Internet Explorer 9: First Impressions / Brief Review

By Jamie Pert - Sep 15, 2010

Now that the Internet Explorer 9 beta has launched and I have had a chance to use it I thought I would share my first impressions and write a brief review, if you are looking for the download link check out our previous post.

As previously explained I was impressed with the small download size (39MB) and relatively quick install time (3-4 minutes), this isn’t comparable to the super fast and small competitors such as Chrome and Firefox, but certainly a huge improvement when compare to IE 6, 7 and 8.

Once installed you have to restart your computer (well I had to on my Windows 7 laptop), there is no new icon (compared to IE 8 ) however in my opinion much better performance, after clicking the icon it loaded my homepage within 3 seconds, the first thing you will notice is a more simplistic look and a left aligned address bar, which doubles up as a search box.

One thing I like is that there was no popup when you opened the web browser for the first time asking you to set it up with custom or express settings etc, this was very annoying on previous versions.

As default the address bar was a little small for my liking, therefore I easily adjusted this by unlocking the toolbars and resizing the address bar by clicking and dragging the edge of it, I also set the favorites bar to show.

There are simplistic looking back and forward buttons along with three buttons in the top right hand corner of the browser for favorites, home page and tools.

I tried navigating to a few popular websites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube, Gmail and of of course Product-Reviews, all of which loaded pretty much instantaneously without any problems, YouTube videos played fine and I like the new feature which offers to remember your passwords.

I think it is safe to say that Microsoft has borrowed ideas from their rivals, which was obviously needed as I can safely say that Internet Explorer 9 is Microsoft’s best attempt at a web browser yet.

Have you used the Internet Explorer 9 beta? Do you think it is the best version of Internet Explorer yet?

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  • Disappointed

    IE9 doesn't seem to be the pretty browser everyone is talking about. It has alot of issues. Firstly asking you to shut off add ons so it can work properly. I only had one add on in my browser initially and if one add on can't let the browser function then it has major stability issues.

    Secondly, in facebook's many games, one thing I noticed is the graphics flickers that IE8 didn't have seem to plague this new edition. Certain games wont load at all in any "compatibility Veiw" no matter what you do. Others load, however a white flicker prevents you from seeing the page at all. Making playing any of facebook's games impossible.

    I'm seriously considering uninstalling IE9 and going back to 8. So much for an improvement. Keep working on it Microsoft, you have alot ahead of you before its near ready.

  • Yuval

    I'll try on is post too… does anybody know if IE9 final is supposed to support websockets or not? the beta version doesn't…