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IE9 Beta: Internet Explorer 9 Download Time and Twitter Response

If you read our earlier article you will know that the Internet Explorer 9 beta launches today, we thought some of our more eager readers would appreciate knowing a download time, as a lot of people have been asking this on Twitter.

According to Softpedia the download will become live at 10.30am Pacific Time, which means it is roughly 4 hours and 10 minutes away (at the time of this post).

This time means converts to 1.30pm Eastern Time and 6.30pm in the UK, obviously this time is a guideline, therefore don’t worry if 10.30am Pacific time comes and the beta is not available.

When the download does become live we will keep you posted, I think I will download it just to see if it really is as good as experts are suggesting, but I won’t be too hopeful.

Source: Softpedia



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