question is a no brainer. For others, well, its optional. Count me in!

  • Yes, I'm going to download it and give it a try. I've been pretty impressed with the IE Preview Platform releases, and subjectively speaking it seems to be on par with Chrome and Opera, and I like it's rendering better than Firefox so far. How much I use it will all depend on the UI

  • rugbyball

    First off, spell check your work.
    Second, yes I will download. I have to for work to test against our web products for compatibility.

    • IE9

      no spelling mistakes

    • Jamie Pert

      I can’t see a spelling mistake?

      • Anthony

        "more knowledgeable computer users out tent to use alternatives " I'm not sure if you want to use tent there

  • Anon

    Sorry, but Firefox and Safari are generally considered MUCH LESS SECURE than IE8.

    Chrome is so far the only browser that can stand with IE in terms of code security.