HTC Desire Z: Hands-On Photos and First Impressions

By Jamie Pert - Sep 15, 2010

HTC has today officially announced the HTC Desire Z, Engadget recently got their hands on this Android touting QWERTY slider and have uploaded a few photos of the device.

There are 27 photos in total, all of which can be see here, the large touchscreen display and well-spaced QWERTY keyboard should make this an easy to use device, Engadget assure us that the QWERTY slider mechanism feels solid and flips from closed to open instantaneously.

We have embedded a couple of photos of this device at the end of this post including a close-up of the keyboard, I think you will agree that the photos make the keyboard look great for typing quickly.

HTC has already established theirselves as manufacturers of Android-based touchscreen smartphones, therefore this mixed with this desirable QWERTY keyboard should make the HTC Desire Z a winner.

Check Product-Reviews later today for more HTC Desire Z news, hopefully we will see some hands-on videos and find out a release date and price.

Do you like the look of the HTC Desire Z?

Source: Engadget

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  • mesonw

    @lokienloki – whart are you talking about? The original Desire has been out for ages and only just been bettered by the HD – and then only just. Frankly, your comment holds no water.

  • lokienloki

    Problem with these type of phones is that they won't last. Next month, we'll have another one. I say, think first before you get it. Desire Z Latest Updates.