Halo Reach: Problems With Disc and Co-op on Xbox 360 Slim

By Gary Johnson - Sep 15, 2010

We can report that owners of the new slimmer 4GB Xbox’s will have trouble playing certain parts of Halo: Reach. There are also reports of Halo: Reach disc problems.

Sam Jordon of Nukezilla is reporting that when you try and join a co-op campaign mission users are met with an error message. The message reads ‘One or more players do not have the hard drive for this game type’, ‘An Xbox 360 Hard Drive is required to play co-op on Xbox LIVE or system link.’

This means owners of the 4GB Xbox slim will miss out on a huge chunk of the game. The problem is also affecting earlier editions of the game, and to get round it you will have to purchase a 250GB hard drive for $129.99. UK owners will have to wait until the end of this month before being able to buy the £80 hard drive.

In a Statement Microsoft said “We are aware of the issue and are quickly working to resolve it.” No time scale has been given to when a solution will be available.

We also have a report of a bad batch of Halo: Reach discs. A gamer has written on a forum that when he visited his local GameStop a load of people were exchanging their copies of the game. Apparently there was a lot of bad copies released which the Xbox won’t read, or it say’s eject tray.

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  • Craig

    It's not just a game disk error. I am receiving the same problem with my xbox displaying "open tray" or "play dvd" when I have a game disc in the drive that is not damaged. This is happening with ALL games that I try to play. Starting happening after the latest Xbox 360 update was pushed out.

  • Guest 133556677

    I have the problem of when I create my own custom character, I never see him in campaign mode. All I see is the default player.

  • Guest

    I first had the "dirty disk" problem with ODST, I complained, emailed, changed disks, hit the roof blah, blah…But I thought they'd fix the problem with Reach, right? Instead of dealing with the problem, they let it go with "the issue is being resolved" BS. Instead they move on to new tech. I bought ODST but couldn't be bothered with Reach…only rented to check it out. Sooo moving on to call of duty. A bunch of monkeys would do a better job.

  • John Milanese

    I HAD a perfectly good xbox without a hard drive, and I ditched it for the new 4GB 360 THAT HAS AN XBOX HARDRIVE to play co-op…. I am so angry right now. This is totally legal territory.

  • Nick

    Ok, I was playing co-op (gruntpocalypse) on halo reach and my Mom accidentally unpluged my Xbox. I forgave her thinking it was no problem until my xbox thought reach was a DVD. What do i do? All my other games work and i have The xbox slim.

  • Sexy Susan

    I sent my NEW Xbox 360S in for repairs… because of the same issues. THEY SENT IT BACK 3 weeks later saying that I tampered with the system !!!! LIARS! The system wasn't even 45 days OLD! I am LIVID! SOMEONE PLEASE FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AND CONTACT ME~!

  • gothdude102

    ive got that same bloody problem with the minor credits they need to fix the bloody problem

  • guest

    okay no i says its definitely the disc coz i get down the elevator on the 6th level (the one in the city) and suddenly my screen goes pink and when i turn it off and back on it e74's me. but if i leave for a while the red ring goes away i put a different game (mass effect) and got the same problem after about 5 minutes so its the game

  • Austin

    Ok people I need your help! My Halo:Reach works fine except that when I try to get credits I do but only like 5,25,45 and 50 credits never higher than 50. BUT I tried it with another profile and it works fine for them. Did i mention that this is offline because I don't have internet.

    • Ted

      same problem for me, my friend has a non xbox live account and he is ranking up twice as fast as we both play co-op, and stat wise im doing better

      • Tony reacher

        Same problem. Have you guys been able to fix it?

  • Help

    Dude can Someone help me, I have the same problem but i noticed that different sites has different game covers, one without the "xbox live" text and one with it. I put my disc in, it either reads it and says its a "Mixed Media Disc" Or play dvd which is a white background with the xbox 360 thing. Please, someone come up with a good fix?

  • hahahaha

    AHHHHAHA halo reach fails call of duty black ops is gonna crush halo reach ahhhhhhhhhhhhahahahha good job halo reach sucks 4 life

  • fooyt1

    All my friends games work

  • fooyt1

    okay its simple: GOD HATES YOU , Start praising god and bungie and the chief and things might go right. O and by the way everyone i know HAS A PERFECT DISC FIX UR XBOX NOOBS!!!!!! signed Fooyt1

  • guest

    WHy cant microsoft get anything right. I cant stand Sony but I'm running out of options for quality gaming

  • Same thing happening to me…. sometimes it reads it but most of the times it gives me the DVD play option and the dvd screen with 360 logo and a white background, idk what to do really.

    • nigga g

      you need a boot disc for this problem to be solved.. download it on a DUAL LAYER DVD.. you shold be fine

  • Klatu

    I got one of those bad discs. First I thought my xbox was dying. Then I tried several other games, and they all read fine on the first try. Only Reach refused to boot up, it wouldn't even acknowledge it was a game disc. It kept saying, "Play DVD" or "Open Tray". Hitting "Play DVD" would only open the dvd player screen, and then freeze up. Again, every other game worked fine off the bat, before and after trying Reach. Reach simply was either written to disc poorly, or there was some other manufacturing defect. Worst part-I actually waited in line for the midnight launch for that $60 paper weight with work the next morning.
    I BETTER GET AN APOLOGY FROM MS, because the SAME EXACT THING, happened with my Halo ODST. Bad disc at midnight launch. You'd think they'd address this recurring issue by now!

    • gilghost

      i got the same problem…. got an exchange disc… but it has the same problem… now vendor refuses to exchange my game for another copy… i got another game instead….

  • Josh

    I have already gone through two copies of the game, both keep giving me a "disk read error" upon trying to load Tip of the Spear or multiplayer. I originally thought is was Xbox, but all other games work fine. I also am not receiveing achievments or credit for beating the campaign mode

    • Bob

      Just rip the game to your Hard drive an all problems will stop