Halo Reach Explained: Ranks, Armor, Achievements, and Ranking Up Quickly

By Jamie Pert - Sep 15, 2010

If Halo: Reach is the first Halo game you have played, or perhaps you are just looking for a few tips and tricks this article should be a great read for you, here we will explain ranks, armor, and how to rank up quickly, also we will briefly talk about some of the game’s achievements, whilst pointing you in the direction on how to earn all of them.

Let’s start with Halo: Reach’s rank and armor, as you rank higher you will be able to buy different armor, such as armor and chest plates, however to buy this armor you must earn credits, you earn credits by winning matches, getting multiple kills and earning medals.

Obviously people will want to rank up as quickly as possible as seems to be the case in most first-person shooters. If you want a few tips check out this article, there are five simple tips, basically make sure you play online as you can earn challenges which boost credit. Also make sure you do not quit matches early, as quitting matches means that you get no match bonus, also if you quit too many games early you will banned from matchmaking for 15 minutes.

Other tips include playing the campaign on heroic or legendary, if you manage to complete 9 missions on Heroic you earn a whopping 5,000 credits, in fact throughout the campaign mode you are earning credits. Other tips include playing rocketfight matches as you can earn great credits and also aiming to complete commendations.

If you like to get all of the achievements in a game you should check out this link, ones worth aiming for include completing the game on normal, heroic and legendary, if you manage to complete the game on legendary by yourself you earn an impressive 150 gamerscore points.

Have you got any tips you would like to share? If so, feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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  • game master

    I’m a commander

  • gamemaster

    keep your game on forge for a hour and a half

  • anthony

    put a ruberbandon your controller but only do it for 20 min at a time or ull get band.

  • D_N_I_$

    does any body know if there is a way to loan other players micrsoft points?

  • lolol

    like, im a comander grade 3 having about 100,000 cr now

  • tanner keller

    im a capten and i've try'd every thing to get cr so can you guys help by posting comits?

  • Paul

    I Am Lieutenant Colonel Grade 2 And I Have 100,000 Credits because i bought Alot of armour. If you guys want a way to go up ranks fast go on youtube and search "Halo Reach Oni: Sword base credit boost" It is a very easy way to get credits

    • anthony

      it did not work for me how did you do it

  • ps warrant officer grade 2

  • if you change the settings in firefight, like involnerability or bottomless clip, wont it deduct points?

  • a dude

    im major grade 3 with like 110 000 cr

    • Not Important

      Major Grade 3 would be 400,000+ cr. So you must have earned that much to rank up. You may only have 110,000 cr left, if you have been purchasing armory items.

  • sparten

    dont go over 60,000 cr a day or you will get band like me for a day or 2

  • Reivax

    you just wrote 9000 you LOLifier.

  • i got over 9000 hahahahahahah lol

    • goku

      ITS OVER 9,000!!!

  • haha man 60000 cresits

  • legit

    i am a major grade 2 im almost at grade 3 i have 60000 credits now

  • xxxxxxx

    this is crap. i was a warrant officer grade 1 and when i joined live i lost my credits all the way back to sergeant. i was so pissed.

    • ***********

      damn dude, that REALLY sucks. i hate that it happened to you and now you gotta work your as off to reach that rank again. sorry to hear that. i hope you can get your rank back.

  • Emile

    Im a warrant officer grade 3

  • $nipeingMLG

    Im only warrant officer on MLGRockers21

  • KAD

    how can i get more c.r xtra fast in campaing

    • tanner keller

      i'd say put it on Lengend dery and set all skulls and wecome to money town

  • your mom

    my tip is your mom

  • MadStalker77

    Hii!!! my first tip iz to go to firefight then to settings and make ur spartan unlimited health then u simply put it on bottemless clip (no reloading + unlimited amo) and chose ur fav. wepon. then u get Tons of credits and if u want like 1,000,000 c.R then set it to unlimted time and put all skulls on. Also u could go to matchmaking then score attack and choose grunts (how hard is it to kill grunts? haha) and also play with a freind so u can get more c.R!!! hope these helped

    • bite me

      Alt hat does is gets you 1 million points for the "in the pipe" achievment, and not credits dumbass. Bungie aren't so stupid as to reward players credit for using god mode.

      • annonomous cow

        ya it would take a dumbass to think that people wouldve been like inheritor in lik e a week

  • nobody

    How do i get a crap load of points in firefight without x box live in a short period of time

  • ROUG3 $NIP3R

    I am a Lt.Col grade 2 and have 1,000,000,000 cr

    • bullshit

      bull shit you would be a higher lvl

      • SoulSniper

        its called a level cap jackass

        • beatdown master

          lvl cap Lt. Col grade 3 so it is impossible to have 1 mil in grade 2.
          U got served

        • no one

          the cap isnt Lt. Col grade 3 cause its "Inheritor"

        • roflcopter guy

          it was recently changed to inheirtor

        • Not Important

          And Inheritor is 20,000,000 cr. At 1,000,000 cr you would be a Colonel Grade 1. I am up to General Grade 2. Woot!

    • Christian

      how did you get that many credits… tell me exactcly what you did

    • bob

      lie u cant get that much till like noble or eclipse

      • Tim

        no u get 1million by getting colonel not lt col. you fail i should know im an eclipse dude..my gt is MR TIMMERZ add me

      • Tim or MR TIMMERZ

        by the time you get to eclipse you will have at least 8.5 million if not a bit more my gt is MR TIMMERZ add me ill be on tonight when i get home from school

  • The Person

    I'm a warrent officer and since I don't have xbox live I have a hard time leveling up. I get around 1000Cr every 30 minutes I tried going on Campaign on swordbase but still I'm having trouble getting decent credits. I am also going for general to get Emile's knife shoulder but I need 200,000,000Cr and I have 90,000 right now. I need help!

    • fisheybonbishe

      An easy and guick way to get credits is to play fire fight on courtyard its easy but you always want to have a fuel rod cannon it takes out crowds easiley unless its a genral

  • xxepicxx

    halo reach iz ezy im at max rank without hacking wat rank r u

    • Thatrandomguy

      You cant be legit max rank if you have xbox live highest legit rank anyone has gotten is mythic


      Actualy im the highest rank on halo reach right now eclipse

    • You mom

      haha funny ass wipe. you need to play for 5 hours every day for five years to get it without hacking lol get a life numfuck cumbucked.

  • Jayson

    what i do for halo reach is, i go on firefight and change my settings to infinte ammo, 1000x armor and all skulls on and on legendary. thats my way of getting around 2000-3000 points for a few rounds so its easy and fast to gain points 🙂 hope this helped 🙂 🙂

    • Austin

      if your not on machmaking, you only get about 50 XP no matter how you look at it. you have to be on machmaking to get more then 50 XP.

      • Daniel

        Me on one counsel got 50xp but my other friend gets 800xp on a different counsel by fighting each other… So whats up with that

        • billybobjoe

          he doesn't have xbox live when you get live by playing forge or something you only get 80 credis but if you didn't have live you would get 800

      • colt

        it depends on your rank,currently i am a commander grade 3 and i get around 200 cred a game

    • bite me

      you don't want points,you want credits and commendations. I can get 100's of thousands of points on ONI sword base, but little credits. Because I've maxed the viable commendations. So yeah points get you sweet eff all, especially with god mode and infinite ammo, using those settings you're basically shooting your self in the foot. If god mode could earn credits, then everyone would be "Inheritor" rank by now.

  • DARIU5

    The 9 Heroic Challenges is a weekly challenge, that will be dismissed and replaced after this week.